Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leave Joey Barton alone.

It really doesn’t surprise me that Joey Barton is so fucking angry a lot of the time.  Not only is he generations deep in pure working classiness, I mean that’s not an excuse for angry behaviour, it’s just the way it is for so many people and no matter how whoever chooses to mock them always remember that those doing the mocking are often just trying to make themselves look better. FACT.

Something which is also very important is the fact that he is a FOOTBALLER.  Football is a very divisive game.  It is a game around which millions of people, many of whom know FUCK ALL about the people or the game itself, vent their meaningless opinions because they really have nothing else to say.  Pubs are full of these people up and down the countries who don’t have much going on in their lives and so they become armchair experts on something which they have latched onto and which many pertain to live for. Pertain to.

This is a really good example of our modern day witch hunts, conducted via social media just because so, so many people are desperately unhappy and unfulfilled.  They don’t know this of course, as far as their concerned they know exactly what they’re talking about and they take it for granted that they’re 100% in the right.

Joey Barton is now playing in France.  For those who know about his Football career you’ll know it has been tumultuous to say the least.  SO he does a press conference and puts on a French accent.  Everyone immediately begins calling him a prick!  Why?  The guy is just trying to get his point across in the best way possible.  His Scouse accent is really thick and it would be difficult for the more linguistically refined French to understand him if he used it so he has adapted it.  Have you ever heard the saying “When in Rome?”  Well “When in Marseille Joey?”


Leave the guy the fuck alone.  If a person is constantly picked on and harassed (even if you think they deserve it) don’t go being surprised that they’re angry and at odds with the world al the time.  How would you feel if you millions of people thought you were a cunt?  It would make you slightly self-conscious would it not?

He’s just trying to fit in.  Leave him the fuck alone.   

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fear of Death...

It’ll harden him/It’ll harden her!

For years I have been saying this.  When someone says, so and so has died, I say It’ll harden him or it’ll harden her and then I say Rigor mortis.  When I say it I always mean that it will harden the person because of Rigor Mortis but everyone thinks I am trying to make fun of dead people, I am not, I am just explaining that Rigor Mortis is what happens next!  I have said this on fuck knows how many occasions and the reactions are always ones of disgust.  I have been waiting years for someone to laugh hysterically as I did when I first said this to myself back in my late teens although it could have been the Cannabis and Special Brew on that occasion!

Death is a strange one and we don’t deal with it very well.  Say I found out the name of a person who died in like Ballynahinch and I made jokes on Facebook about them dying.  If someone who knew them found out there would be serious consequences I think so why is it ok to mock dead celebrities?  I mean are they not human?  Do their families not have feelings?

What is it about dying celebrities that makes people want to mock them?  I think it may be fear.  Most of us are afraid of death so that could it explain it.  It’s kind of like a very childish “na na na na na I am alive and you’re not!”

Our reaction to death is fascinating and the myriad of ways that people cope and sometimes don’t cope with it are equally so.

It’s not hat big of a deal really because it’ll harden us all in the end anyway.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

A more detailed look at intolerance

I used to hate Racism.  I don’t anymore because I understand it now.  I can see clearly that the conditions for Racism to flourish are very prevalent in our world and due to this I can no longer be so irrational about it.  Put simply it would not make any sense for me to go hating people who are actually victims of the world they live in. 

I know exactly how that sounds, it’s like I am excusing them isn’t it?  I am not excusing anything and to be honest if I witnessed Racism I would crack, I have before.  So what exactly am I saying here? I mean it all comes down to either or doesn’t it?  No it doesn’t, nothing is black and white, excuse the pun given the subject matter and context!  Think about how we view the world. When we look at any particular subject there is an automatic tendency to either support or oppose it, this principle is almost universal.  People are very quick to support or oppose things, too quick, often when sides are being taken there has not been a lot of thought about the matters at hand and they also often take sides without knowing a lot about the subjects being discussed. 

Racism is in its essence very negative and when you begin to look at and understand the principles surrounding negativity you will start seeing that when people act negatively towards a negative force all they are doing is perpetrating it.  No matter how much they justify it and no matter how well they mean, attacking something negative is nothing more than a reflection of it and therefore no good whatsoever can come from this counter action for it will only serve to eventually create more negativity.  When I began seeing these principles in action I started noticing them everywhere in our world and when I got speaking to people involved and also reviewed my own negative past it became obvious that people become so lost and embroiled in the acts themselves that being positive could not work in many cases, it is almost like putting two opposing magnets together, they repel one another.  People in a negative state of mind cannot see things any other way, unless they take steps to address the issues at hand and that process can take years.    

I see things very, very differently recently.  For the last three years, especially, I have been studying intensely and nothing will ever look the same again.  The main difference in my thinking has been the ability to take matters down to their lowest common denominators and see them from the point of view of the principles involved to do this a firm grasp of subjectivity and less reliance on emotion is essential.  When looking at matters such as Racism or any intolerance people use their emotions which only serves to distort the subject.  A heavy reliance on emotion often makes people completely overlook important issues surrounding context and can cause them to see things singularly.

For an example of this lets say that a person loses a close family member during the troubles in Northern Ireland.  Obviously they’re going to feel terrible so they begin harbouring hatred for the Terrorist organisation that carried out the murder.  Over time they begin to believe the community that the terrorists come from are sympathising with the terrorists so they now have anger towards a whole group of people, most of whom are innocent.  The circles they are mixing in have many people with similar views and they themselves end up becoming part of a terrorist organisation and carrying out acts of the same nature as that which happened to them.  The do not believe they are at fault because they have simply followed a natural succession of paths and conclusions.  The reason why people end up taking routes such as this is because of two things:

1.  They have no concept of how their own instincts are controlling them.

2.  They have a lack of empathy to be able to see that other people feel the same way they do and so will behave in a similar way given a similar set of circumstances.  

Note the very natural tendency toward negativity in the example, this is how it works in the real world.  If a person is wronged and they begin to feel like they are being victimised or treated unfairly all the subsequent paths they take will be of a negative nature and unless they take steps to address their anger and other emotional issues, they will simply become that which they despise.  Negativity begets negativity, so it is very clear that people involved in such scenarios who do not have a good knowledge of themselves or of the emotional principles guiding humanity will simply end up following equally negative mindsets as those which have started the chain of events which occurred.

If you study History you will see this happening over and over again, everywhere in the world with all types of people in spite of race, creed, politics etc These principles are Universal and none of us can escape that, it is FACT.

Racism and Sectarianism are virtually indistinguishable the difference obviously being that one is on race terms and the other on religious grounds.  The reason why I can see things how I do is because I have looked very closely at how and why people end up behaving in a certain way and I believe this is absolutely essential if we are to understand how these people come to have such extreme views.  It is fine to say that certain behaviours are wrong but simply doing so does not address the fact that human beings keep ending up with extreme views, we really need to start looking at how this is happening rather than trying to find ways to punish people for what they have done wrong there needs to be some open mindedness as to how it is occurring, generation after generation.

Rather than just categorising people the basics of psychology need to be taken into consideration to widen and better understand the principles and reasons for exactly how this keeps happening.  The reason why we keep making the same mistakes is because we’re constantly allowing our base instincts and emotions to lead our thinking instead of relying on rational and the basics of psychology to better understand one another.

Believing that the world is made up of good people and bad people is a completely outdated mode of thought which is doing nothing except keeping the world just as it is. Circumstance makes people what they are so if the conditions for EVERYONE were better people simply would not be so prone to follow such negative views.

Of course this is just my opinion isn’t it? Actually it is less about this being my opinion and more just about it being common sense.  There is this constant thing that people do which makes serious issues get over looked and that is the blatant overemphasis on WHO is making the statements rather than the truthful and methodical reliance on what is being said.  Peoples views are frequently ignored because of the personality of the individual and the very suspicious nature of how we look at one another in the modern age.

This is not about me, it’s about humanity.  I know many people think that the only way to defeat Racism is to oppose it but as I have outlined earlier all that is doing is feeding it, once you give credence to something like intolerance you are recognising it and that makes it relevant and it gives strength to those who support it.  The stronger your opposition the more energy you are giving to it and more importantly the more negative you will eventually become.  Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still, ultimately, doing the wrong thing.

The anti capitalist protests for instance.  The whole thing begins as a march about injustice and ends up in a riot.  Many of those rioting are of the opinion that they are doing something worthwhile as they smash up buses which are then obviously taken out of service.  So a group of people try to do something for the good of the community and they end up taking key services away from that community.  Does this make any sense?  Why does this happen?  It happens because the people go out being angry at something and so they allow their emotions to get out of control and end destroying the hopes of the very people they are supposed to be defending.

Although the views of two groups who oppose each other may be very different the manner in which they act can often be very similar because the psychological patterns required to be part of a group are universal.  You will often hear intolerant people who are defending their groups actions speaking as though they are themselves victims, indeed they may feel hard done by but a lot of this is just their perception.  People who feel like victims can often be very paranoid and so they will see injustice where none exists so the more you try to present them with positive alternatives the more suspicious they become.

