Monday, 22 August 2011

People have immediate minds

People have immediate minds. The modern age has created within each of us a set of rules which we are completely unaware of. On the extreme people who become addicts are a good example of this. I can remember being so deeply enthralled in alcohol that I thought about nothing else. I had no plans at all to do anything except get the next drink and there were times I can remember very clearly when just knowing that I would get that next drink, even though it may have been hours away, was enough to stop my shakes. Many people will not relate to this at all because they really don’t see how principles govern just about everything we do. What is “That Friday feeling”? people in work places everywhere talk about it all the time. If you listen to the radio on Friday they go on about it all day. It’s a reward. I have worked all week and now I’ll get a few days off, it doesn’t matter what you plan to do during those days, principles are principles. That is your reward and you want it.

Now lets put these scenarios together and look at this thing as a set of rules rather than as two distinct sets of circumstances. Imagine that everyone who works all week is the alcoholic, the working week represents the shakes (which for many it does!) and the weekend represents the next drink (which for many it does!” Can you now see parallels between seemingly unrelated sets of events? People who disagree with models of thought such as this are not actually looking at exactly what I am saying. For many the ideas expressed will be seen in over-simplified terms where by they’ll say something daft like “Yeah but I am not an alcoholic.” and yeah but I didn’t say they were. Principles, look at the rules governing something rather than the specifics and you can begin to see how absolutely everything is connected.

We play a game “dig for a dig” hurts like fuck but it’s great craic when you’re young, testosterone driven and looking for morbid excitement. Eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, sound familiar, same principle. I dig you, you dig me, I take your eye you take mine. The bible may well be outdated nonsense but much of it is directly related to human life it is just written in an older form of language which doesn’t seem to have any relevance but if you imagine it as being in code and don’t think about the negative aspects of organised religion while you read it you can begin to see that people have been saying the same stuff in slightly different ways for just as long as we have been able to express ourselves.

Human relationships are complicated at best and at worst virtually impossible of course this depends on many, many factors but if you look over your own relationship history and I don’t just mean sexual and personal relationships, I mean every type of interaction with others you will see patterns. For instance how often have you fallen out with friends and partners? How often have you had family difficulties? How many times in the last few months have you told someone you trust that “he or she just doesn’t understand?” Look at these seemingly unrelated incidents then go take a look at the stats, then take yourself outside yourself for a moment and imagine the population of Ireland and the Britain. Now think of all those people having those same daily gripes that you’re having and what you have is the very fabric of a whole social order unravelling because of billions of miniscule incidents a tiny fraction of which involved you!

You are the social order and it is you. Selfishness is taught. From early in life we’re told to look out for number one and we often do this no matter what the cost. You all have immediate minds if someone doesn’t do a tiny thing we want for our own often childish and selfish reasons we pay them back immediately, not answering calls, calling off seeing people, being cold all because they didn’t throw the ball to us, childishness and you’re responsible of it, just like everyone else. We don’t think about all the things they have done for us or the potential of what they could do for us. We love entertainment and unfortunately in these dark days which we think are light we are using each other because we think that love is related to money and happiness when in fact love should not be conditioned.

People have immediate minds. You have an immediate mind. At some point in the next few days you’ll have a thought about a person in your life and due to something that has happened between you both you’ll say to yourself “fuck them” they’re not giving me the respect I deserve so I’ll ignore them. This is of course what they deserve isn’t it? Well isn’t it? Just remember that when you’re the one being shunned and admit to your mistakes before you wake up one morning and realise you’ve just wasted years because you thought you deserved more than got when in reality all you deserve is your next breath. Be thankful for that. Immediate minds are dangerous don’t play with them and don't think like them.

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