Monday, 29 November 2010

Wikileaks is useless

So everyone is talking about wikileaks. It’s all pretty amazing isn’t it? Well that depends on how easily amused you are. I have not looked at wikileaks yet so how can I talk about it? All will become clear. I had a pretty in-depth chat with a guy at a party last Friday and he told me the basis of this wikileaks thing. After this I went and looked it up on Wikipedia and to be honest I really don’t need to know much more than that, the details as always are mind numbing and I have no idea if any of it is true nor does anyone reading it. We assume things are true, that’s why religion is still so popular.

So someone is leaking information which will be harmful to the current administration in America. That’s great news, if a government is not doing it’s job properly then we should know about it but what good will it do, seriously? I have been trying for so long to get people to see the bigger picture but most are driven by their own instincts not to listen. People will do anything to stop themselves from hearing the truth. I have been called political on so many occasions but I am not political, not by the dictionary definition of the word anyway. I am a human and I am worried about us. This is not about environmental concerns or animal rights or religious or even spiritual matters. We are in serious bother here but we all just keep the merry-go-round going because we think we can’t make a difference.

It will not do me any good to know that any of the current administrations in the Western World are not doing their jobs because I already knew they wouldn’t do their jobs before they took up office. We can replace any of the governments in control anywhere in the western world with the next best party and honestly the results will not be any different we just spend another few years moaning about how inept they are before voting the other losers back in again and so the cycle continues. The proof of this is in history. IT’S REPEATING!!

The problem is capitalism not the politicians. We are all the problem. The government are working to appease us so we’ll keep them in office and they just keep giving us what we want which is everything, gadgets, porn, exotic food, crap TV, entertainment and lies, we want lies and that’s what we’re getting, just what we fucking deserve.

Tony Blair wrote a book about his part in starting illegal wars so did that other fucking hick Bush and no one did anything. Nothing happened. X-Factor is still shit hot viewing, football rules the roost and we all just keep drinking the alcohol and smoking whatever! I don’t want to know more details about the government I know all I need to know they’re not the problem, you are,all of you.

We are at a point were apathy is at an all time high Hitler would have had a field day with fuckers like us he would have been able to take over the planet without a single soldier.

Wikileaks is useless. I know they’re a bunch of gangsters they always have been. What we need are people who are going to be willing to do something about having an inept government instead of just debate the finer points of it all. We all need to stop pointing the finger and start taking responsibility and we need to learn how to be happy with less of this material bullshit. We don’t even know how or why we actually work on a fundamental emotional level we need to learn more about ourselves before we can stop being animals who are pretending to gods.

Stop looking up at those fucking false idols be they footballers, porn stars, politicians or Saturday night Karaoke singers and start learning about the true nature of yourself and how you fit into the scheme of things and what you can do not only for yourself but for your tribe, our tribe all of us, with no enemies and no allies. Just humanity.

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  1. I agree with many points here, but you can't just state right out, with ignorance, that religion is all bullshit. That's a lack of respect. Let people believe whatever they choose to believe...we'll all get by..choose to accept the lies or not. I believe there is a God, but I don't like to be defined into a religion.