Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cartography and Easter Island.

I think cartography is fascinating but looking at it in detail throws up an interesting fact which kind of typifies human behaviour and shows how we were and still are literally outside ourselves. The earliest known maps that humankind made were not focused on the Earth. You would have thought that with such a development we would have begun by mapping our immediate surroundings, not so, the earliest known maps are of the heavens. As ever our fascination is with the unknown. Why can we not just stick to what we know? Even better why can we not actually go further and truly understand that which we think we know!

It does not take a genius to work out that humans have forever been fascinated with matters which they cannot control and unfortunately we focus so hard on these “outside” matters that we often forsake more immediate issues. Think about that. Think about the very concept of the first maps not being of the land and waters around us. It is as though those very early people were saying “We already know this Earth so well why should we map it?”

This complacency is going to be our downfall I fear as it continues right up to the modern age. We know more about the sky than we do about under the sea but as ever I think most people never consider this to be something out of the ordinary. Indeed for many people nowadays the nearest they get to “Studying” is checking which Horses or Football teams they’ll pick at the weekend. I think it is a travesty when you look at how much apathy there is in the people who are in control that all those who bad mouth the Government and cause untold chaos with civil unrest wouldn’t go and stick there heads in a books for a few years and come out with a much more balanced and informed view of the world which would help them to make positive change a reality. I don’t blame them of course, I know about anger and how easy it can be to succumb to it.

I have been formulating for sometime ways in which to explain the contrasts between individualism and the collective and in so doing it is glaringly obvious that people think they “have arrived”! We believe that we are beyond the reach of the very processes by which we “got here” and think that because we are top of the food chain that we are beyond reproach, not so, we have not arrived anywhere we are and always will be in a constant state of flux.

I am constantly writing these pieces, I don’t know if they’re essays or what they are, I am just looking and making sense of this world and everything therein! So I started this one at the end of last week about Cartography and then I see the news today. The “Heads” on Easter Island are not just heads! There is a prime example of us looking at something and believing it to be a certain way. You really have to think about the psychology behind the way we think, it is not just that we made a mistake, it’s that we are constantly making those same mistakes. Our thinking processes are flawed, we make far too many assumptions. I mean the heads on Easter Island eh? That’s been a no brainer for thousands of years hasn’t it? When you use that as an example think for a moment about how warped our whole view of just about everything could actually be, I mean we have a supposed order for how everything happened and when but with the advent of this new information on Easter Island maybe our whole History is a farce! (I have believed it to be for some time.) Who knows? So yeah Cartography what a subject and while we’re on that subject maybe the world really is flat! ;)

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