Monday, 26 July 2010

There exists in our society a large number of individuals who think that entertainment and being happy are the only things in existence. They do not like discussing serious matters or doing anything creative or constructive instead they watch reruns of friends and start wishing it would be Friday as soon as they wake up on Monday morning. These people are everywhere serving in shops and working in offices and factories all over the country they believe their behaviour is totally harmless but by doing nothing they are in fact contributing to the lack of motivation that exists within our society as a whole.

I was one of these people, well apart from the fact that I never watched an episode of friends. The only times when I was unlucky enough to ever be in the same room as that horror was when others were watching it. Canned laughter, sickeningly sweet characters and pun based punch lines is not comedy. I have sat with people as they watched it and they didn’t laugh, I thought that was strange.

For years I worked in nothing jobs waiting for it to be the weekend so I could poison my mind and find a way to make laughter were none existed. When you have a really good laugh at the weekend with alcohol, it’s false. Alcohol lets you pretend that everything is great when you know it’s not really but of course you won’t talk about what’s bad in your life you would just be disliked by others if you did that. The result of all this is a society of liars people who will not look at what needs to be done in order to make things better for all of us collectively rather than just protect certain groups of individuals.

People who believe they’re not contributing to society as a whole when it’s clear they are contributing to allowing nonsense to be accepted and even encouraged. It is dangerous that the amount of shite on TV and radio and in many other mediums is just accepted and no one thinks anything of it. Go into Easons or WH Smith, seriously, and take a look at the magazines on sale there. You have small sections of sensible stuff and rivers of mush take a look for yourself it has to been seen to be believed and this tripe is a direct reflection on what we are teaching to the next generation, we’re teaching them how to be fucking Lemurs and I am not talking about porn mags at least porn has a strong committed emotion driving it this is just meaningless drivel. The glare of the shelves full of this stuff alone would give you a fucking headache that and the airbrushed toothy smiles of false looking fuckers adoring each issue. A picture of a person smiling is on each cover but the magazines are not about smiling they’re about nothing!

In particular the amount of rubbish aimed at teenage girls is shocking. These young ladies will be growing up to teach the next generation how to do what needs to be done to be a model human at this rate there is only despair for the future then as they sit around reading Bella and other such kack while watching episodes of Jeremy Kyle, it’s shocking that the government is allowed to get away with it should be illegal.

We should take a leaf out of the books of all the nutters throughout history who decided to torch what they deemed unsuitable and burn this colourful rubbish outside the stores and paint “uneducated” in the windows. We are doing so much damage to our overall well being by allowing this tripe to just pass as entertainment.

I often hear people say what use is history if you’re working in a factory? What use is Geography if you’ve no intention of travelling? They’re both much more useful than worrying about whether Cheryl will get over her split with Ashley or which poor fucker is getting to marry Katie “spliced” this week.

We need to teach young people it’s cool to be a bit of a nerd that’s what’s wrong the wankers in control won’t let the masses learn because we’d threaten them if we got too clever.

Fucksake people come on ahead… Oh Iam sorry for disturbing you, are you playing Farmville?! Woe, Woe, Woe!!

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