Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dangerously inquisitive

On Sunday August 21st at Sunflower Fest I was standing outside the “Comedy/Poetry Barn” watching Magic George Quinn do his thang through the half open door. George is a different class he’s amazing, funny and intelligent all at once, rare indeed and to cap it he’s genuinely a really nice fucker as well. So I am standing there watching him taking a folded up playing card out of his mouth to ask the young lady on stage with him “Is this your card?” and these folks walk up, three or four of them, and they hear the voice and this girl says to me “Is that Magic George?” to which I replied “Aye” or “Yes” can’t remember which one! She then says “Is he a comedian or a magician?” and I immediately answer “he’s both.” She just stood there and looked at me funny but I am used to people looking at me funny.

I got to thinking later though, What’s up with us? All of us? Why does everything have to be either or? You know, people don’t like to be categorised and yet they arbitrarily categorise absolutely everything. I was with someone and she had difficulty with the fact that I called what I did poetry, she said it was comedy which technically some of it is? But why even bother I thought? Why this blind intent to put a name on everything? If you look at the principles here you’ll begin to see that this is part of the reason why we’re in so much trouble. Obviously a person wanting to categorise George as either a comedian or a magician isn’t going to cause any problems but it’s exactly the same as wanting to put anything in a box, it has to do with how we see our world, we order it in our minds so we can better understand it. Look seriously at humans in general and one thing in particular cannot be disputed, we’re inquisitive, that’s how we got to here. What does inquisitive mean? We want to know shit so if we order it all in our heads and say how it all is this is really akin to actually knowing how it’s all going down.

Do you see what I am saying here? Think about it. Whether or not everything is the way we order it is not the issue here at all, the issue is if you think you know something you get a certain degree of respite from thinking you know, it’s like inquisitive is the hunger and knowledge is food.

What is racism? It is simply a group of people saying they know that a certain other group of people are behaving in a set manner even though simple observations will show it is not at all true, it is taken to be true. There are other reasons of course hatred, envy, pain, insecurity and all these other emotions make the whole thing look very complicated when it’s really very basic. All intolerance is based on this principle of people “knowing” what is going on?

I worked in a warehouse and it was a great way to learn about people and their ways. I firmly believe I actually schooled myself in modules of a sociological nature while I was there, first hand with no need of theories or a University. There was a man there who had a very feminine voice and mannerisms and there was talk that he was gay it was often passed of as banter but I know some of them meant it and they were adamant of the fact. Even though the guy had a girlfriend of years who eventually had a child by him the talk never ceased. It’s like they were just mad to categorise everything and everyone.

The thing to remember here is that this behaviour is completely natural, well in the modern age it’s completely natural at least but it is also dangerous, not always but if you live by certain modes of thought without looking at potentially correcting your behaviour then you are more likely to be judgemental without realising it. You won’t know you’re doing it because you have convinced yourself you’re right, you have convinced yourself that you know.

As for Magic George Quinn, well that fucker is all things to all men… Oh and women of course… and don’t y’all forget that! J

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