Saturday, 7 January 2012

Racially motivated crimes

The news has highlighted something recently, the Stephen Lawrence murder. So lets look at that. A gang of white men murdered a black man. I seen a video on you tube today which seemed to be some attempt at a response to the news of the Stephen Lawrence killing, albeit a distant response. The video was posted by an IRISH you tube user and it was basically a radio news snippet of a report about a racially motivated murder in AMERICA where a gang of black men carjacked a white couple then kidnapped them and murdered them both, it’s a bit worse than that but I won’t go into detail because I am trying to think about the two crimes in as close a manner as I can, the basics are the same, a gang in both cases commits murder. If I started focusing on anything other than that I would end up going along the lines that so many people do. They start comparing the crimes and playing the “which was worst” game.

Murder is murder. It doesn’t matter where the people come from, it doesn’t matter what motivates the killers, if someone is so disturbed that they can take a life you can guarantee that had the “racial opportunity” not presented itself when they committed the crimes they did that they would have at some point killed someone else anyway be it racially motivated or not. I really think we’re missing the main point here. This is not about putting two crimes side by side and weighing up which one is worse, murder is murder. Blacks, Asians, Whites are capable of murder and commit murder, if there were purple humans they’d be at it as well. The issue here is that PEOPLE murder PEOPLE. We really should be asking what could cause one human being to be so insane that they could commit such an act.

I really have no preference for the sort of person who would be attempting to murder me I’d be far too busy gouging’ the fuckers eyes out!

When I had a normal Facebook profile page I used to see “friends” posting things about particular types of people doing particular types of things, about rogue nation states mistreating their subjects and often sporting stories with undertones of division. It’s like these people are posting this stuff in order to state that a particular type of person or people do particular things but if you know about human history you’ll be aware that ALL types of people are responsible for ALL types of crimes, that is categorical, it's not an opinion it's a fact.

We need to start getting over differences between people and start looking at the similarities be they good or bad or otherwise. When the press reports things from the point of view of what type of person did what they are just feeding the fear that people feel and allowing intolerant groups of either colour or creed or whatever to have an example which they can use to further deepen our already deeply divided societies.

So to summarise Blacks, Whites, Jews, Huns, Taigs, Fags, Muslims, Hindus, Bus drivers, Asians, Australians, Spaniards, Yanks, Shop Keepers, Footballers, Chinese, Romanians, Homeless, Wealthy, Purple, Smokers, Tax collectors etc etc et-fuckin’-cetera are all murderers but, hey, they’re all really lovely as well…


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