Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Hot French Actress Swigs Whiskey! Oh La La!

I had mixed feelings when I seen the above picture. At first Oh La La! Then I thought God that’s gotta be warming her right up, not that she needs to get any hotter than she already is! Then I thought I could just go have a few Guinness, it’ll be fine (after a few months and rehab!) but I didn’t think it was irresponsible until I seen that someone else had said it was and even at that I still think she’s a Legend! I am not Anti Drink, that would be Hypocrisy and I am a big enough Hypocrite as it is. Society is a machine and if they choose to allow a percentage of their citizens to die miserably then there’s nothing I can do about it and a beautiful French Actress (Berenice Marlohe) swigging Jameson is hardly going to have half the Teenagers in Belfast rushing out to buy Whiskey.

I am not Anti-Drink. I am Anti-Machine but you cannot beat the machine, it’s too big. So she digs her Whiskey good for her, continental gals are more Hardcore when it comes to alcohol. I was seeing a German briefly a few years back and I thought it very funny when my mate offered her a swig of Buckfast thinking she’d gag, she took a wild gulp and went, “mmmm tastes like Mulled Wine!” Another thing Berenice Merlohe does not have an alcohol problem, look at that skin, Jesus wouldn’t you love da… massage her!

Alcoholics exist because of problems within society and because we do not respect alcohol. On the continent they have fewer people who drink problematically because they have a different way culturally of consuming alcohol and obviously their social structures are somewhat different. I would not begrudge anyone a drink. About a year ago I was walking home late one night via Shaftesbury Square and a man was sitting obviously very hungover and maybe sleeping rough, his name was Cathal. He wanted me to go get him a carryout which I tried to do but because it was a Sunday Tesco had closed their Off licence early as had Laverys so I went back to him empty handed and told him how to get to The Hatfield apologetically! If a person has been drinking very heavily for days or weeks it is actually dangerous for them to stop suddenly, they can go into shock and have seizures so I would consider this type of errand to be helping the person.

I am really not sure what sort of an impact the above picture would have in a collective sense, alcohol is legal, widely available and very socially acceptable so it will be drunk I am afraid! I also get the sense that things are going to get worse in years to come because the service industry is now prevalent in Britain and to be perfectly honest the economy relies on it heavily. The tax gained from sales of alcohol probably keep the British and Irish economies steady, probably I said, I am not an economist but I know enough to feel I can get away with that type of statement.

People are going to drink so that’s that! I’ll tell ya one thing though if I ever hear Berenice Merlohe is drinking Whiskey in Belfast I’ll relapse for sure!

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