Thursday, 22 September 2011


Is this Barbaric? Yes. But is it wrong? That depends on who and what you are. I struggle with assigning wrong these days. I have lost my act of mattering. Exactly what that means is that I don’t really have the right to tell others how they should be behaving. Do you know about the human timeline? How long we’ve been here and our development from nomadic tribes to the agricultural revolution and eventually to civilisation. If you don’t maybe you should do some reading because when you look at us and study our development barbarism will not surprise you because it’s completely natural.

What does surprise me is that people look at this sort of thing then look to the government and ask them to stop this madness while the government are engaged in war, always, every government in the current establishment have been at war just about as far back as you can go. Is War Barbaric? Yes. But is it wrong?

We are evolving, changing from a warlike species into whatever is in the future. Evolution is slow, Slower than you could ever hope to imagine. We last as individuals for a fraction of a fraction and we don’t seem to learn from the mistakes that our ancestors made because we are too reliant upon our archaic emotions to sort out the issues we have. I have never been much of a fighter, I have had to fight at times but I would rather use my testosterone in other more, shall we say, productive ways!

It is very clear though that there is a certain amount of fulfillment gained from beating the shite out of someone people talk about it all the time even very peaceful people sometimes snap and admit to harboring wishes to knock someone’s pan in. I would never condone this sort of thing but I am afraid we are warlike to the core and this sort of thing does not surprise me at all. We are teaching the next generation to be warlike with games, movies, sports so if your sitting in your deity-like armchair complaining about this sort thing maybe you should get up off your arse and go out into your respective communities and work with people face to face and then you will be able to say that you have actually tried to make a difference.

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