Wednesday, 28 December 2011

We're shitting in the sea

I hope this means there’s going to be a ban on pumping sewage into the sea but I know deep down it isn’t!

This is an interesting report on the BBC News site about conservation and discovery but when I read this type of report I cannot help but see all our collective flaws and the shocking depth of our collective denial really closely. Politicians really go off on one and get all excited when they have an opportunity to say something positive and use words like biodiversity to make them look like they’re not really the selfish twats we all know they are. By the way I know they’re selfish twats because we’re all selfish twats and much, much more so anyone who has the cheek to sit in an air conditioned office signing cheques and scratching their holes all while calling it “WORK” work my ballix! (Ballix is purposely spelt wrong, it’s colloquial!)

So many of us appear so steadfast and resolute about our opinions on issues concerning how we treat the planet and the other species who share it with us but aside from talking no one really does anything do they? Or maybe I shouldn’t say no one maybe it would be more accurate to say 99. whatever percent of us! The fact is that aside from a load of empty talk people don’t do anything for the planet all you ever find them doing is pretending that life is tough while saying how much they really deserve all that “ME” time they’re devouring. Of course life is tough. When, either through apathy or “CHOICE”, you vote in a bunch of Muslim murdering, champagne quaffing gangsters life’s going to be tough and it gets tougher when you realise that most of us just do the bare minimum because we’re too busy rubbing the fronts aff ourselves and each other, metaphorically, in our cosy little social circles to actually give a fuck about anything else. The entertainment culture, beautiful for the have’s and if we’re not careful that’s the very thing that’s going fuck us in the end.

So they found a fish with no face or brain! I am happy for that fish it won’t get to taste or sense the massive turds floating around in the North sea. That behavioral trait always makes me laugh people talk about conservation and saving the planet then they go to their comfortable little shitters and dump in the sea from a distance while no doubt reading The Latest National Geographic and humming all you need is love.

Talk to people. Listen to them you really get a sense that they care but it’s all pretentious bullshit it’s all so they can sound good and find a perfect little niche in the image conscious carnival to look and feel “NICE” for a moment or two. You can just imagine them politicians talking about the need to protect the environment before popping in to expel the remains of lunchtimes lasagne and chips out their lazy arses and they probably have a good gawk before flushing it off into the briny waves! Please remember that folks every time you have a dumpling in your lavatory you’re shittng in the sea! Aren’t dolphins cute, awww, not when they’re covered in shite they’re not and all that oule chattering they do they’re calling us good for nothing bastards!

Now of course everyone gets defensive and starts the old “WHAT CAN I DO” you could do so much quit fucking slobbering for a start and quit pretending you’re doing all you can. Talk is not enough. If you’re going to happily shit in the sea daily you have no right to even think about conservation.

As for the faceless brainless fish that fucker doesn’t know how lucky it is and a really interesting thing someone choose to retort on that little fishy -

“The rarely-seen species was regarded as a modern representative of the first animals that evolved a backbone, the Scottish government said.” Animals with backbones eh? There are actually still animals with backbones, good to know!

and as for the words "Scottish" and "government" being used in the same lifetime... Don't get me started!

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