Friday, 30 December 2011

Swapping humans!

Not sure how much truth there is in these rumors but El Mondo Deportivo are usually pretty reliable when it comes to the truth in Spanish Football affairs. Apparently since a deal that was supposedly being done for Torres failed because Guardolia wouldn’t release Pedro as part of the bargain Barca instead offered THREE of their raising stars for Torres!

What is going on here? These fuckers are swapping human beings that’s fucking madness it’s like slavery isn’t it? Except because they get good money no one notices it. I’ll swap you these three humans for that one! Torres has been through the mill and I felt genuinely sorry for the guy when he couldn’t score at Chelsea at the beginning he’s a brilliant striker, part of the reason why he’s not scoring is more than likely confidence and the fact that there was so much expectation with the price they paid for him.

Check the stats his form under Benitez was brilliant it seems it got worse after that changes in the dressing room can have a bad effect on some players and I think he made the worst mistake of his young life going to Chelsea. How must he feel now eh? He’ll be happy to go to arguably the best club on the planet (I said arguably!) but from the point of view of how he actually feels about it all. He’s being swapped for three men that’s some deal I know nothing of the young players who are going to be coming to Chelsea but Barca B has a wealth of talent and I am sure in the coming years you’ll see some brilliant players developed from their ranks.

For the record I reckon he’ll go back to Spain and get his mojo back big time.

Football eh? What the fuck is going on? Swapping human beings and the crazy thing is that no one thinks there’s anything wrong with it when you have money you can do anything. Tis a mad and fucked up world we reside in!

Wonder who I could swap myself for!?

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