Friday, 6 August 2010

Image obsessed...

We are on a search for perfection, all of us, because our world is image obsessed that is what we’re all seeking. Image does not only concern the surface of a person it is of course the way they “look” from a point of view of how popular they are and how others see them. This mindset is not really anyone’s fault and most people have no idea they are image obsessed. If you tell people they are image conscious they will argue that they are not but we are all image conscious to a degree we’re just very protective of our egos so it is important not to be “too” image conscious! You draw the lines in the sand I don't know where to put them anymore...

Most people do not speak their minds and will omit from saying things that they feel will damage their reputations what this amounts to is that people are not really being themselves they are in fact just giving the world enough information so others will still like them. This is why our world is so obsessed with image having a hard time is considered bad and people will actively try to purge people from their lives who even begin to display character traits which are seen as being unfavourable but they won’t tell anyone this they will make up reasons why they’re ending relationships and friendships so as to make themselves not look heartless.

“You got to be cruel to be kind.” This old cliché is still used in our society isn’t it a sad reflection of all of us that we can justify potentially ruining a persons life with such a simple and apparently well meaning phrase.

Of course there are many relationships that end due to the awful behaviour of either spouse but it has become increasingly clear that many, many cases of break ups hinge on the hypothetical musings of either person. We look at certain aspects of a person then project how we think things will end up. Equally we think that finding a person who has the immediate traits we’re looking for will lead to happiness when in reality we are all changeable and we’re all prone to the very quirks that we try to distance ourselves from.

If we all didn’t have such high hopes and wishes of perfection this world would be a far more tolerant and more pleasurable place to live.

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