Thursday, 5 August 2010

I am not the same as everyone else.

I have become acutely aware of “behavioral loops” as I have begun calling them. I keep noticing how certain patterns of behavior are more or less constant and it is very difficult to explain the mechanics of the patterns to those displaying them. Each individual seems to have two very distinct spheres of thought. One is concerned with self preservation which in reality is not called for as much as it would have been in say Neolithic times so to a large extent this has become a kind of image protection in the modern age. The other is a somewhat less selfish concept of “collective” but only collective in the immediate sense.

What this amounts to is each individual is concerned first and foremost with self development and promotion with a secondary concern being how they fit into the group. Major difficulties here can be caused by conflicts of interests and these seem to happen on a daily basis but of course we don’t notice them and don’t think that we are in any way “actually” attached to the human race we see ourselves differently from how others see us. These conflicts happen all the time from small arguments between family members to full blown feuds that last years, even road rage incidents and any argument of any kind can arise from these conflicting interests.

When something happens, anything at all, someone walks into a shop for instance and thinks someone they don’t know has just given them a dirty look. From this incident alone think of the potential reasons for one person giving a stranger a dirty look. I am not even going to start into this one it’ll be so time consuming thinking of all the possible permutations here but I will ask you to think about something other than the person who has supposedly thrown the dirty look. Maybe the person who has “thought” they’ve been given a dirty look is in bad form, maybe there confidence is at a bit of a low point and their perception is at fault. These sorts of things happen so often and cause the ending of friendships and relationships and make families lose trust and faith in each other.

The difficulty is that you can’t explain these things to people because often they already have their minds made up about exactly how and why others react how they do. We always seem to expect the worst especially in others all these tiny seemingly meaningless incidents all go on more or less constantly and there we have a whole section of society constantly unhappy over hypothetical nonsense that is so often completely unfounded.

Of course this has nothing to do with YOU because you’re different aren’t you, you’re not like the others. That’s how we all think and as it turns out it’s this egocentric attitude that is holding all of us back.

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