Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Someone has to say it.

Our collective apathy is pretty abhorrent. We wait until people die before we start doing something about situations that have always been threatening. About a month ago we were doing bucket collections for the SOS Bus and we were in The Taphouse. I got talking with a guy who I would have estimated to be in his early twenties, it was the very night that the body of Joby Murphy was found. For those who are unaware Joby fell in the river on the night of the Snowpatrol concert and his body remained in the river for a month before being found.

So this young man has a handful of change and he’s asking me about what we do before putting it into the bucket. He starts saying “Will this buy a life preserver?” and then he goes into details that I was already aware of about how a security guard had ran a long distance to fetch a life preserver when Joby fell into the river. To my mind there should have already been enough of them there. I keep telling him about what we do and I have to also tell him honestly that we are not personally responsible for buying life preservers as we have other tasks and it’s the responsibility of the council to do that sort of thing.

I could not get how he was going on about this out of my head for days afterwards and it is just one example of our not doing anything until it’s too late. Then on the news it says that Snowpatrol are donating £10000 to buy sonar equipment which would have located Jobys body earlier. This is admirable but that equipment should already have been there. Why do people have to die before we start doing something? The Odyssey is a venue right beside a river where arguably tens of thousands of young people drink very heavily every weekend. Here is a sum for you Very drunk person + River = ? it doesn’t take a mastermind to work this out it was only a matter of time before there was a tragedy down there.

Now this thing has happened with Dee and everyone is organising marches about knife crime, I am not knocking the sentiment but when the fuss dies down everyone will go back to their respective lives and their overly selfish behaviour until someone else gets murdered and they’ll all be out again saying how terrible it is.


We need to work out what people would potentially need and give it to them BEFORE SOMEONE DIES. The Government don’t care, they shut the A+E at The City Hospital and it was in exactly the right place. If the people in charge don’t care that means it is up to US. Yes YOU get up and do something for your city instead of entertaining yourself all the time. If you have any decency left you will find a way to rebuild a community in this city because all it is a Capitalist shrine and we are going to continue having to bury young fit people who never get to reach their full potential because they would rather poison themselves every weekend to line the pockets of a bunch of people who are making a fortune from our misery. Wise up people and stop being so Selfish.

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