Wednesday, 14 July 2010

We're all thick!

It has come to my attention that everyone is completely thick, yes you as well and before you start slobberin’ I am too! This whole thing (The Species) would make a fantastic punch line but due to it’s size, complexity and the effect it has on itself no one would get the joke.

Someone or something has (I think) deliberately set up a puzzle that has no answer and given it to a glorified baboon troupe who after 100, 000 years are still working on it while they’re pretending they’re not interested in matters so deep and apparently meaningless. So three quarters of them are typing “porn” into internet searches hoping a picture of their mother or sister doesn’t appear and the other quarter are either dead or dying for the right to type “porn” into an internet search engine, isn’t it fun being part of such a reactionary species?

Everyone is pretending they have never done anything wrong it’s all about image and everyone is now saying “I am not image conscious!” My good friends if you dress and wash before leaving the house you are image conscious to a degree. When we stop comparing ourselves to others and start admitting we all actually have faults we may be able to BEGIN sorting this mess out (The Species!)

The recent fiasco with BP has just shown beyond any doubt how stupid we really are collectively. I am currently writing a very hard hitting spoken word poem on the subject.
Without ruining the crux of my poem I’ll say one simple thing to all those friends of the Earth who are blaming BP for the disaster. Plastic is made by the petrochemical industry and the average bike has about 18 different types of plastic so leaving your car at home is doing NO GOOD and if you have ever used plastic in any way you are just as responsible as the BP board and workers and that spotty fucker who works in the 24 hour garage.

For Gods sake (if he/she/it exists) take a look around people and put your fucking hands up and admit you’re part of the problem, we all are. The first step in solving any problem is to admit there is one so stop being so blindly optimistic and help me pick up these pieces that used to make an intelligent race.

Nuff said!

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