The situation in Northern Ireland at present appears to be pretty good in terms of Sectarianism but the conditions for widespread intolerance still exist among the young folk here.  Just last week while I was on SOS duty a group of young catholic girls whose friend was very drunk couldn’t get a taxi home.  Now the reason why is because in Belfast city centre from about 1:30 am until about 3 am it is virtually impossible to get a taxi because absolutely everyone is phoning taxis and they’re flat out busy.  They told me that taxi drivers wouldn’t take them because they were Catholics.  We got them sorted eventually but an interesting thing happened about twenty minutes later the team leader came to me and said “Remember them young girls who couldn’t get a taxi because they were Catholics?” and I was like “Yeah!” he said “I just spoke to three young ones who couldn’t get a taxi because they were Protestants!”  So even almost a generation into supposed peace the young people are still growing up with this perception of sides, a perception that they are being singled out and treated unfairly because of where they come from and what they are.    

The reason why that the facts surrounding intolerance and therefore the reasons for it are overlooked is because those who are opposing it look at it in such a point blank way, ie it’s wrong and that’s that.  Opposing something so powerful and prevalent like this means that we never get to look at the ins and outs of it or to take into consideration why perfectly agreeable people can so readily begin to support such extremes.  Knowing how people work psychologically is also very important.  When a person takes a particular point of view they often consider it to be a stand of sorts and since people are very stubborn they can often defend even the most absurd theories just because.  Since very few people actually study the subjects they discuss in detail what you often hear from them are bullet points which are simply regurgitated sentences which they have heard elsewhere.

So I hear people ask do we just allow those who are being intolerant to do so?  To be honest I cannot see that opposing it will do any good.  Like so much else in this harsh world, shit happens and it’s not up to us to change the world, we couldn’t even if we wanted to.  So what then do we do?  Well I believe you have to let go of matters which you cannot control.  If Racist or Sectarian individuals carry out acts of that nature they will have to deal with the consequences but as I have outlined opposing it will only serve to cause the whole thing to get even more out of control and will indeed draw positive right thinking people to end up simply mirroring the actions of those they are supposed to be against.

I believe the only way to do things is to look elsewhere for a place that you do something for the greater good. Ultimately I also believe that reflection is essential and that only by looking at ourselves and overcoming our own emotional difficulties can we hope to spread the idea that anger and aggression only serve to create more anger and aggression.  This world is not going to change quickly, that hope is unrealistic, all we can do is begin with ourselves and allow things to develop from there.    

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Second Term.

I remember Barack Obama being voted in first time around.  The Irish News ran a cartoon style picture of him standing on the plinth of The Statue Of Liberty holding her torch aloft.  What did the world expect back then?  Of course they wanted change, we all want change but if the need for change requires complete delusion, then I am afraid I would rather appear to be a pessimist, APPEAR to be…

People don’t change and yet they want change.  The ideas surrounding change are paradoxical at best.  Instinctively we are afraid of change that is why we always expect other people to either change or to make the changes for us.  We know that our current system is unworkable but we keep supporting it because it is too much to ask us to forego our comforts.  What we really want is our proverbial cake but it is obvious that we’re not going to get that so the only thing we actually ever change is the way we SEE things.

Having someone who looks the part is as good as it gets.  Most people have not looked at the nature of our system in enough detail to realise it cannot and will not EVER help us achieve balance.  What they tend to do is the old singular thinking trick, they look at parts of it and concentrate all their energy there without taking it all in context.  What happens is that we can make things look good enough for long enough to cause there to be a misplaced belief that we’re actually getting somewhere but we keep ending up back at the beginning when it all falls apart.

If you study the political and sociological History of The Western World you will see clear patterns that show what I am saying to be true.  People think belief is enough, it isn’t, not on such a grand scale as this. 

Barack Obama is not going to change the world.  The only way the world will change is if enough of us realise we are deluded and then do something about it.  With so many of us taking no notice whatsoever of History or the lessons that the previous generations have not learned from I cannot see there be any change soon.  As always with humankind there will have to be a major cataclysm before we wake up.

It is a real shame because we are going to keep on using the very humanity which could save us to continue to push ourselves further towards extinction and if you think that is deluded I am afraid you’re under the very spell I have outlined.

It is not the worldly difficulties that must be overcome, it is the very nature of the human condition.  If you believe that one man can achieve this you are not only deluded, you are obviously so far enthralled by the very condition I speak of that you cannot and will not ever know that I am talking about you, that I am talking about us all.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


It has became glaringly obvious to me recently that very, very few people REALLY understand “Tribalism” .

According to Dictionary.com Tribalism means:

1. the customs and beliefs of tribal life and society.

2. strong loyalty to one's own tribe, party, or group.

Tribalism is a base level term which takes more or less everything other ism into consideration but I think the reason why we don’t use that term very much is because of the deliberate singular thinking which we are engaged in. Look at the second part of the meaning especially and ask yourself how many other words that this is also the exact meaning for. Sectarianism and Racism are two very obvious ones. Can you see what I mean? Can you see how the term “Tribalism” is actually just an umbrella for so many other isms?

Even though most people abhor Racism and Sectarianism it must always be remembered that from the point of view of those who are engaged in such thinking they actually believe themselves to be justified in their opinions. So this makes these dangerous patterns of thought nothing more than an opinion doesn’t it? I have been looking at opinions in some detail recently and I have come to the conclusion that some peoples thinking has been twisted so badly by the modern age that they can justify this type of thing. More importantly it seems that having an opinion of any type or “belonging” to a grouping is now transcending the actual opinion or grouping itself, the reasons for it I mean. I have met quite a few people who claim to have BNP sympathies but upon speaking to them at length it became apparent that they were very confused and quite negative and this tends to be why, I believe, they harbour such extreme views. Negativity causes people to take extreme views because the views are often a direct reflection of how they feel.

Sexism though I believe is maybe not as explicitly in the same category because it is not quite as easy to say men are a tribe and women are another tribe but in terms of differentiating between “Types” of people sex is certainly probably a much more socially acceptable division to make. We all make distinctions of a sexual nature, jokingly of course, but many of the difficulties between men and women have come directly from the very ability to make such distinctions. Similarly people who have same sex relationships could not categorically be called a “Tribe” but groups of people in all their guises certainly behave and congregate just as tribes would.

For the last three years I have been looking very closely at the differences and similarities between people, all people, in spite of anything other than the fact that they are human for that is the thing that ties us all together. Sounds very obvious doesn’t it? Well it is surprising how easily that fact is forgotten and how easily we demonise one another for just about every difference we can find. We all do this without realising it about all types of people for all sorts of perceived differences. PERCEIVED differences. Remember that any distinction between people is nothing but a perception and it is often not the actual differences that have the clout, so often the fact that people are in a tight knit little tribe is the reason for their seeing so much in the way of difference and indeed why they foster it. Remember also that most people are followers, they do not have any ideas or theories of their own rather they “align” themselves with the ideas of others and with so much confusion in the modern age the chances that people will end up thinking along the same lines of some crazy grouping or other are much, much higher.

These perceptions that I speak of are actually the main problem we have, that all of humanity has, because we think in a very absolute way and yet there is nothing absolute about the world that we live in. People and moreover groups of people are not either good or bad and yet that is how we see the world. People are dependant upon circumstances. I am not going to delve too deeply into that just now because the various types of circumstances that aeffect peoples behaviour are much, much too complex to discuss. I will say this though, if you are of the mindset that some people are bad and others good you are fostering a very outdated mode of thought which is responsible for just about every ill in the modern age that I can think of. Peoples behaviour is aeffected by circumstances. Even the very worst description of human kind have been twisted that way due to experience and other factors such as genetics, emotions, chemicals, mental disorders etc etc add infinitum! Absolute thinkers would say that even by my acknowledging such a list of circumstances it is a cop out and this very mode of thinking is what stops the truth from being realised because no one wants to support a bad person by excusing their behaviour do they?!

War is also Tribalism, again sounds obvious doesn’t it? Talk to the sides any War scenario though and you’ll find seemingly good explanations as to why they are at War each side will always have their reasons but it is usually the other sides fault. In something so intense and important as War both sides will vie to make observers believe that their cause is the worthy one but behind all the excuses and disguises War is tribalism. The modern age is very confused time and tribalism has become so complicated that you’ll find people undertaking roles in many, many tribes. Think of any grouping as a tribe including innocuous groupings such as Football teams supporters and Churches. Think about how people can be under many different tribes simultaneously. For instance you have those who are religious but they are also patriotic to their Nation so they practice their faith while working and paying tax to support their country. So what happens if their Nation is at War? It says in the bible thou shalt not kill. How do they deal with that? Well since it isn’t them doing the killing they’re ok aren’t they? Well they’re still technically supporting a system which is engaged in killing and this is a prime example of how bad deeds can continue because the people involved are able to pass the buck and often even excuse wholesale murder. It’s all about degrees, if something is far enough away it has nothing to do with them even though their money is paying for the weapons that do the murdering. Many people don’t like me saying this and that is simply because they must actually know about it deep down inside themselves.

