Friday, 16 July 2010

Perception is the problem…

People are mostly stuck firmly on singulars this is why a lot of them see me as being some type of lunatic. The reality is that the very fact we have perception is the main problem here. Not only perception itself but the nature of human existence makes it impossible to develop a perception that has any firm consistency. We are prone to extreme change in how we feel about anything and everything.

Maybe now as YOU read this you have a relatively settled life, a good job, a family who loves you and the most important thing contentment thus your mood will be calm and this will be reflected in the world immediately around you. When everything is going well we see the world differently but the world has not changed it never does, it is neither good or bad, positive or negative it is nothing, only our perception changes.

Now lets look at possible factors that can affect our wellbeing. Other people and how they react are obvious places to start because of our social structure we tend to have great influence on the people around us and unless you totally isolate yourself it is impossible not to be affected by others in some way. Chemicals can cause massive shifts in mood and in a world where they are so readily available and even encouraged there is a pretty good chance that everyone will use and therefore be changed by chemicals in some form or another. Traumatic experiences often cause peoples character to change in very short spaces of time and equally so massive shifts can happen in the opposite direction by being enlightened. There are many other aspects of human existence that change us so subtly and so slowly that we really have no idea they are doing anything.

Our perceptions are gradually being changed all the time and we’re usually so preoccupied with whatever is going on in our lives that we simply do not notice it’s happening. If you look seriously and honestly at the points I raise you will begin to notice that it is more or less impossible to change the emotional, social and economic climate of this world and the people in it. For real change to happen millions or more individuals would need to change simultaneously and this cannot be achieved without some type of dictatorial influence. Governments have and are still trying to change peoples thinking for their own ends and the only success they ever have is momentary.

What you yourself see as being acceptable or unacceptable will change in time. Five years from now you may well see things completely differently. It is our perception that is holding us all back because when we get comfortable we think we have achieved balance and come to what we believe to be a solid and coherent view of the world. However with the sheer endlessness of permutations that could possibly change our perception the chances are very high that just that will happen and of course we don’t like change so this heightens the effect it has on us.

So it’s perception, that’s it. It’s not the world that needs to change it is too big and too outside your realm of control for that. YOU need to change how you look at things even the things that you regard as being totally beyond any doubt are possibly causing heartache for others. How you look at the world is making the world you live in. if things are not going as you would like or expect them to step back and change your angle. YOU have more control than you realise.

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