Tuesday, 20 December 2011


This is not a rant and it’s not a joke. If you consider yourself to be a decent person you’ll read this and hopefully some of you will do more than just read it. I heard something very disturbing today. I work on Botanic and the Police came to the shop where I work and asked the manager if she would stop Romanians from coming into the shop. I’ll say that again The Police asked the manager of a shop to ban anyone from the Romanian Roma Gypsy community from coming in. Think about that. Thankfully our manager refused to do this on moral grounds she’s one courageous lady but for every one of her there are ten of the others.

Of course the P.S.N.I have a get out clause they said the reason why they are making this request is because they have had complaints from all the other shops in the area about stealing now when a Romanian enters a shop everyone goes into suspicious mode. Most of the other shops have already banned the Romanians. So if someone from the Sandy Row steals will we have to ban all Protestants? If a catholic from The Falls steals will we have to start watching out for people in Celtic shirts? The Police are merely responding to pressure from the community but is it Racist? Yes it is. We’re racist bastards collectively we always have been, racist and sectarian and small minded and clever, lets not forget clever because we can disguise our racism to the point that it actually looks like we’re trying to protect the community.

I have seen many more instances of theft from Irish and British people than from Romanians. See the way I had to say Irish and British there, isn’t that interesting that I had to do that, I mean what should I say, White people? Northern Irish people? Caucasians maybe? I have lost count of the number of times I have had to continually tell people that this is not simply a matter of opinion it’s dangerous to begin singling out a whole group of individuals based upon cultural, religious or ethnic principles. Of course it’s fine for you sitting with your friends and family having a social rant about the ills of the world or telling racist jokes but whose fault is it when an innocent person gets kicked to death and remember your History here we have a bad record for people getting kicked to death. Sounds harsh doesn’t it “KICKING TO DEATH” it’s meant to sound harsh it’s real and it will happen.

I speak to these people regularly and they’re good people. They’re funny, thoughtful, intelligent they're just like we are, human beings. we have a laugh on the SOS Bus because some of the younger ones have got thick Belfast accents. There have been two occasions this last month when I have had to intervene because drunk men think it’s good craic to stand in the street and verbally abuse a group of women who are selling roses. If anyone believes it’s either courageous or funny to abuse another human for any reason I am afraid I wouldn’t be worried about the Romanians stealing I would have deeper concerns as to how these individuals would treat their families.

The reason why this is happening is because decent people are absent from the picture we’re all out entertaining ourselves and while we’re all selfishly consuming capitalism the fabric of society is crumbling and people at the bottom are suffering.

These people don’t come here and get vast amounts of money and housing they struggle, some don’t have electric, they cannot afford it. Don’t listen to the myths that the racists spout it’s lies. These people came here to escape persecution in their own countries in many cases. They’re human beings, they feel like you feel. If you treat human beings like animals they will behave like animals, makes you wonder how the racists have been treated.

Please if you have any decency talk about this issue before someone gets kicked to death. If you know any politicians or people who have standing within the community tell them about this the reason why racism goes unchecked is because decent people either don’t do anything or slowly become racist themselves. Surely we have had enough of murder and pain and suffering in this country. Say hello to these people they’re genuinely lovely people. Some of them steal, so do ours. They can do nothing about their cultural background they were born into it just as we were born into ours.

If you don’t know about Rwanda or the former Yugoslavia please read about them they can happen again given the right (ironic turn of phrase!) set of circumstances. Please think. THINK…

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  1. Hi Seamus I met you at Big Oaks in 2010. This is horridly familiar to me as a lot of my family lived on Dale Farm in Essex, the largest traveller community in Europe that was evicted in October. When my cousins first went to the shop in the local village the woman running the shop whose family originated from India told my relations she didn't want them in her shop as they were traveller. Hearing something like that sort of makes your head spin.