Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Gaddafi, Saddam and Hitler

So Gaddafi was found in drainage pipe, the entrance to a sewer or the exit from depending on how you look at it. Remember where Saddam was found? Hitler and his bunker! All these things have something in common the places where these dictators where found or indeed where they died have a common theme. Read the news reports about each event and you get a real sense that the people writing them are firmly on the side of the opposition in all cases and the way they write these things makes the person in question look like a coward, a rat in a sewer, literally in Oule Muammar’s case.

Of course what is being overlooked here is that the Western Governments have just ousted another dictator and in effect just made an instant friend in a region where the West is not entirely welcome. I use the term “friend” loosely. Strange how it all works out isn’t it. They actually look like they’re welcome there and that it was right to partake in war, but war is still wrong even if you can justify it, it’s wrong. War is a sure sign that the human race is slowly self-destructing itself. We are divided and as long as we have these divisions we will not reach anything resembling peace. It is interesting that in order to achieve “peace” countries go to war and in every conflict they all say they were just defending themselves but attacking is not defending!

Please take care when you believe what it says on the news, it’s propaganda, remember that. I have visions of Hitler running along an Avenue in Berlin like Arnold Schwarzenegger a gun in each hand singing Horst-Wessel-Lied, somehow with a potato masher between his teeth gunning down hoards of Russians! Of course I am exaggerating for a fact but you get the idea. The enemy is always going to look bad to the winners and they will make them look worse.

I will not go into the Occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan in detail but it is very safe for me to say that since both those countries were annexed by Western Armies (a decade in the case of Afghanistan) we have not given them a better way of life we have just given them War on a grand scale. I am not saying Saddam and the Taliban were good people or that they didn’t deserve it but we have problems of our own which we really should be sorting out instead of flying around the world blowing up Muslims. It’s a disgrace, the amount of money being spent on War could vastly improve the lives of so many vulnerable and needy people here at home.

Enough said I think…

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