Monday, 12 December 2011

The last free people on the planet

Click the link at the bottom of this to see amazing footage of something that seems impossible people who live outside of the realms of what we consider normal. They are living in a tiny hunter gatherer tribe on the Brazil-Peru border and their existence has been completely untouched by the outside world. In the footage you can see them staring up at the plane imagine what they might be thinking at seeing it “What the FUCK is that?” it must look like a UFO!

A bit of geographical knowledge really helps to give perspective here. Look for Brazil on the map of the world, it’s massive and it holds one third of the planets rainforests which cover an area nearly the size of Australia now take a look at Ireland and compare the dimensions! Although the Rainforests are being consumed by humankinds greed through logging the area is so expansive that it’ll be a long time before they’re diminished and hopefully we’ll have caught ourselves on by then.

Jose Carlos Meirelles whose government agency (don’t like the sound of that!) has been studying these people describes them as “The last free people on the planet.” He is working to make sure that their area of Rainforest remains untouched and that they don’t come into contact with illegal loggers and miners who would be likely to act aggressively towards them.

It is truly amazing that in the 21st century people are still living like our ancestors did before the agricultural revolution. Hopefully they’ll leave these people be.

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