Monday, 19 July 2010


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed a very important cultural phenomenon which seems to effect just about everyone? We don’t like the present or more importantly we all seem to keep revisiting the past. It’s everywhere and no one seems in the least bit concerned about it. They remake old movies and songs because the people doing it have some sentimental connection or because the music that’s being made for the younger generation is just not the same.

In conversations with friends we always have these points of reference times we talk about, good times we had. People want retro T-shirts and stuff from years back look how popular antique shows are. When new people come along Singers or bands or younger footballers they are compared to people from the past, it’s all just pigeonholing, condensing the world so it’ll fit into our cataclysmic little skulls.

I got a computer disc a few years back it had 3000 ZX Spectrum games on it and I was buzzing taking it home thinking about playing Jet Set Willy, The Wild Bunch and Treasure Island Dizzy and many, many more. After about ten minutes of nostalgic nonsense I was a bit into one of the dizzy games when it dawned on me “This is crap!”
Of course it was great when I was a teenager but surely if you can get 3000 games on a disc does that not tell you something? Apparently not!

Nostalgic bullshit makes us think differently our little childish heads relive all the good times and see it as being better than now. In ways maybe it was but it’s gone! I lived in the past for many years and recounted some very pleasant as well as some deeply horrific experiences that I had and it held me back. Basically I relived and kept repeating memories that were no longer real. This shows how absolutely dangerous our own heads can be if allowed to get out of control.

I can nearly hear people saying “get over it!” “You take life to seriously” and all that guff but there’s a serious lesson here. The simple fact is people don’t like change and they don’t like getting old because of course what comes after old age? That big old taboo that we’re all shitting ourselves over.

I have a Cassandra Complex, google it, I am serious. I see things that I know for a fact other people don't because if they did they would periodically unable to be "Normal" I am before my time and if you are saying to yourself “Who does this guy think he is?” Then you my friend are very obviously in the grip of a serious inferiority complex. There's no cure you just get to underachieve a lot and pander to the rectums of people who you perceive to be better.

A lot of what I am talking about now will come to pass and you’ll all realise much later that “That Crazy alcoholic (ME) was right after all.”

We look back because we’re pretending we’re immortal. We all have the old “it’s not going to happen to me syndrome!” The sooner we accept the way things are the sooner we can all move on and bridge the gulf that has and maybe always will exist between younger and older people. It's this difference of thinking that is responsible for so much of the injustice and misunderstanding that exists in the modern age.

Or maybe this is all nonsense and I am just having a mid life crisis at 37! Time will tell. ☺

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