Saturday, 30 April 2011

Traditional versus Change!

I have for all my adult life been involved in the creation and dispersion of writing in one form or another. As well as this I am also an avid absorber of music/poetry/movies or whatever I happen to enjoy. My musical tastes can be quite diverse although Hip Hop is my corner stone I do branch out in other forms of less popular music, I said LESS popular! Having written and performed my own rap songs I have become quite good at listening to and breaking down music into its constituent parts and I can clearly see how the timeline of music has developed and how nothing is ever truly original. I said TRULY original.

I do bits and pieces and post them on youtube and while my nephew and I were messing about with recording and making music and raps I decided to breakdown one of my favourite songs and totally change how it had been originally presented by the original artist. It is The Pogues song “Sit down by the fire” which is from their third album “If I should fall from grace with God” My nephew made a decidedly fucked up backing track and I took the lyrics apart and reformed them to fit the beat. I thought it sounded pretty good and when I posted it on youtube I did so as a “tribute” to The Pogues (who have been a tremendous influence on me.

My youtube user name is 3v4d35 and the url of the video is:

What happened next is a beautiful example of two aspects of the modern social order:

1. People do not like change
2. People who like more traditional forms of music seem not to enjoy modern forms so much. I said SEEM not to!

Music is music, it is an ever changing medium but people see that my video is referring to The Pogues and they then get very defensive when they hear a Hip Hop beat and me rapping. If you’re interested read the comments and view the video yourselves I think it’s fascinating how we collectively and often unwittingly fall into line when we are faced with anything that threatens our attempts to keep the world around us static and understandable.

The rest is up to you! Peace…

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