Saturday, 31 July 2010

Popular Culture

I am missing out on popular culture. I have not took alcohol for nearly seven months so when I socialise with people who are drinking I just don’t get the same buzz. They begin talking rubbish after about 4 or 5 (some after 2!) and slowly just become more and more incoherent. I can’t believe I used to enjoy being like that but having said that towards the end of my drinking I didn’t socialise at all and drank purely to forget so it is somewhat different. I really did enjoy social drinking though before it all got out of hand and I am not saying anything about those who do it. I am building up to a point here stick with it!

I don’t watch Television, I have not seen a movie since November and it will be a very long time before I even consider trying to see women again in any capacity, so I am kind of in a world of my own right now. When I am not reading or writing I play some X-box and I have been watching Lost box sets but it’s so yesterday so it really doesn’t count. I have only started reading the Newspaper again this last two months having been completely cut of from more or less everything from December up until late May. I am sometimes in company and they talk about things like adverts and I have no idea what they’re talking about. Something happened with some kind of car a few months back and friends were texting me jokes and I didn’t get them. Someone asked me about Glee a while back and I was like Wha? Gavin and Stacey the same I really don’t have the first idea what that is. I will be back from my cave for a bit following Tottenham when the new season starts but that’s about it really.

So if I am not here to demonise popular culture what is the point of this? My head is clearer than it has ever been, I eat well, sleep well and have come to terms with an extremely difficult past. I am writing some of the best material of my life and have lost count as to how many words on average I am churning out per day. Since late December I have nearly 200 poems that I know for sure are finished and an unknown amount that need editing.

So why am I telling you all this? I know many people will think I am boasting. I am telling you this because if you are creative there is a strong link between what you put into your head and what comes out of it. Popular culture is pish and it will quell your creativity what is popular now is not going to be heard of in a few years time at the rate of our throw away society. If you want to excel you need to work at it instead of watching shite you could be creating a new generation of shite, good shite.

I have never been as content as I am right now, not happy, content and you really can’t put a price on it. My work has been reflecting this, recently there appears to have been a massive shift and everything is going how I want it to go. I am however very cautious so as to avoid complacency.

I am telling you this because I hate to see talent wasted and I know so many people who are talented but don’t even get a fraction of it out because they have other things to do. And for people who are whinging saying well I work hard yeah well try being an alcoholic for five years then you’ll know what fucking hard work is.

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