Friday, 30 July 2010

I am writing a book about You! Yes YOU. After I went in and found out about myself it turns out that I have been able to discover so much about other people as well, we’re not that different we only think we are. Friends have been telling me recently that I don’t give people enough credit and that I am very cynical, I do of course respect their right to view me in anyway they please and listen to some of them quite intently but I am still utterly convinced that I have got an angle on humanity that not many people have. Remember that people who are not cynical are just conformists to one degree or another and if you conform to things blindly you end up trusting the wrong people, ‘erm take a look at The Western World it is deeply flawed and you’re part off that. We know our leaders are glorified Mob bosses and we just let it continue!

I have to say though I don’t think I am better than others because of it the reason why I prematurely defended myself just then is because I know how people work, they’re competitively minded and they would rather try to rubbish theories than accept anything outside whatever remit they aspire to for whatever reason. I am trying to use the information I have learned to show others that we are all the same and that defensive behaviour turns in time to out and out offence.

Our current social structure is based around one very simple principle, selfishness. No matter who you are or what you do you’re selfish of course this raises the question how selfish are you? This is where we all start defending ourselves because it is perfectly alright to be selfish just as long as you’re not as selfish as those really, really selfish people isn’t that right?

We base all our assumptions on how we compare to others so what you end up with is a collective of individuals who never reach their full potential they all just do enough to be slightly better than the next person. Everyone is hoping no one will notice they’re being lazy and if someone highlights this a “game of I am better than you…” starts, we all display this behavior it’s just not very many people have the courage to admit it. This sentence makes no sense I want see how many people read this far! Put a “3” on FB comments if you got to here!! When someone questions our actions we immediately start talking about them and giving the old “who do they think they are…” and so we just continue being assholes for another few thousand years!

There is so much selfishness in our society and much of it is not even seen as being selfish at all. When we meet potential partners this is when we are at our most selfish of course trying to pick someone who has everything we need financially, emotionally, aesthetically, socially etc is not seen as selfishness it’s just getting what is right for yourself isn’t it, yes and that is selfish and we’re all guilty of it. How many people go through hell because of the selfish behaviour of other people? We will never hear of statistics such as these but still selfishness effects many, many people and the worrying thing is it’s all perfectly normal and acceptable.

The more I look at us collectively the more ignorance I see and the more cries I hear from others that I should lighten up maybe go hug a few tress or have non stop laughter, guys that is not working blind optimism is why we’re in this mess. If we all just stopped wanting and expecting so much things would improve. I was told recently that this is just the way people are and we’ve been like this for thousands of years which is very, very true but you must believe things can get better before they will. We can have anything we want it just depends how much we want it. :)

I am very hopeful for such a straight faced fucker am I not??

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