Football is intensely tribal. Sport boils the blood and causes testosterone fervour but on a longer term sports supporters end up being psychologically exactly the same as War supporters. They will be hypocritical toward the views of their own “Tribe” and can excuse anger and sometimes even violence for the sake of it. The reason why I began writing this essay was due to sport. I came home Saturday night/Sunday Morning a week ago and read an article on Msn about the Anton Ferdinand saga. For those who don’t know Anton was the Footballer who accused John Terry of racial abuse on the field. Terry was subsequently found not guilty. Personally I don’t have a view on this at all, or rather I wouldn’t be taking sides. I used to despise Racists but having studied the social fabric very deeply I can see how people end up that way, indeed much of the beginning of this essay is an explanation of it. I do not condone Racism but I understand it, I understand how people can end up like it I mean. Weak willed, uneducated individuals end up supporting extremes because they are insecure in their own identity, so much so that the only way they can express it is by hating others.

In terms of Tribalism once you take up an opposing position to any grouping for any reason you are in aeffect creating the very conditions that need to be there for the trouble and difficulty to begin taking place. So in aeffect you have become the very thing that you despise. No matter how much information or proof you can give to show that you are justified makes no difference you are still allowing your emotions to go to the very same place which the group you are opposing are at.

 In the article on Msn I looked down through the comments and found this interesting point of view:
"racism still exists in football because it still exists in society, the same way sectarianism exists in n ireland football (all those ulster flags, no wonder james mcclean wanted to play for rep ireland, prods still haven't figured this out!)

because it still exists in society! Black people of england, continue to expose racism wherever you find it, because I can expose sectarianism in n ireland anytime I want, its dead easy, ask the * "sons of KAI" (Kill All Irish) marching band, see, that easy!"

In general terms I have already spoken about what this individual is saying throughout this article. He is taking about prejudice but he is clearly very prejudiced himself.

People do this all the time and they excuse it with self-righteousness, if the group they are talking about are intolerant then they believe it is alright to be intolerant about said group.

Prejudice is not excusable because no matter how right they are or think they are all they are doing is creating the conditions for tribalism to thrive. When this happens people begin mistreating one another in a social sense and if it gets out of control as it already has on this Island people end up killing each other. Think about this. There is no excuse for it. We’ve been here for 70 000 years for fucks sake, it’s time we started acting our age!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Are we making progress?

(Link at bottom of article.)

There’s always that moment when you’re looking seriously at human matters when you have to consider whether what you’re saying is simply your own stuttered opinion or a genuine observation. Indeed what is the difference between an observation and an opinion? I’ll get back to you on that one!

I have become very aware that many of us think we are actually much further advanced than we really are. There is a clear distinction between advancement in terms of technological breakthroughs and actual change, I really hate to be the purveyor of bad news but the reality is very stark, Humans have not changed very much in the last 70-100 thousand years. Our instincts and emotions are much the same as they have always been. No one likes it when I say this and part of the reason for that is because we like to think we have changed, it’s like holding out for hope but there is also a very stark difference between what is and what people say there is.

Lets look at War for example. War is a very misunderstood aspect of humanity, I say misunderstood because War can look very, very different depending upon how you look at it. The fact of the matter when you boil everything down to the lowest common denominators though is that War is a very simple interaction between two or more groups of people.

War requires there to be at least two sides who take opposing opinions on a particular subject. You can not however understand War once you have taken a side because you will not see the technicalities anymore, all you will be able to see is one sides viewpoint but this is not War entire, each viewpoint is but an aspect of the whole. I have become very aware of people in our society who do not consider themselves to be warlike but who inadvertently support war, ie… Tax payers or charity fundraisers. Indeed I have meet Christians who support War, well they support the troops who go to War in a charitable sense, you may see that as a technicality but again I will keep coming back to the actualities of things and support is support in all its guises. If the Government to whom you pay tax has sent it’s troops to War then you’re at War I am afraid. Unemployed people can get out of this by saying that they don’t pay tax because they do pay tax, if you spend money then you pay tax. People don’t like it when I tell them this, probably because they feel a bit guilty about the truth.

So War… What is it? It is two or more groups who reach an impasse and resort to using violent means to solve said impasse. When you go back into the very beginnings of human history you’ll find War. Small bands or tribes of humans began fighting with one another for resources. Nowadays what is War? The basic premise is the same, fighting for resources. Land is a resource, oil is a resource, even people could be considered resources, nothing has changed it is just carried out now on a much bigger scale than before. So in terms of this example, there has not been any development at all, NONE!

Because we are affluent and we have better medicine and ways of life people consider that to be change but it isn’t like this everywhere, in fact for most of the world poverty and a lack of basic necessities are the reality. What can I do? Is the usual response to my facing these facts so abruptly but I am not in the business of telling people what to do all I can do is highlight the reality and hope that some people see how my permutations work.

I hope you can see from the example I have given how something can be seen so differently depending on how you look at it. Similarly advancements in human History are often made to appear more important than they actually are because people want to believe they are doing so well that they ‘pretend’ things are better than they are.

I have included a list of human advancements, a top ten, and it is very surprising how little advancement has been made in the last 1000 years. I am not going to talk directly about said list I would urge anyone interested to visit the link and judge for themselves. We are not making very much progress, I know why this is, do you?


Thursday, 16 August 2012


I will never forget watching the FA cup final back in ‘99, in The Goodyear sports and social club. At least I think it was ‘99, I could check but I’ll leave my intuition alone on this. Yes The Goodyear sports and Social club. The Goodyear factory may have long since left the Craigavon area but it still has a sports and social club there. If you’re a proper Craigavonite you will have been there many times for all types of functions.

Arsenal were 1 nil up but Liverpool ended up scoring two, I am sure Owen got both of them and Liverpool won it 2-1. I was dancing on the tables partly due to the Guinness but also due to my Anti-Arsenal fetish, I had on my Spurs shirt.

The whole RVP transfer saga had me thinking about this. I am not a Utd fan but I love Utd, always have. While Tottenham were involved in relegation dog fights the one glimmer of hope we had was that Utd would, in most cases, win the title and stop it going up the wrong end of North London. This is a clear indicator of the power of tribalism, the team that beats my enemy is always seen a positive light. If ever Tottenham fans would lambaste Utd, for any reason, I would tell them to wise up.

I was in the bogs that day and Liverpool fan started slobbering at me about why I was so happy. I didn’t understand this, it was obvious why I was so happy was it not?! He didn’t get it, and was at pains to point out that I had on a Tottenham shirt which I thought pretty clearly explained the whole situation! So for whatever reason maybe with Football as with so much else, I am a bit of an extreme fucker who always gives that bit extra, be it good, bad or indifferent I tend to go the whole hog.

So Van Persie signs for Utd eh? It’s going to be an interesting season! :)

Slam Preparations?

I am having a very strange recurring dream which is having real world connotations and connections. I have had this dream nearly exactly the same on at least two occasions and I have vague feeling it has happened another couple of times as well.It seems I am away somewhere in the dream, a trip or holiday of sorts, although the place and the people I am with are not defined.

This guy keeps turning up while I am just sitting around and he keeps telling me about a Slam which is going to be taking place and I spend the rest of my time, in the dream, preparing poems for this slam.I have these pieces of paper which have been ripped out of the back page of some vague publication, a magazine of sorts and on them are the poems I am then revising for the Slam. The strange thing is that the man who seems to be the Slam organiser is telling me where the Slam is and that it has a two minute limit, I have only ever worked to three minute limits previously in real world Slams.

Here’s the freaky part. The poems I am revising are real poems. They are ’Smell yer Ma’ and ’You can’t fucking kill me’. For those in the know ’Smell yer Ma’ has been one I have struggled with, it lost me a place in the 2010 All Ireland Final because I was unable to get it in time, I went just over the three minute mark and Colin Hassard won to represent Belfast in the Final in Dublin that year. This piece could not be taken down to two minutes, indeed I still have difficulty making it in three.The other poem ‘You can’t fucking kill me’ was initially made a bit longer and was coming in at about 2 minutes 10 seconds. In the dream I was taking it down and was getting it to come in at about one minute 57 seconds.

The really fucked up thing is that I have actually amended this poem in my dream, for real. I have looked at it and made the amendments that I had made in the dream and they work, it’s coming in at exactly one minute 57 seconds.

What does it mean? I have no idea but I do know that I am revising poems in my sleep and I am pretty happy with that to be honest! :

)All I need now is for someone to point me in the direction of a Slam with a two minute limit!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Intolerant people are uneducated.

The thing that gets me most about intolerant people is the completely misplaced sense of the world they need to have to ‘understand’ in order to view things the way they do. It is not only the misconceptions they are so readily conceiving which makes their arguments so null and void, even worse than that is the very basic common sense they have to completely overlook to arrive at their archaic points of view.

