Thursday, 5 January 2012

Here we go again...

So Iran is developing nuclear weapons are they? Oh but it’s the French who are “disclosing” this time. Of course no one in the West is in the least bit interested in what goes on in the Middle East we’re all hung-over from Christmas and we’re dividing our time between watching the soaps and being enthralled by the potential of a bit of a change in the Premiership race (didn’t say anything about winning it!)

Remember the last time we accused someone of developing nuclear weapons? Turned out that old chestnut Saddam was drinking vodka and rubbin' the stones aff himself while we were accusing him of all sorts of horrors. Granted he was a bastard but we gave the Iraqi people 10 times the dead with all out war than what they would have had had we left him in control. Remember that’s what this is all about control.

No one seems to bother doing the sums when it comes to situations concerning who is developing what. It’s a waste of my time even telling you about the maths involving the manufacture of nuclear weapons if you’re interested you should go look at it yourself but the difference between weapons grade and commercial grade Uranium and Plutonium is vast and the amount of useable material that is taken from the raw ore after the mining process is miniscule. No one ever thinks about this do they? They just see on the News that the Government say “Iran are making Nuclear weapons” and they say “Iranian Bastards!” They don’t go and find out about the process required to make the weapons or the fact that, God forbid, the Government could actually be wrong, I mean they have been wrong before have they not?

It is much more likely that Iran are making Commercial grade material for power but when you consider that Iran has got about 9% of the worlds oil reserves it’s going to be of a major benefit to The West to install a Government who are more friendly and do what they’re told.

I don’t support Iran but war is wrong. I don’t care what supposed good reasons any nation state has for going to war it is wrong. During Wars in the past the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths would have been about 90% combatants to 10% civilians but with the advent of modern warfare that has completely turned to 90% civilians to 10% combatants. More missiles were fired in the opening few days of the current war in Iraq than were dropped in the whole of World War II. War is a sure sign that Humanity has it’s finger on self destruct. When you attack another human or group of humans you are attacking yourself for you will have just become the very thing which you despise in others. If it is not acceptable for them to attack you why would it be acceptable for you to do the very same to them, it makes no sense.

We should not be allowing the people in charge to do what they are doing in our name and anyone who supports war or aggression or even just negativity towards any group of humans for any reason is simply allowing for the conditions that just continue the cycle of pain and suffering for themselves and those they love. If you have hatred for anyone or anything YOU WILL SUFFER, not by the hand of vengeful God but simply because negativity is bad for you. If you dislike something give it time dislike always turns to hatred and it will consume you.

If you have never met an Iranian you don’t have the right to have an opinion on them. There are nearly 74 million people in Iran they’re not all making Nuclear weapons, they don’t all support the horrors of stoning people to death and other gross human rights violations. 74 MILLION people and many of them oppose their government but until you actually know about the cultural, religious and tribal idiosyncrasies of Iran you CANNOT have an opinion on it.

Why is it OK for the Americans to have weapons and not Iran? The Americans have proved time and again that they are fucking crazy when it comes to blowing things up and I won’t even start about the record of goodwill to humankind that the British establishment has.

This is not about me being political and either supporting or not supporting something or other.

War is fucking wrong and that’s IT!

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