Friday, 23 March 2012

A lack of thought, politics and right and wrong!

There is not a whole lot of thinking going on. The more I listen and observe I am becoming very aware that people would rather seem to be right for a millisecond than actually do the right thing longer term. There doesn’t appear to be a steadfast reason for it though, it’s more like there are many reasons and it seems that due to the fractures which have now become society wide people cannot or will not understand one another.

I have been accused of being intense and have been told many times that I am too serious. This used to bother me and I used to think I was doing something wrong but it is now very, very clear that being too serious is not the problem here rather those very people who have accused me are not being serious enough, this is serious business, this modern age. We are residing in a collective which is flawed and no one thinks it has anything to do with them. Everyone wants other people to be more agreeable, in other words they want people who will do their bidding and if the people who they invite into their lives won’t comply they find someone else who will.

No one wants to be challenged, they want everyone to pat them on the back and tell them they’re brilliant when a lot of the time they’re being completely self centred. Of course the realms of what is right and what is wrong are completely subjective and so I have had to look at this in great detail and it has become very difficult for me to blame people or to judge. I am not saying that I do not blame or judge I am just very mindful of it now and I try not to but it would be impossible to be totally neutral. Generations of affluence have lead us to a society full of individuals who believe they deserve more than they are getting, it’s all very childish, and I am even beginning to sympathise with those poor individuals who make their way into politics because if you study the social structure and the psychological “type” of people we have living here you will quickly find that it is completely impossible to keep all of these people happy, it cannot be achieved. Furthermore when you look back at History you will find a repeating cycle.

Britain is a good example in political terms of the levels of disharmony we have always had. After feudalism the political systems we now have in place began to develop, in basic terms and without going into too much detail this comprises of a party system where leaders are chosen by way of voting. If you have time take a look back through British History and you will see a repeating cycle of parties being voted in and out. In a nutshell people are voted in and they don’t do a good enough job so they are replaced by another party who don’t do a good enough job so they’re replaced and so on right up until the present day. The party on the fringes make extraordinary promises which they cannot keep and so everyone accuses them of being liars but no one actually says “hang on, this is impossible, harmony cannot be reached with these rules in place.” When you say “The system is the problem.” everyone groans that they already know that and yet no one attempts to change the system, they don’t even talk about it. When I say this type of thing everyone says “What’s the alternative?” I can tell you simply but you won’t like it because it will undermine the way you are living your life. YOU have to stop being selfish and you have to stop blaming everyone else for the problems within society, since we’re all here it is the responsibility of us all, yourself included.

If someone challenges you think about it don’t just get your little prince or princesses head on and act like you’re a two bob snob, you’re not, you’re half human half animal we all are. We’re in a transitional period and we really need to start pulling together or we’re all going to fail. The reason why any human endeavour has and always will fail is because people seem to have an inability to work together and this is simply because we have an inherently tribal nature, it’s perfectly natural but it is important to remember that while we continually pretend that our way is the right way we have yet to find a right way, we have always been in this state of flux. When contradictions happen between people it is put down to a simple conflict of interests or a difference of opinion but we need to start realising that maybe our way is not the right way. We’re not very good at working out our differences because we refuse to give each other the benefit of the doubt and are always of the opinion (that word again) that it is the other person who is at fault not us. This is equally true of large groups of people, when you study the principles involved people behave very much the same in groups as they do as individuals, granted it gets a bit more complicated but the essence is the same.

What we seem to be getting wrong is the immediate way we think about things. For instance when people have a disagreement they have a very exact way of seeing things, the other person is wrong and they are right. The human mind looks for associations therefore if a person is judged to have been wrong the association is that they’re always wrong or that everything they say is wrong. The reality of course is very different sometimes we all get things wrong and equally sometimes we are right, being able to admit when we are wrong becomes essential if we are to work successfully with others. If you find yourself constantly at odds with other people you may have to start looking in the mirror! I have noticed that people do not like being told they are wrong to the extent of going against their best instincts just for the sake of proving a point. There also appear to be many people who are lacking in self confidence and this causes them to be overly sensitive, it’s like telling them they are wrong is taking away what little good they see in themselves. If someone you are regularly interacting acting with is wrong about something it is better to tell them else they will end up making terrible mistakes.

We must begin looking at the world differently, it is not the world that is at fault it is US, all of us.

I lost my sister that's why I am trying to understand myself and the human condition and I can never forgive myself for it but I can do my best to explain how this works and I will continue to do this and continue to reach out to people even though they sometimes won’t reach back. We are all in this together and we all need to start acknowledging each others difficulties a little bit more. It’s all about balance. Sometimes we need to shout and be angry, sometimes we need to cry, if someone in your life is behaving in a way you do not agree with sometimes YOU may need to change the way YOU ARE looking at things rather than just ignoring their feelings and wishing that everyone would do things your way.

We’re all right at times and we’re all wrong but ultimately if we can see that for what it is, we’ll all be alright. BIG SMILE!

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