A debate with an intolerant person normally ends with them getting angry or the really clever ones just repeat the same point over and over again. In many cases their theories have not been thought out they have no doubt been spat out through a hundred or so sets of bitter teeth before they arrive in the mouth of the latest doctor of hatred who you happen to be speaking with.

They know nothing about psychology or sociology and these two subjects need to be studied and understood very well before you will be able to discuss any matters involving the interaction of large groups of people. History is another one. Intolerant indiviuals do not study History because a brief look therein would show them clearly that it was just as wrong in the past as it is today. They quote History but they don’t study it, they quote only the vitriol that they believe holds up their draconian arguments.

Westerners who talk about Non-Western foreigners in a derogatory way are forgetting two key things.

1. The Western way of life is a completely bastardised version of living which is not even close to perfect.

2. It is impossible to accurately judge groups of people numbering in the hundreds of thousands or millions (or even billions) on stories about or the actions of a handful (or hundreds) of individuals.

The overriding feeling I get from intolerant people is not that they actually have any real hate in them it is more that they are very insecure about their own identities and the myths they are spewing are a way for them to attempt to feel better about themselves. If you know about how people work you will recognise these traits, it is overcompensating with no foundation in a the real world or real versions of events. The first thing a person must do to look down on others is to consider themselves to be pretty much perfect. One major problem with the modern age is the fact that just about everyone you speak to thinks they’re right in just about everything they talk about. Of course it makes perfect sense that everyone cannot be right, especially in this capitalist free-for-all, moreover people would rather pretend that they are right than actually address many of the social issues which arise around hatred and intolerance because admitting you are wrong is failure isn't it? Think of how being affluent actually makes people think, it is, in effect like having a society of children who just want their own way all the time. Affluence is basically being spoilt, collectively.

Growing up in Northern Ireland you witness this kind of thing both communities believe the other community is more bitter than they are and to reinforce this I have so often heard someone say that they had a ‘friend’ from the other community who agreed with them. Think about that! They have a friend who is part of the community that they are saying is bitter, does that make any sense?

I could write a book about intolerance, in fact I think I may already have started such is the volume of thinking and structuring on issues such as this.

If you are intolerant consider this. Do you think people choose the skin they are born into or the groups they are born into? Cultures, Religions and Nation states are very old and in some cases ancient and since change is slow you cannot override generations because ‘YOU’ don’t agree with something or other. If you want to help your own tribe get off your arse and go out and volunteer to do some work with old people from your community or some other needy group who have the same genetic code as yourself instead of sitting around talking about shit that you don’t know anything about.

Always remember this “If we had found a right way we would not be dealing with a world that is so confused as this, so fused to the unenthused, abused truths.”

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Missing Girl VersusThe Olympics.

A young girl of 12 years is missing in Croyden, England having not come home from a visit to her Grandmothers and then shops on Friday afternoon. She has never gone missing like this before so because it is completely out of character her family are very understandably worried about her, and to be honest I am a little bit worried about her as well. :(


I first seen this as an article on MSN which I clicked and read. A few hours later I was on the BBC News website and I went looking to see if there had been any developments and I couldn’t find the story about Tia. I am well aware that I could easily have typed in her name and got the story but I had figured I would find it among the headlines but it wasn’t there.

By this time it was getting into Sunday evening and I kept looking. I clicked on the ‘England’ section of the news and still couldn’t find it. I went and googled it and found out she was still missing but I was slowly becoming more and more incensed with the BBC website for this severe lack of compassion.

Later, about 15 minutes ago, just before I started writing this I eventually found the BBC’s version of the story about Tia it was the 23rd clickable item on the BBC page which as you can imagine was focused very heavily on people who can run fast and hit balls and cycle and all sorts of what I will call (without any fear of being anything other than truthful) ‘Nonsense’.

If you check in the next few hours you may see the page just as I found it.


I think it is disgusting that a child is missing, who knows what has happened to her and the world is merrily dancing because people are committing extremely superficial acts in the name of patriotism.

Whole counties should be coming to a complete stand still to search for Tia but she’s obviously not as important as The Olympics now is she?

Very sad world we live in.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Tit for Tat reporting

Tit for Tat reporting

What is the news in this country? Seriously? What does it amount to? During the troubles we had tit for tat murder and retaliation by bomb and gun and countless other forms of violence. Groups of people justified doing what they were doing with the knowledge that the other side were doing it too, but of course the other side was always worse weren’t they.

I have been looking closely at the news in peacetime and I have noticed that it really isn’t any different in terms of sectarianism. I mean I am very happy that people are not being murdered on the same scale as they used to be. Sectarianism however is often very vague. You don’t need to be directly calling someone a derogatory name to be sectarian, simply pointing out the wrongs of people who are opposed to your stand point is, I believe, an act of a sectarian nature.


If you keep an eye on both the News Letter and The Irish News you will begin to see, over time, a tit for tat vaguely sectarian game being played. Each community tells you about their own respective good points while demonising the other side. I doubt they will admit to this though,it is much easier to get away with discrediting others when it is done in peacetime because everyone is too busy believing they are all civilised.

I thought briefly about posting up some examples because I was urged to write this piece by several events that have occurred in the last two weeks. I believe however it would be better if you started looking at this tit for tat reporting for yourself over an extended period of time and you will get a true sense of how this country is still running very much on sectarian undertones.

The fact that seemingly well meaning people are harbouring this type of veiled intolerance is a sign that the fundamental reasons for our tribal behaviour are still firmly stuck at the core of this/our society.

I am not voicing an opinion. I am merely observing and speaking what I observe.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Browsing for non-humans!

“Domain names are the words humans use, such as bbc.co.uk, for websites.”

So what words do non-humans use for websites?


Friday, 6 July 2012

Asamoah Gyan money grabber?


You walk into work on a wet English Monday morning and your boss says she needs to speak to you urgently. When you get to the office she says that you are needed to work in a subsidiary company on the other side of the world, in very hot and well to do country.

She says you will be given a place to live and all arrangements for you and your family will be made for a smooth transitional move. Your wages will triple and she needs you to make a decision in the next 24 hours to seal the move.

Are you going to say no? Seriously? Wake up you idiots. Asamoah Gyan had been offered a deal which he cannot refuse. Would you rather live in a hot middle eastern country or the North East of England?

Football is about money. Everything in our society is about money. Would you take more money to go and work for another company if it were offered to you. I think that in 99% of cases the answer would be YES.

Nuff said.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I have been trying to write this for some time but kept getting apprehensive about it. Something happened which I cannot fully understand and which I would not wish to understand but it has changed my perspective greatly and has made me realise how important words are, not only to me but to all of us. The reasons why I have been apprehensive are probably at least partially due to self-consciousness on my part. I do not want people to think I am devaluing the power of what happened by bragging about it, this is not bragging. I need to share this because it proves beyond any doubt that writing is a very powerful tool for healing and for passing on positive messages about life and living. I do not want to appear to be anything other than humble about this, indeed it has humbled me somewhat, but since I was already checking my ego it has proved to be just one more realisation, albeit a very significant one.

On the 2nd of May 2012 my Mucker Lee Wharton hanged himself. Lee and I were very close we had known each other since primary school and remained firm friends right throughout our lives. I have so many memories of Lee and they are all good memories. He was a hugely popular guy and will be sorely missed in Craigavon. Part of this is about Death and about how I got over Lees death in particular but it is also about something around the nature of Cause and Effect. Strangely one of my favourite poems is called ‘Cause and Effect’ it is by The man Bukowski and while its subject matter is dark, it is particularly apt…

Cause And Effect

the best often die by their own hand
just to get away,
and those left behind
can never quite understand
why anybody
would ever want to
get away

Charles Bukowski

When I heard of Lees death I was in Craigavon with my nephew Dean doing recording and I immediately left and went to Lees Mum and Dads house. I sat with Lees Mum for a couple of hours then I decided I needed to get out for a while and went for a long walk around Craigavon. I went to see my niece Nadine then walked some more. I went to places we used to knock about and listened to old rap tunes we used to listen to. I thought about Lee the whole time. I walked and ended up back at Lees Mum and Dads house. I went to see my mates Bernie and later Conor, they were as shocked as everyone, we’re a close knit lot down there, many of us having grown up together. I just kept walking for hours and thinking. It wasn’t a mad affair it was all very calculated, I knew what I was doing, I was preparing myself for the difficult time ahead.

In the middle of all this walking though I kept having this recurring thought and it was simple. I have to keep going. I cannot let this hit me too hard or it is going to kill me and I am not exaggerating about that, I mean it. I needed a way to control my emotions and once again there was poetry. Poetry has saved me more than once. It has helped me make sense of myself when it seemed impossible. As night approached I knew I had to get back to Belfast so I told everyone I would be back the next morning and I left.

