Saturday, 24 September 2011

Addicted to failure

So many of us achieve very little in our lives. A statement like that has the danger of riling people up so they’ll start going through all their achievements but I didn’t say it was anyone’s fault, in fact I am very aware of how difficult it is for us all. Being human in these dark modern times is a social and emotional nightmare. Too many people and not enough places in the nuclear war shelter is the sad fact of life for most of us. We just argue over the scraps while the silver spoon holed others play croquet and quaff champagne, bastards, and not because they have more than everyone else I say they’re bastards because they don’t even have the decency to get to know the people at street level and I know a few two bob snobs who act similarly.

Northern Ireland is a society where failure has been something we have gotten used to. I still think it is absolutely shocking that we have so much pride in the Titanic, it fuckin’ sank in grand style, no wonder they quit building ships here. When we look back on the troubles it always surprises me that so many of our people still condone and support that madness I mean seriously if you get locked into a game of tit for tat where two groups of people are killing one another do none of them stop to think for a minute “If I enter into this bargain I am a target and my children, my family, everyone I love are targets?” Why do they not think about that before going so blindly and emotionally into a game of early death and society wide destruction? Because people who spread pain are in pain, people who act negatively have not known proper love, they have more than likely been emotionally neglected, or worse.

Broken homes are normal here. I have read many reports and statistics, one in three children in Northern Ireland live in a broken home where there parents live apart and when you find that psychologists theorise that such children are five times more likely to suffer from mental and emotional difficulties it is very clear to see that we have got a large number of suffering individuals here who have difficulty in their daily lives just keeping balanced. Most people don’t like talking about this sort of thing, they call it “depressing” what I think is even more depressing is that they can take the suffering of another human being in such a nonchalant way but hey that’s why we have so much apathy nowadays, we’re selfish fuckers the lot of us.

So many of us go through our lives never being aware of the blindingly obvious fact that we are responsible for our own misery. All we need to do to get better is smile a bit more and stop taking each other for granted, easily said, I know but when you begin to apply it the rewards are astounding, albeit subtly so!

I don’t even need to go into the issues people who come from broken homes can have the potential to suffer from but insecurity and low self esteem can really cripple people and the sad thing is so many of us who suffer from these emotional and spiritual ailments never know we have them because we’re trying so hard just to keep ourselves on an even keel the last thing you want to do is go round admitting you’re messed up, only admission however will mean you can do something about it, so we find our selves locked in a horrible cycle of self-destruction that is often passed off as a phase or a rough patch. The reality though is that people who suffer in this way never quite get themselves out of it and it blights their lives. The patterns are there through their whole lives, periods of depression, relationships difficulties, chemical dependence and so on but in a world where no one wants to invite ridicule we hide these issues and tell ourselves everything is OK, Denial… and you’re the last one to know you’re in it.

Of course not only people from broken homes suffer but to highlight these sociological issues it is important to have points to focus on. Selfishness is the main problem we have in the Western World but selfishness is never alone it comes with another serious problem, a lack of gratitude. I feel more sorry for so many people who seemingly have nothing wrong with them because the law of averages clearly will catch up with them at some point.

I hear so many people who have the belief that some people deserve all they get for whatever reason. There is a belief that some people are “born bad” and this is a very dangerous assumption because what it does is create a sub-society, an underworld in which so many individuals have nothing and therefore have nothing to lose so they turn on the law abiding because they are so angry and full of pain that they simply don’t know what to do, they’re frustrated and they just wind up becoming the wrong kind of statistics. Many law abiding people come off with the premise that “if they work hard they can get out of the situation they’re in” fair enough but do you think they can all get out of it? In a society based upon greed you’re always going to have a percentage of people who will wind up as criminals or alcoholics or drug addicts or seriously disturbed in some way and I really think it’s awful that our apathy is actually allowing this, these people are children now, it was not their fault they got born where they did and to leave them to become less than human is a crime against humanity which all of us are at least partially responsible for. I hear so many people in positions of great social responsibility saying things like “you can only do so much for them” and that kind of thing but this is not true these people need our help and we are only harming our own freedoms and luxuries by allowing them to end up as they do because it is the very society that we are trying to keep stable that these people turn on in the end.

We have much work to do in this country to get to a point where we can honestly say we have even tried to face the obstacles we have. Our lack of love and respect for each other is terrible and yet so many of us go around putting 25p in a collection box beside a till somewhere in order that we can say we’re good people, we’re scum. Until we dispense with consuming wholesale and recognising the people behind the criminals and addicts we are going to keep having this society that eats itself and that is never happy with what it has.

You’re a part of this collective act like it matters, not for me do it for the ones who are growing up in this mess now and who will be facing the same if not worse challenges than we have now.

You can disagree all you like but that’s only wasting our time and we have so little of that left. Peace and love, always…


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