Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Is it the ride yer after!

Everyone is always talking about sex! It’s fuckin’ great. I have never felt liberation like it and I have been decidedly messed up on just about every stimulant I could get my hands on. When a woman acts like she’s interested in you there is no feeling like it and I am sure it works exactly the same for women when men are doing the same. Same sex relationships more than likely work in exactly the same way, I don’t want to be accused of being some kind of “phobe!”

I read this article (see link at bottom) and it has two aspects of our kind which I have been very interested in:

1. How we view and interpret and express sex as a society.

2. How individuals change as they get older.

Rihanna would get it, seriously, she’s melting hot. From an image point of view that woman has it all. So what exactly is she doing that oule Scary doesn’t agree with? Getting shit loads of attention for one and she has the age card firmly on her side and if you want to use the term “firmly” in relation to Rihanna in other ways go right ahead, I would!

When people get older they forget what it was like and what they thought when they were young. Their morals change, when they have kids what they see as being acceptable changes. This generation gap is a major part of the reason why humankind is struggling to understand itself, because it is constantly changing and reviewing it’s position, on all levels, in individuals and as groups, countries, organisations
Constant categorical change.

Sex is still dirty, it’s giggled about in schools and seen as something you have to be careful about, for obvious reasons, teenage pregnancies and STD’s are not good! Organised religion is still having an effect on us but this is not as straight forward as it all appears. We often focus on singular aspects when we are looking at our social structure. We think from the point of view that we have achieved so much so we forget what we are capable of achieving, our potential by the way is limitless, it is our outdated modes of thought which are holding us back. We are still developing and how society sees things like sexual expression effects how we as individuals and as groups behave. For instance look back to the “proper” eras when it was all ladies and gentlemen and cheek to cheek dancing they were shagging each other senseless but no one talked about it, everything was done for show.

We have many faces but two in particular are fascinating, the face for our sexual partners and the face/s for everyone but. Sex is private, it is sacred, that’s how people think in relation to it, but it is in reality neither it is public and obviously very effective if the current population explosions are anything to go by.

We are animals but we don’t like admitting we are animals we think we’re better than that because of old and extremely warped attitudes, moral madness and a misplaced sense what is right. If we continue seeing sex as something which is either dirty or unimportant we will end up deeper in this pit we’re currently descending further into.

So that’s all I have to say on the matter, now get yer kit aff and gimme some sugar!


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