Friday, 11 May 2012

Unemployed Scumbags take drugs and drink!

I have become very aware of how certain people think. I have witnessed many, many individuals this last few years in particular who have completely unrealistic concepts of how this world works. These people are decent and well-meaning but their views on others really do end up adding to a terrible stigma in already bad, bad situations within areas of our society were whole communities could really do with some positive input and encouragement rather than this society wide witch hunting.

Up to the end of April 2012 the unemployment figures were at 2.67 Million and if you didn’t already know the population of the UK is just over 62 Million. I was listening to a couple of people a few nights ago, caring, decent, working people and they were talking about the unemployed but they were talking about the unemployed as though the unemployed were one person rather than 2.67 million people. There was an awful lot of talking down going on. “Why should we work while they sit on their arses!” one man said. Now I know a little bit about human nature and when someone says something like this it is very important to listen to their tone and watch their mannerisms as they do it. We were in a room, about ten of us while this was being said and I got the distinct impression that he wasn’t talking about the unemployed, it seemed to me he was saying “Look at me I am brilliant, I have a job, I pull my weight!”

2.67 Million people who don’t work for how many reasons? I mean from that number you would probably have tens of thousands of reasons. I don’t care who you are or what you do but you really don’t have the right to talk about 2.67 million people as though you know exactly why they’re all not working in the first place. This sort of sweeping judgement is the same as racism or sexism. People who say this type of thing really should do a little bit of sociological research and while they’re at it add some common sense to their stuttering arguments.

Think about this. 2.67 million people are unemployed, now do you think a situation is going to arise were all of those individuals are going to get work at the same time! Come on people have a bit of common sense here. I have heard many other people talk about scumbags. I still have to find out exactly what a scumbag is but I have no doubt they’re unemployed and when people talk about them they say “They’re just lazy.” “They’re making excuses.” “Why should I work and they drink all day?” My issue here is not that some people abuse the state, my issue is that these people are talking about this kind of “ghost community”. You cannot talk about hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of people like they are one person, it just does not make any sense. And I am certain that during their day they probably meet people who they consider to be scumbags and they probably treat these people with contempt or worse. These people are human beings. Our society is not perfect. You cannot and will NEVER have a situation were everyone has employment, it is unrealistic.

As for Alcohol and drugs. Alcohol is addictive, drugs are addictive, it is not a case of you eat a strawberry and don’t like the taste so you don’t eat it again, THEY ARE ADDICTIVE, you know MOREISH! Many people in whole communities have grown up in a situation which was there generations before they were born. Negativity begets negativity and cycles of thinking and behaviour can become “normal” even though the people know it’s wrong they cannot escape because they don’t know how to break the cycle. Education is only a tool for people to get better jobs, we are not being educated about the hierarchy of needs and how humans work on a psychological level.

Please, please, please… Before you make a statement about Millions of people can you do two things? Open your mind and go and read a few books. THESE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN BEINGS and they deserve to be treated accordingly.

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