Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Land of the Free?

I was doing a search today for some information about a game I am playing and I get one of these messages having been directed away from the site. Later a friend who’s in America puts one up on Facebook to show what he has been getting. Thing is I am not in America, never have been so why do American restrictions suddenly have an effect here. They put this up under the guise of security, censorship is not security, it’s dictatorship. You will probably see a whole lot more of this happening in the coming months and years but as always the Western Governments do this kind thing really slowly so no one notices the transition and before you know it they’re calling at your door to ask if you’d kindly stop listening to Rap and watching pornography!

Seriously this is an infringement of Human rights just remember that in places like Iran and North Korea they have blanket bans on nearly the whole internet as do Pakistan and other Governments who tightly control their populations. Land of the Free Home of the Brave my BALLIX!

It has been happening for years this gradual decline of rights and people have been saying it was real but everyone said they were paranoid and crazy! Prepare this shit is real and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches critical…


  1. This was done by some American web sites in protest of a bill that has been purposed called SOPA. It has not become law yet and due to protest they have postponed voting indefinitely. What you saw were fake notices to show what COULD be. They were designed to shock people and motivate them to take action. Considering the bill was postponed, it appears to have worked.

    1. It does appear to have worked. I wonder though does the potential to have such a bill not represent a threat which could well become real? Given the right set of circumstances and governmental agencies could not we see this type of thing gradually becoming normal?