Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Norway Spree Shooter on trial.

Anders Breivik is being tried at the moment in Norway for murdering 77 people last year. Word has it that he is a right wing supremacist. What tends to happen in cases such as this is that everyone watching latches onto the fact that he has extreme political views and they lose sight of the human element. In effect they buy into the good and evil conundrum and so the individuals political views become the reason for what happened but this is not the case because this shooting spree should be taken in a wider context.

All shooting sprees are the same. It doesn’t matter what country they’re in or why the shooter is supposed to have done it. A person or persons with access to guns loses the plot and takes their anger out on the big bad world, that’s the truth of shooting sprees, be it premeditated or a snap, the essence is the same. People are not machines they are emotional and sometimes our emotions can get out of control. If a person begins thinking in an extreme fashion and they happen to have a load of guns or indeed if they even have access to guns it’s not going to end well.

The American model of how a society is supposed to “protect” itself is nothing other than paranoia because if the guns were not so readily available there would in fact be no threat, it is actually the availability of guns which is the main issue here and not why anyone goes on a shooting spree. Why something happens doesn’t matter, why is just our way of explaining things, why the last shooting spree happened never stops the next one from happening so we really should be looking at the mechanics of humanity rather than politics or the persons background. At the bottom of the page I have pasted in a compiled list of rampage killers, people who go on shooting sprees and it is surprising the types of people who do this sort of thing. As always there is a certain amount of generalising that can be done but the fact remains that if guns were better controlled and regulated this type of thing could be avoided.

Some questions may never be answered. Human beings are prone to acts of violence, fact. What we do in order to try and better understand how violence works is profiling. We find similarities in the types of people who commit violence as a kind of yard stick to try figure out how and why they do it. The reality however is much more chilling. All types of people go on sprees and as I have already said, it is the fact that guns are available that is the problem here. If the person didn’t have access to guns before these acts were carried out they simply wouldn’t have murdered on the same scale that they did.

If you have ever felt in a twinge of anger you will know how ingratiating it can be. Anger is an immediate fix. When we lash out it often feels good and when something happens which makes us angry we feel that need to be nasty to others or even use violence in some cases, we have all felt it at sometime but thankfully for most of us we don’t go to those extremes. Anger is an emotional response and it is a very human thing. If you have not studied the human time line you really should. The Timeline shows very clearly how human beings developed. We really have not changed in tens of thousands of years we have the same emotions and instincts as we had back then. The main changes that have happened are that we have gotten better at making things and continual population explosions have meant that there are a lot more of us than there were. People however think there have been changes and this is due largely to the fact that since our societies have become more affluent you have larger numbers of people living in much, much better conditions what this does is give those people a false sense that everything is fine due to singular thinking and our built in need to feel safe we tell ourselves lies about how the world really is. A quick check of the news on a daily basis will tell you that clearly everything is not fine and a quick check of the historical record will tell you it never has been!

If you’re of a nervous disposition don’t read the list below because it is shocking that behind every number is a life. Breivik will be found guilty of that there is no doubt but there will be another shooting spree soon enough and they will continue to happen because people are just too paranoid and too unwilling to face the very nature of themselves. People will always look outside of themselves for a way to make the bad feelings go away, thankfully for most of us the people around us do not have access to firearms and so they will never be able to commit acts such as Breivik has.


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