On the train home I started writing. By the time I got home I continued and in the course of a few hours I had fifty odd poems. Most were like short tributes but some were pretty deep and very meaningful. I was making sense of death in real time. I was keeping nothing in and just letting the words go. I was also posting on Facebook and this helped to draw my friends and family and others affected by Lees death into my grieving, so in effect it was a collective grieving process. I needed this because I would not have been able to grieve alone else I would have cracked.

My knowledge of myself was also crucial as was the fact that I had already successfully gotten through very difficult times in the past including close family deaths. I know myself very well and I don’t harbour anything. Nothing is kept, everything that I think or feel comes out in my words be it good, bad or indifferent, it is said and I make no excuses for any of it. I don’t say things to try and make people like me I say what I feel at the time and have no apprehension abut who is listening or what they think. Self honesty has kept me alive, I would recommend it to anyone.

So I went through it all and some people would occasionally say “It hasn’t hit you yet!” If that is the case then it will never hit me. The fact is that I dealt with it while it was happening because I knew I could not allow myself to come consumed by it or I was a dead man.

I continued to write and any time I was down home I always went to visit Lees parents, which I still do. I have known them for a very long time, since I was a boy and I am proud that I have helped his Mum in particular who was struggling a bit in the month or so after his death.

My writing was much more focused than usual and very deep. I am a confessional writer, I always have been. Secrets can kill you, especially secrets of an emotional nature. A big part of the difficulty people have with themselves is trying to balance what they disclose and what they keep to themselves. A major problem that arises when attempting to keep this balance is the fact that a lot of the time we are afraid to share certain aspects because we worry that people won’t endear themselves to us if we disclose too much. While this may appear wise it is actually just bottling. Bad energy must be released and dispelled just as much as good energy. If you have ever experienced any kind of emotional trauma, however insignificant it may seem, you MUST face it and understand it and accept it, only then can you be free of it.

Then I wrote a poem in the middle of it all, a poem called ‘With Dignity’ and posted it on Facebook on the 11th of May 2012.
With dignity

Whether it’s a torch or a
burden or a human shaped
mood, carry it with dignity.

Only you are responsible for the
depth of those eyes and only
you can switch between carousels.

Night will come again, of that you
can be sure, so make yourself a spell
and hold out your hands to the departed.

We are between places here
if you didn’t already know that
you should know that now and smile,

Fear will make a victim of you,
only a solid thinking process can
enlighten your previously stolen days.

You are not alone, there are copies of
you ready to help with every need, ready
to cope when your strength fails you,

so stand up, put your hands out and
let go, someone beautiful will be there
and we will carry each other, with dignity.


In December two days before the All Ireland Slam, I had a comedy gig in The Pavilion. It was here I met Paula Reynolds and her Dad John. Paula is originally from near Dublin but has been living in Belfast. I only spoke to them very briefly before and after my set and that was that really although she had clicked like on my Facebook Fanpage. She had been reading my poems and would like the odd one but on the 12th of May 2012 she sent me an e-mail thanking me for posting the poem ‘With Dignity’.

She had read the poem before going to sleep and had a visit in her dream from her late sister in law and she said this gave her “perspective, answers and company”. I was astounded. Surely this was just a poem was it not? A Poem? No I don’t think it was a poem, I now believe this piece is an incantation.
As Paula said herself it is partly her own open-mindedness and I believe this but it seems that my poem was a catalyst for her to experience what she did. Many people will dismiss this as nonsense but it will be obvious that anyone who does this is closed minded and they will be unlikely to experience anything spiritual. It must also be remembered that you do not need to be religious to have a spiritual experience. The modern age has taken the spirituality out of people so I feel privileged to have penned something so deeply significant.

Gone are the days of playing around with words, this is serious business. I was able to form words so close to the associated emotion that another human being had a spiritual experience. I feel immensely privileged that Paula shared this knowledge with me and I will be forever grateful to her for it. Since this has happened a friend of mine has shared this poem with others and she told that the same thing seems to have happened in three distinct cases. People read it and get hit by it. I don’t know how to take it all in, still.

I feel privileged that I wrote it but I don’t feel empowered by it, not in the sense that it gives me a feeling of greatness. I now have a large degree of control over myself that I was unable to muster in the past, due to chemicals and an inability to understand myself I was extremely self-destructive. Something happened in mid 2009 which I can only describe as a click, something went off and everything changed. I got up and began changing my life from that point on and especially in 2011 I made massive changes in my perspective and my approach to life.

My ability to deal with Lees death is the culmination of years of work. I often describe it as “Doing a job on myself” and that is in effect what happened but I don’t want or expect praise for it because it literally was a click and I was not in control of that or if I was it was completely sub-conscious. It appears I am tough and not in the bravado-esque sense, there’s something in me that seems to be resilient to the point of distraction. I am single minded and can do things if I focus and I do focus, especially when it comes to writing.

I wrote a book in 12 days once. In February 2011 I decided upon a theme worked out that I would split it into 6 sections of 10-12 poems per section and began. 12 days later I had finished it. Obviously it needs work. I have not looked at it in just over a year but that shows how comfortable I am with language. I wrote another book and ended up discarding all but 4 or 5 of the poems in it because it was based upon a state of confusion. I have also finished my second book which is called “City” and will be going to Publishers soon. If you are of an insecure disposition you will think that I am boasting right now about how brilliant I am. What I am doing is explaining how I have been able to overcome struggles in life that used to cripple me and that would cripple many people and I have done it by teaching myself how to love language and the associated emotions. I am very comfortable in myself now, very contented and I am able to help people due to my contentedness. I am also full of gratitude and I believe a lack of gratitude is what is wrong with our world and the people in it.

If you can write you should hone that skill. If you have children you should teach them how to write, teach them early how to express themselves and they will grow to be comfortable with who they are. This is very important. Writing is emotion. It is expression. Language is life.

I would like to thank anyone who has ever read my work because without you I would not be whole. Paula’s ability to understand the interpretation of my poem has created a huge sense of achievement in me, it is by far the greatest thing I have yet achieved as a human being. I will continue to write and to push the spiritual and emotional boundaries of this soul you call Séamus Fox. Thank you for reading this and thank you for being whoever you are and whoever you wish to be.

Monday, 18 June 2012

What’s going on with Kate Nash?

What’s going on with Kate Nash?

What is up with us seriously? Of course I don’t need to ask myself that question because trust me I am well aware of what is up with humanity but the problem with knowing is that it’s pretty immense and I am currently formulating a way that I can I summarise it as much as possible and eventually get a book out of it. I ask the question really just to stress the fact that there really is something up.


Kate Nash has a new look and a new sound apparently. I haven’t listened to her new single and I don’t need to, this is not about whether or not I think she’s any good, it’s about social opinions about people who ’change’. I didn’t like her first single, it’s not my type of music but I could hear a certain originality in it. I don’t listen to much pop music, it is very rare nowadays that I actually get to like something in the charts. The headline on MSN was “What’s going on with Kate Nash?” This of course implies that there is something up with her but I had a look at her website and at bits and pieces of news about her and she seems to be doing the best as far as I can see.

People who don’t create are consumers and they are also the worst kind of critics. They know nothing about the creative process and are not aware that in some cases the artists are actually following their hearts and not doing what they are doing just to sell records but rather the creative process is leading them wherever they end up going. I think Kate Nash is doing just this. You can’t keep doing the same thing, it gets trite. You have to continually approach the process from different angles to see how much emotion you can express. Creativity is about being comfortable with yourself, it’s about contentment, it’s not about money.

People seem to constantly compare everything that people do either to what they did before or to what other people are doing. It is up to the artist to compare so they can put their work in context and develop. According to everyone this could be the worst record ever but if Kate is happy with it, it doesn’t matter what people think. This culture of gossip is killing creativity because the artists need to go at their own pace and they need make mistakes in order to grow and learn.

Aside from the individual reasons and expressions, everything changes, do they expect Kate Nash to just keep bringing out more records that sound just like ‘Foundations’ which got to number two? These people just constantly sit around putting ticks and crosses on everything and they have no idea what they are talking about. Leave people the fuck alone, creative people are on a quest to better themselves through the advancement of their art, if you don’t have something constructive to say don’t say it. I am sure Kate Nash is already well aware of her own flaws and quirks she doesn’t need thousands of idiots going on about how good her last record was while she is trying her damnedest to reach her own level of balance.

These people are dangerously comfortable, so much so they that they think everything should stay the same. I am afraid they’re all going to wake up one morning and realise that life is actually quite tough and the only way to traverse it is with as much dignity and grace as you can muster. This will help them and it will help the people around them. We need to be encouraging one another and helping each other out.

We are all naturally creative, it is a basic human instinct, so why don’t you turn the TV off and grow a set of balls and start doing something with your life instead of slobbering about what everyone else is doing with theirs?

Fair play to Kate Nash, I applaud her and she hope she does well in any endeavour she undertakes. She is braver and more talented than any of the worms who are criticising her.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Big Arses

Big Bottoms are back!


