Thursday, 25 August 2011

Leona shows off her new figure

Surely this has gotten out of hand. I have known for a long time that it has and I have heard many others hint the same thing but most of our society seem so absorbed in image consciousness that they’re just not seeing it the same way. Image is not just primarily how exactly people look, our personalities are extensions of our images and since we seem to instinctively look for the bad points in each other there are a lot of really twisted up images out there, demons created by minds needing some security in a world where security of self is short supply.

I don’t watch the news no more, the only up to date stuff I do now is checking the football scores. I used to buy two or three newspapers a day but I stopped after the latest Tsunami, why? I honestly don’t believe that reading about hundreds of thousands of expended souls on the other side of the planet is going to do me any good, unless I am going to get up and go over there and help someone out it’s just masochistic voyeurism. I bought The Independent about two weeks ago and left it by the toilet for four or five days before I started reading it and you know what it didn’t make no difference, nothing out there changes, ever! I then found a copy from three months back (stashed it seems, I think Séamus from three months back left it as a sign!) and started looking through it and then looked at the BBC news website and it was the same stupid shit, news doesn’t do any good it just gives you a headache and I got enough of those thanks.

When I am logging into MSN I always catch something or other though, something current, and the headline on the article below (see link bottom of page) caught my ‘erm attention! Apparently Leona Lewis has a new figure and I want to know where she got it and I am sure a lot of women want to know the same. It’s not some surgeons trick though it’s genuine according to MSN anyway but it raises questions about the sanctity of how we see each other.

She’s a damn fine looking woman that’s for sure but she has been out of the loop for a while now no doubt sleeping in till all hours and clocking up time in recording studios but a “new figure” it doesn’t look new to me, it’s the same Leona I seen in before had she been twenty five stone with a bald head I’d have said “damn she looks better than ever!” but this young lady ain’t changed since I seen her last (in photos, I don’t stalk!) This whole "new" is obviously some kind of PR move to get her name up there for as long it takes to sell a few CD's. Leona's PR persons granny probably had some dealings with the grandfather of someone who covers celebrity-dom up at MSN towers, back in the day, so a phone call no doubt got made and them suckers got an exclusive along with some pretty hot photos and the promise of an interview in the coming weeks.

This whole celebrity thing is not the right way to be bringing up children and I can almost hear the screams of “Well you don’t have any children!” and that doesn’t matter I am a human being and I hate to see the direction we’re currently taking as a collective it’s a kin to neglect to be passing a torch to the next generation when it’s very clear they got very little future to look forward to, I ain’t talking five or ten years, we got real trouble coming, if the Aztecs were wrong about 2012 it’s just gonna take a bit longer but we’re doing it to ourselves as we speak.

When Peter Andre and his decidedly unmysterious girl broke up the nation/s started forming into camps of Team Andre and Team Jordan, seriously what’s wrong with this world, I’ll tell ya what’s wrong with this world, THE PEOPLE. We got very impressionable young people who are being feed this guff as news, given the choice though I’d play reruns of the Tsunami 24 hours a day, at least that would give them a sense of perspective all this “news” is giving them is a sense of self that doesn’t even nearly come up to the “standards” of today’s world. When young girls want to grow up to be page three models and marry footballers where we going to be in two or three generations, nobody thinks about that, this is pretty serious. I am not slating page three models or footballers they are doing what they can to make it in a world where you got to do all you can to make it, I admire them (The page three models especially) but if no one wants to have an “old figure” I am afraid a lot of them are going to be sorely disappointed.

I hope Leona Lewis has continued success and I hope she grows old gracefully and part of me even wishes she’d become a page three model for an hour or two (I would google that right away) but she doesn’t have a new figure she’s just looking after herself she’s not new or old she’s just Leona. Can thee pricks who write these celebrity columns please fuck off they’re making ordinary people who have made a few quid look like either warthogs or Gods depending on which Team you’re on!

These celebrities are just people, folks like us, just as fallible as yer ma. David Beckham he’s a good spud helps people out ya know, does lots of charity work BUT… OMG did you hear he’s going bald?!

I started shuddering about 25 years ago and honestly I don’t think I’ll stop, not in this lifetime anyway!

SHAME on us.

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