Saturday, 17 September 2011

The impossibility of people

People are completely impossible to reach nowadays and as always I include myself. No one realises how bent their heads actually are by generations of emotional turmoil. The slow degradation of society is branded firmly on the faces of everyone of us but since we’re all just trying to make the best of what we have in our daily lives we have to make bad decisions which we often make excuses for. I cannot make excuses anymore. I have made bad decisions which I fully accept. I am still making them. Our selfish modern nature is turning us inward and causing us to hurt people we love. As always many people reading this will not see themselves as having anything to do with this but it is all of us who are doing this. Unless you have been living alone and utterly cut off from the world you are guaranteed to have hurt someone in some way or another. Often you won’t notice that you’ve hurt anyone because you self justify and you no doubt have a team of confidants and close councillors in the form of family and friends who are there to tell you that you had to do it “got to be cruel to be kind!”

The stats are out there. Less marriages, more marriages failing. We are hopping from person to person looking for someone who fit’s the model of what we want which we have in our heads and there lies the main problem with all of us. We don’t give each other the right to be wrong and we have these “alarm bells” going off when people do or say something which we deem unacceptable. No one knows that if they are having continued relationship failures that it is them themselves who are causing it. We’re far too fussy and give up too easily. Love is not conditional but we put conditions on it. So many people come from unstable family backgrounds and that doesn’t mean they have had their parents split up, sometimes parents staying together for the sake of the children can have a worse effect on the children, so much for the sake them.

We also project an awful lot more than is natural. We cannot live in the moment. For many people not repeating the mistakes their parents made becomes an obsession and they end up picking up on meaningless traits and words from potential partners and creating monsters out of innocent people. This demonising is widespread when relationships end they talk about each other in the past tense and tell their friends and family how evil the person was so they can get a little bit of pity and maybe create stronger bonds between the people they have left in their lives. The sad thing about all of this is that given the current structure and how we work emotionally all of this is “normal”

I hurt someone recently and I feel terrible about it. I cannot justify it I know it was wrong so I cannot say anything to cover it up. If you’re with someone and you love them, try a bit harder. Don’t let your caustic mind destroy your love because you will have a tendency to be selfish at times just like we all are, it’s a modern certainty. Someone you love needs a break give them that break and don’t get carried away on hypothetical nonsense. There is very little love in this world as it is so give that person a break you’ll find that karma will pay you back and all it costs is a smile and a slightly deeper thought. Take care people…

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