Sunday, 25 July 2010

We live in an extremely apathetic world where most of the individuals are of the opinion that they can’t change anything and as a result, nothing changes. We behave much the same in groups as we do individually. People seem to think that they have nothing to do with how humanity operates as a whole but we’re all responsible for the wrongs of our species. In more recent times individuals have been able to acquire all the resources they need for themselves and their immediate family circle thus creating a comfortable little bubble in which they live happily. They think because they are not directly in touch with most of the outside world it has nothing to do with them. Yet they pay taxes which are used by the government for whatever therefore everyone paying tax is playing a part in whatever the government do.

By contrast we’re responsible for what the government are not doing. Cases of child abuse are very high in the UK compared with other European countries I am not going to quote stats if you choose to explore the issue further do, it’s pretty shocking. In many, many cases children are abused in their own homes by people entrusted to look after their welfare this then has a knock on effect because the abused children grow up to be very unstable individuals who have great difficulty fitting into the world.

I am not going to start some witch hunt about the abusers this is the wrong way to go about things and it detracts from what our collective focus should be. People who abuse children are clearly not well themselves. No one wakes up one morning and decides to go and hurt a child they’ve obviously been hurt themselves if they do this. What we should be doing is trying to stop the abuse from happening in the first place.

Currently there is far too much in the way of administration in organisations entrusted with looking after the welfare of young people. In the wider society we operate on a basis of “it’s got nothing to do with me…” there may be numerous signs that something may be happening to some poor kid but we turn a blind eye because it’s none of our business or we expect someone else to sort it out.

Currently the major powers in the western world have just spent the best part of ten years fighting in the Middle East in wars that have nothing to do with us. I don't know how much this cost but I am sure that money could have done a lot of good in health care and education rather than killing people who really don't effect us very much. We go over there just as we have in the past with crucifixes in tow to show people how they should be behaving when back at home our own social structures are rotten from the core.

We need to stop thinking that it’s got nothing to do with us everything that happens in our communities has everything to do with us, we’re all at least partially responsible and locking the door after work and watching TV won’t make it all go away everyone needs to be more proactive and less self-serving.

Some people will read this and think “…yeah well what are you doing about it?” If this thought crossed you’re mind you need to have a word with yourself because change can only begin with the individual and getting into petty squabbles about who is doing better is not the way.

If we all cared a bit more about each other and at least tried to think outside the box things would gradually get better for us all.

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