Oh they’re back all right, right at the back. Are these people serious? Big hoops are now a fashion accessory. So if it wasn’t written into your genetic code to have a shapely posterior here’s how to get one!

What is wrong with these people? Are women actually going to follow this nonsense? I hope not.

Notice in the URL that this guff is passed off as Health. How big your arse is depends on many factors, mostly hereditary, you're not going to grow a new arse by squatting about in front of a mirror like an idiot and all that exercise is not going to render you the new Jennifer Lopez.

I remember being laughed at many years ago when I was saying that all this image consciousness could cause suicides. I was off course jumping right to the extreme but there is truth in it. This idolising of human beings which is taking place in celebrity culture is bad for peoples self-esteem. It is difficult enough for young women trying to balance careers, having children and putting up with us arseholes without having this nonsense being passed off as health. This shit makes people feel they are not good enough and I don't doubt there will be Zumba styled classes for 'personal trainer' types to make a few quid doing classes where a rounded backside is the end result. This is all for MONEY. Creams that make you age slower and make up that makes you beautiful DOESN'T WORK. THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST OUT TO EXPLOIT YOUR NAIVE NATURE TO MAKE MONEY. MONEY!

If you don’t have a big arse it doesn’t mean anything. Just because massive derrieres are back in fashion it doesn’t mean that all men (or certain persuasions of women!) are instantly attracted to them. It would probably do you more good to work on your interpersonal skills and maybe be nicer to people than to be wishing you looked like yer woman Kardashian, sure what sort of a role model is she anyway, granted she’s a fine looking woman but she’s not to good when it comes to longevity is she now?

I would like to see a line up of ‘mug shots’ of the arses of the ones who are writing this tripe, holes on them like cabbages I’ll bet

Ladies this shit is bad for you, don’t buy into it, you’re all beautiful in your own way, be yourself you’ll be loved and appreciated for that above all else. :)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We deserve what we get.

The modern age is full of notions as to right and wrong but as I continually try to assert, right and wrong are both subjective and concurrent. When thinking about whether or not something can be clearly defined as right or wrong people do not take the event or action in context, I have begun calling this absoluteism. When a person takes up a stance against something, against anything, they are expressing a need to have their say but so often it is this need which is their focus and the stance which they are taking is nothing other a way for them to achieve this. Never forget that we rarely think before our expressions, they are feelings which we have to get out of our system. Being self honest is so difficult because to be this way we must back down and stop of ourselves from reacting to outside stimuli. To be this way we also let go of so many preconceptions and daft ideas which we have been harbouring which are harmful to us and those around us. Always remember that people often do and say much of what they do and say due to their circumstances and we can be so dependant upon our opinions that they become our only outlet.

I keep going back to the good and evil conundrum because it is very important. We really should constantly be aware that all our instincts, thoughts, preconceptions and every judgement we make is being made by a mind which has developed to fit a mode on a collective level. You are not necessarily making all those decisions, many of them are being affected by social and emotions which you have no clear control over. When things are going well people are more likely to want to take the praise but when things are not going well they tend to blame someone else, this knowledge alone should leave us with the glaringly obvious acceptance that we are in fact nothing other than social chameleons but because we’re trying to get people to like us no one wants to admit that these basic precepts of humanity are a reality.

I have been looking at something in great detail. Do people deserve all they get?

Firstly, I believe in Karma and I have seen it work first hand but it is a complicated process and does not work on a simple basis of you do something wrong and something bad happens to you five minutes later. Karma is a system which is based upon energy, indeed everything is based upon energy. Always be mindful that people (AND YOU!) are part of the universe and therefore it’s rules apply. No matter how much money or faith in God some of us have the Universe has but two simple principles and these principles are constantly in play. It is important to note that Millionaires are prone to committing suicide, some will argue about that there are not very many of them who do this but since there are less millionaires generally the statistics will always be lower than in other groups who commit this act. Money does not equal happiness, only people who would like to have money think it does.


Forums are also a great place for research:


The reason why I am adding this twist about money not equalling happiness is because it should make you think about the principle of the Good and Evil conundrum, all is not as it seems! People are not good and evil rather people are changeable and due to a myriad of circumstances, genetics and social and emotional issues they can end up doing all manner of things. These processes are both simple and complicated and if you don’t think that’s possible then you will never understand the principles I am trying to outline here.

It was in the news today that Joey Barton was attacked outside a Liverpool nightclub and immediately people began jumping into comments about him deserving it. If you do not know about Football it may be useful to acquaint yourself with Bartons career:


Joey Barton was born and raised in a rough part of Liverpool called Huyton. I am not excusing his behaviour but surely you can see that negativity only creates more of itself, unless the person involved actually has the ability to recognise what is happening then they will never be able to change their current circumstances. Obviously every case is slightly different and some people seem to be able to get out of negative situations but it takes a huge amount of energy and willpower to do this and as I have said before you cannot expect everyone in these situations to get out of it at the same time.

In cases where a person comes from having nothing to being a millionaire the bad behaviour can be completely lost in the fact that the person is doing well for themselves. They can make psychological excuses to themselves and never get a chance to address their behaviour. That person cannot be helped by the press and Football fans screaming at them that they are scum, this in fact will make the person worse because they’ll then end up with a serious siege mentality and they will never get a chance to address their behaviour.

Most of us are unwilling to take risks which would lead us to ridicule and possibly criminality but there is tangible genetic proof that risk taking is governed by genes. If you go back into our past risk taking would have been a very advantageous trait to have, albeit a dangerous one. What exactly are risks anyway? They take many forms. Kicking someone on a Football field is a risk just as much as taking drugs or stealing is but it must be remembered that since we are being helped along in many cases by our instincts via genetics, it is not so clear cut that the person is actually fully in control. Always remember that, please, before you judge.

Another note of great importance is that people and YOU are often looking for ways to look good, for excuses to say “Look at me, I am doing great.” Normally this would take the form of talking about your achievements but in the modern age there seem to be a lot of us who get our sense of well being by making others look bad. Indeed some people just constantly do this. They will talk about the Government, Foreigners, and just about any vulnerable group they can find in order to keep themselves shielded from ridicule. Tribalism is also a way of doing this because strength in numbers also offers a form a safety and security.

So do people deserve all they get? Maybe they do but do they mean it? This is less certain.

There is a large degree of sensitivity in the modern age. Everyone takes everything personally. Paranoia and suspicion are widespread but so often people are not aware of their own failings so they have no idea they are being paranoid and suspicious. Sensitivity is actually at an epidemic level. If for instance you try to make people aware of their failings they take it as a personal attack. I have been in situations where I was trying to explain things to people I was close to about themselves and all I ended up doing was pushing them away due to the fact that they were completely unable to take criticism in any form. This was not the persons fault, they have obviously been bubble wrapped against the world and people like this will end up going through life thinking that everything is everyone else’s fault, sad but true.

Human instincts are also being severely underrated. Due to individualism everyone believes that they are solely in control of themselves, as I have already outlined many times, this is fine when everything is going well but not so when things go wrong. They are also firmly of the opinion that when other do wrong they are doing it on purpose but when they themselves do wrong it can all be rationally explained and of course the better you are at explaining things the more chance you’ll be believed!

The age in which you live, your social standing, emotional disorders, chemical imbalances, peer pressure, confidence levels, self-esteem etc etc! Think about these things. I am sure if you sat down for a while and made a list you could come up with many more. These are all ways in which we are affected and that includes YOU.

Do people deserve what they get? In short, probably, but if they deserve it what do YOU deserve? If you do wrong and get away with it you think you’re great but if others do wrong and get away with it, you scream injustice. This doesn’t make any sense people. The difference between what is and what should be is severely imbalanced and disproportionate.

You should not be concerning yourself with what you deserve or what others deserve you should be thinking about how you can make things better for yourself and those around you. If others do wrong that is their problem, it has nothing to do with you. All you are doing by highlighting the wrongs of others is adding to the serious strain on our overburdened collectives. If everyone spent as much time doing something good as they do lambasting the Government their wouldn’t even be any need for a government.

People may or may not get what they deserve but I will tell you something for sure, in the long term, we all deserve what we get.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cartography and Easter Island.

I think cartography is fascinating but looking at it in detail throws up an interesting fact which kind of typifies human behaviour and shows how we were and still are literally outside ourselves. The earliest known maps that humankind made were not focused on the Earth. You would have thought that with such a development we would have begun by mapping our immediate surroundings, not so, the earliest known maps are of the heavens. As ever our fascination is with the unknown. Why can we not just stick to what we know? Even better why can we not actually go further and truly understand that which we think we know!

It does not take a genius to work out that humans have forever been fascinated with matters which they cannot control and unfortunately we focus so hard on these “outside” matters that we often forsake more immediate issues. Think about that. Think about the very concept of the first maps not being of the land and waters around us. It is as though those very early people were saying “We already know this Earth so well why should we map it?”

This complacency is going to be our downfall I fear as it continues right up to the modern age. We know more about the sky than we do about under the sea but as ever I think most people never consider this to be something out of the ordinary. Indeed for many people nowadays the nearest they get to “Studying” is checking which Horses or Football teams they’ll pick at the weekend. I think it is a travesty when you look at how much apathy there is in the people who are in control that all those who bad mouth the Government and cause untold chaos with civil unrest wouldn’t go and stick there heads in a books for a few years and come out with a much more balanced and informed view of the world which would help them to make positive change a reality. I don’t blame them of course, I know about anger and how easy it can be to succumb to it.

I have been formulating for sometime ways in which to explain the contrasts between individualism and the collective and in so doing it is glaringly obvious that people think they “have arrived”! We believe that we are beyond the reach of the very processes by which we “got here” and think that because we are top of the food chain that we are beyond reproach, not so, we have not arrived anywhere we are and always will be in a constant state of flux.

I am constantly writing these pieces, I don’t know if they’re essays or what they are, I am just looking and making sense of this world and everything therein! So I started this one at the end of last week about Cartography and then I see the news today. The “Heads” on Easter Island are not just heads! There is a prime example of us looking at something and believing it to be a certain way. You really have to think about the psychology behind the way we think, it is not just that we made a mistake, it’s that we are constantly making those same mistakes. Our thinking processes are flawed, we make far too many assumptions. I mean the heads on Easter Island eh? That’s been a no brainer for thousands of years hasn’t it? When you use that as an example think for a moment about how warped our whole view of just about everything could actually be, I mean we have a supposed order for how everything happened and when but with the advent of this new information on Easter Island maybe our whole History is a farce! (I have believed it to be for some time.) Who knows? So yeah Cartography what a subject and while we’re on that subject maybe the world really is flat! ;)

Friday, 25 May 2012

Violence over Words!

Violence over Words!


There has been violence in the Ukrainian Parliament as ministers voted on the passing of a bill which will allow Russian to be spoken in Russian speaking parts of the country. Interesting they would use fists to settle a row about words! I have been thinking about this type of thing recently and for some time and have come to some conclusions which are both rational and common sense.

Languages change, that is the nature of language. The further away a language gets from it’s primary region of influence the more it will develop. A big part of this is simply because people use it differently the further it travels. A modern example is English. Look at how English has developed due to it’s widespread use. Australians, Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders all have distinct versions of English and those are only a few common examples. Patois is a brilliant one to look at also, it is a language/dialect which is Jamaican in origin. When the slaves were brought over from Africa they developed a type of speaking which is a mix of English, the African languages their ancestors spoke and new slang terms, it is widely used in Jamaica and in Jamaican communities world wide. This is what language does, it changes.

Latin is a dying language and yet all the Languages in Europe aside from some of the Slavic ones and Gaelic developed over time from Latin. In 100 years there probably will be no hint of Latin and people may only know about from books, maybe.

The issue these Ukrainians have is not language itself it is change, people do not like change. Think about this. What is language for? It is to communicate isn’t it? That’s its primary function. So does it matter in what language I communicate? I am not knocking peoples National pride here but if you become aware of how language works and the fact that it’s going to change anyway why not just “Chill Winston!?”

Nationality just like language will change. Lets look at the Celts. Who are the Celts? In Historical terms a “race” of people were once called that but do you realise that those people never actually called themselves Celts? The name was given to them in modern times by Historians so they could categorise them to a certain part of History. It’s just a name and language is just words. Yes I am a poet and I did say that “LANGUAGE IS JUST WORDS” the words themselves are not primarily the important thing the important thing is what they are saying and how people can use them to express their emotions and better understand one another.

Nationality and Religion are also subject to change as you go back through History the number of Religions and different Nationalities get fewer there have been constant population explosions right up until the present and in most cases people use Nationality and Religion to form identities for themselves to try and exert power over themselves and their “tribe” by instilling a sense of pride. Pride is being misused though because it seems that as with all in human life we lose our balance and sense of perspective and begin going completely over the top with patriotism.

Look at Britain and Ireland right now and indeed Europe. None of us know what we are we’re all just a bunch of genetic mongrels many of whom are struggling so hard to hold onto identities which are destined to fade that we end up with War and violence as our only answers. It doesn’t matter what Nationality you are or what language you speak what matters is that we understand one another. If someone else wishes to have pride to the point that it makes a mockery of their humanity, that’s their beef, not yours. The reason why we have so much conflict is because rather than just giving in and realising that none of this will last forever we struggle to maintain a type of eternal nostalgia because we like things a certain way and don’t want the others (who ever they are) to take it away from us.

Get over it people, Ukrainians included. We’re all human and we should all grow up because this current level of Childishness is making life difficult for everyone to the point that it’s killing people. Nothing remains, the Universe has rules and though we believe ourselves to be divine and completely in control, we’re not. The Universe still has us firmly under its principles.

SO if someone comes along using a language which you cannot understand try to understand and hopefully they’ll also try, emotions are Universal, use hand signals, just don’t go using fisted hand signals like them crazy Ukrainians! Alrighty! :)

Friday, 11 May 2012

Unemployed Scumbags take drugs and drink!

I have become very aware of how certain people think. I have witnessed many, many individuals this last few years in particular who have completely unrealistic concepts of how this world works. These people are decent and well-meaning but their views on others really do end up adding to a terrible stigma in already bad, bad situations within areas of our society were whole communities could really do with some positive input and encouragement rather than this society wide witch hunting.

Up to the end of April 2012 the unemployment figures were at 2.67 Million and if you didn’t already know the population of the UK is just over 62 Million. I was listening to a couple of people a few nights ago, caring, decent, working people and they were talking about the unemployed but they were talking about the unemployed as though the unemployed were one person rather than 2.67 million people. There was an awful lot of talking down going on. “Why should we work while they sit on their arses!” one man said. Now I know a little bit about human nature and when someone says something like this it is very important to listen to their tone and watch their mannerisms as they do it. We were in a room, about ten of us while this was being said and I got the distinct impression that he wasn’t talking about the unemployed, it seemed to me he was saying “Look at me I am brilliant, I have a job, I pull my weight!”

2.67 Million people who don’t work for how many reasons? I mean from that number you would probably have tens of thousands of reasons. I don’t care who you are or what you do but you really don’t have the right to talk about 2.67 million people as though you know exactly why they’re all not working in the first place. This sort of sweeping judgement is the same as racism or sexism. People who say this type of thing really should do a little bit of sociological research and while they’re at it add some common sense to their stuttering arguments.

Think about this. 2.67 million people are unemployed, now do you think a situation is going to arise were all of those individuals are going to get work at the same time! Come on people have a bit of common sense here. I have heard many other people talk about scumbags. I still have to find out exactly what a scumbag is but I have no doubt they’re unemployed and when people talk about them they say “They’re just lazy.” “They’re making excuses.” “Why should I work and they drink all day?” My issue here is not that some people abuse the state, my issue is that these people are talking about this kind of “ghost community”. You cannot talk about hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people like they are one person, it just does not make any sense. And I am certain that during their day they probably meet people who they consider to be scumbags and they probably treat these people with contempt or worse. These people are human beings. Our society is not perfect. You cannot and will NEVER have a situation were everyone has employment, it is unrealistic.

As for Alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is addictive, drugs are addictive, it is not a case of you eat a strawberry and don’t like the taste so you don’t eat it again, THEY ARE ADDICTIVE, you know MOREISH! Many people in whole communities have grown up in a situation which was there generations before they were born. Negativity begets negativity and cycles of thinking and behaviour can become “normal” even though the people know it’s wrong they cannot escape because they don’t know how to break the cycle. Education is only a tool for people to get better jobs, we are not being educated about the hierarchy of needs and how humans work on a psychological level.

Please, please, please… Before you make a statement about Millions of people can you do two things? Open your mind and go and read a few books. THESE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN BEINGS and they deserve to be treated accordingly.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Last day of 11/12 season


In light of what I have learned this last few months Football is pretty trivial but I am going to hang onto it because a bit of triviality can put things back into perspective. My Tottenham had an amazing beginning to the season after getting thumped twice they went on a run of premier proportions but it all began going astray after that beginning in mid February with a terrible 0-0 draw at Stevenage in the FA Cup and we then went on to throw away what seemed to be an unassailable lead so now the fight for third place and an automatic place in the Champions league has gone down to the final day. Chelsea getting beat last night at Liverpool was a dream result for Tottenham fans because it ruled them out of finishing anywhere above 6th place and I hope Bayern win the Champions league that way fourth place will still be open. Sorry Chelsea but I couldn’t give a fuck to be honest.

The table is tight. Arsenal in 3rd with 67 points and +24 GD, us in 4th on 66 points and +23 GD and Newcastle on 65 in 5th and their GD doesn’t matter (unless they win 17-0!) We’re home to Fulham, Arsenal travel to West Brom and Newcastle travel to Everton. In terms of how we are going into the last day I believe it couldn’t look better for us with both our rivals having away games and us at home, but this is Football and anything can happen. Tottenham just have to win their game and that’s all there is to it but it is kind of scary with Martin Jol in charge at Fulham, this kind of omen often proves to make the difference, hopefully this time it won’t though!

We just have to win and hope other results go our way. So I will be praying for Everton and West Brom and watching Soccer Saturday this coming weekend with my undivided attention. COME ON YOU SPURS!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Norway Spree Shooter on trial.

Anders Breivik is being tried at the moment in Norway for murdering 77 people last year. Word has it that he is a right wing supremacist. What tends to happen in cases such as this is that everyone watching latches onto the fact that he has extreme political views and they lose sight of the human element. In effect they buy into the good and evil conundrum and so the individuals political views become the reason for what happened but this is not the case because this shooting spree should be taken in a wider context.

All shooting sprees are the same. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in or why the shooter is supposed to have done it. A person or persons with access to guns loses the plot and takes their anger out on the big bad world, that’s the truth of shooting sprees, be it premeditated or a snap, the essence is the same. People are not machines they are emotional and sometimes our emotions can get out of control. If a person begins thinking in an extreme fashion and they happen to have a load of guns or indeed if they even have access to guns it’s not going to end well.

The American model of how a society is supposed to “protect” itself is nothing other than paranoia because if the guns were not so readily available there would in fact be no threat, it is actually the availability of guns which is the main issue here and not why anyone goes on a shooting spree. Why something happens doesn’t matter, why is just our way of explaining things, why the last shooting spree happened never stops the next one from happening so we really should be looking at the mechanics of humanity rather than politics or the persons background. At the bottom of the page I have pasted in a compiled list of rampage killers, people who go on shooting sprees and it is surprising the types of people who do this sort of thing. As always there is a certain amount of generalising that can be done but the fact remains that if guns were better controlled and regulated this type of thing could be avoided.

Some questions may never be answered. Human beings are prone to acts of violence, fact. What we do in order to try and better understand how violence works is profiling. We find similarities in the types of people who commit violence as a kind of yard stick to try figure out how and why they do it. The reality however is much more chilling. All types of people go on sprees and as I have already said, it is the fact that guns are available that is the problem here. If the person didn’t have access to guns before these acts were carried out they simply wouldn’t have murdered on the same scale that they did.

If you have ever felt in a twinge of anger you will know how ingratiating it can be. Anger is an immediate fix. When we lash out it often feels good and when something happens which makes us angry we feel that need to be nasty to others or even use violence in some cases, we have all felt it at sometime but thankfully for most of us we don’t go to those extremes. Anger is an emotional response and it is a very human thing. If you have not studied the human time line you really should. The Timeline shows very clearly how human beings developed. We really have not changed in tens of thousands of years we have the same emotions and instincts as we had back then. The main changes that have happened are that we have gotten better at making things and continual population explosions have meant that there are a lot more of us than there were. People however think there have been changes and this is due largely to the fact that since our societies have become more affluent you have larger numbers of people living in much, much better conditions what this does is give those people a false sense that everything is fine due to singular thinking and our built in need to feel safe we tell ourselves lies about how the world really is. A quick check of the news on a daily basis will tell you that clearly everything is not fine and a quick check of the historical record will tell you it never has been!

If you’re of a nervous disposition don’t read the list below because it is shocking that behind every number is a life. Breivik will be found guilty of that there is no doubt but there will be another shooting spree soon enough and they will continue to happen because people are just too paranoid and too unwilling to face the very nature of themselves. People will always look outside of themselves for a way to make the bad feelings go away, thankfully for most of us the people around us do not have access to firearms and so they will never be able to commit acts such as Breivik has.


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

March in Remembrance of Dee Corr.

On the 15th of April there will be a March in Remembrance of Dee Corr. It will make its way from the site of Dees death at the flat where he lived in the New Lodge to Custom House Square. Dees name is all over this and rightly so but this is not just about Dee and it’s not just about Belfast.

We are living in a very loosely based collective which is severely fragmented. We do not reach out and touch each other because we are afraid. We walk past each other in the streets with our earphones in looking at the ground because we have been taught to be suspicious of strangers. We analyse everything people say to us looking for signs they might be sexual predators or weirdos or just plain anti-social and yet it us who are anti-social. We push everyone away and go home and lock our doors behind us hoping that the politicians or the clergy will just make the bad world go away, well the bad world isn’t going to go away it is our fear which is making the bad world what it is because we’re all selfish little boys and girls who never grew up.

We have no community. Having gone through the troubles and all the horror associated with that dark time we never did anything when peace came along except get drunker on our own selfishness. If you think I am not talking about you, you’re wrong.

If you live in this City, if you live in this country come to this March and show us that you care for the place where you live, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t know Dee lets start building a community that generations in the future can look back on and be proud of. Lets go and look into every dark crevice and every disturbed mind in this city, without fear and accept all there is to accept. Lets start treating the Foreigners and the Homeless and the Addicts and the Spides like human beings and they’ll stop wanting to attack the place we live in. Behind every set of angry eyes is a human being who has never been loved or accepted and many of the supposed pillars of the "community" suffer from their own forms of social sickness. We are all human beings and the modern age has meant we were all born with a degree of trauma. Lets start giving each other a break.

This is one afternoon out of your life. If we all give a little bit of our time back to the city, back to the country and we all stop worrying about hypothetical situations that only exist in the gossip we all so freely and maliciously partake in we can build something beautiful but it will take us all to do it.

If you think I am wrong and that the fault of this whole mess lies with the lower classes and the Foreigners and the Homeless continue on your little crusade but remember it is not winnable because negativity just creates more of itself. If you think that it’s them who are being negative, be mindful for if you attack someone who has just attacked you, you have become the attacker, you have become that which you wished not to be. If it was wrong for them to attack you how could it possibly be right for you to retaliate? If someone else chooses to be at odds with the world that is their beef and karma rewards in kind it is not up to you or me or anyone to judge, the universe pays anyone who defies it back in time and by its rules. We have no right to ascertain who should deserve what and we certainly should not be judging people who have done nothing other than be emotionally and socially unwell.

On the 15th of April there will be a March in Remembrance of Dee Corr. It will make its way from the site of Dees death at the flat where he lived in the New Lodge to Custom House Square. Dees name is all over this and rightly so but this is not just about Dee and it’s not just about Belfast.

If you are free that day you should go to this March. Only we can make our world a better place but we all need to be there to do that.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hot French Actress Swigs Whiskey! Oh La La!

I had mixed feelings when I seen the above picture. At first Oh La La! Then I thought God that’s gotta be warming her right up, not that she needs to get any hotter than she already is! Then I thought I could just go have a few Guinness, it’ll be fine (after a few months and rehab!) but I didn’t think it was irresponsible until I seen that someone else had said it was and even at that I still think she’s a Legend! I am not Anti Drink, that would be Hypocrisy and I am a big enough Hypocrite as it is. Society is a machine and if they choose to allow a percentage of their citizens to die miserably then there’s nothing I can do about it and a beautiful French Actress (Berenice Marlohe) swigging Jameson is hardly going to have half the Teenagers in Belfast rushing out to buy Whiskey.

I am not Anti-Drink. I am Anti-Machine but you cannot beat the machine, it’s too big. So she digs her Whiskey good for her, continental gals are more Hardcore when it comes to alcohol. I was seeing a German briefly a few years back and I thought it very funny when my mate offered her a swig of Buckfast thinking she’d gag, she took a wild gulp and went, “mmmm tastes like Mulled Wine!” Another thing Berenice Merlohe does not have an alcohol problem, look at that skin, Jesus wouldn’t you love da… massage her!

Alcoholics exist because of problems within society and because we do not respect alcohol. On the continent they have fewer people who drink problematically because they have a different way culturally of consuming alcohol and obviously their social structures are somewhat different. I would not begrudge anyone a drink. About a year ago I was walking home late one night via Shaftesbury Square and a man was sitting obviously very hungover and maybe sleeping rough, his name was Cathal. He wanted me to go get him a carryout which I tried to do but because it was a Sunday Tesco had closed their Off licence early as had Laverys so I went back to him empty handed and told him how to get to The Hatfield apologetically! If a person has been drinking very heavily for days or weeks it is actually dangerous for them to stop suddenly, they can go into shock and have seizures so I would consider this type of errand to be helping the person.

I am really not sure what sort of an impact the above picture would have in a collective sense, alcohol is legal, widely available and very socially acceptable so it will be drunk I am afraid! I also get the sense that things are going to get worse in years to come because the service industry is now prevalent in Britain and to be perfectly honest the economy relies on it heavily. The tax gained from sales of alcohol probably keep the British and Irish economies steady, probably I said, I am not an economist but I know enough to feel I can get away with that type of statement.

People are going to drink so that’s that! I’ll tell ya one thing though if I ever hear Berenice Merlohe is drinking Whiskey in Belfast I’ll relapse for sure!