Friday, 25 May 2012

Violence over Words!

Violence over Words!

There has been violence in the Ukrainian Parliament as ministers voted on the passing of a bill which will allow Russian to be spoken in Russian speaking parts of the country. Interesting they would use fists to settle a row about words! I have been thinking about this type of thing recently and for some time and have come to some conclusions which are both rational and common sense.

Languages change, that is the nature of language. The further away a language gets from it’s primary region of influence the more it will develop. A big part of this is simply because people use it differently the further it travels. A modern example is English. Look at how English has developed due to it’s widespread use. Australians, Americans, Canadians and New Zealanders all have distinct versions of English and those are only a few common examples. Patois is a brilliant one to look at also, it is a language/dialect which is Jamaican in origin. When the slaves were brought over from Africa they developed a type of speaking which is a mix of English, the African languages their ancestors spoke and new slang terms, it is widely used in Jamaica and in Jamaican communities world wide. This is what language does, it changes.

Latin is a dying language and yet all the Languages in Europe aside from some of the Slavic ones and Gaelic developed over time from Latin. In 100 years there probably will be no hint of Latin and people may only know about from books, maybe.

The issue these Ukrainians have is not language itself it is change, people do not like change. Think about this. What is language for? It is to communicate isn’t it? That’s its primary function. So does it matter in what language I communicate? I am not knocking peoples National pride here but if you become aware of how language works and the fact that it’s going to change anyway why not just “Chill Winston!?”

Nationality just like language will change. Lets look at the Celts. Who are the Celts? In Historical terms a “race” of people were once called that but do you realise that those people never actually called themselves Celts? The name was given to them in modern times by Historians so they could categorise them to a certain part of History. It’s just a name and language is just words. Yes I am a poet and I did say that “LANGUAGE IS JUST WORDS” the words themselves are not primarily the important thing the important thing is what they are saying and how people can use them to express their emotions and better understand one another.

Nationality and Religion are also subject to change as you go back through History the number of Religions and different Nationalities get fewer there have been constant population explosions right up until the present and in most cases people use Nationality and Religion to form identities for themselves to try and exert power over themselves and their “tribe” by instilling a sense of pride. Pride is being misused though because it seems that as with all in human life we lose our balance and sense of perspective and begin going completely over the top with patriotism.

Look at Britain and Ireland right now and indeed Europe. None of us know what we are we’re all just a bunch of genetic mongrels many of whom are struggling so hard to hold onto identities which are destined to fade that we end up with War and violence as our only answers. It doesn’t matter what Nationality you are or what language you speak what matters is that we understand one another. If someone else wishes to have pride to the point that it makes a mockery of their humanity, that’s their beef, not yours. The reason why we have so much conflict is because rather than just giving in and realising that none of this will last forever we struggle to maintain a type of eternal nostalgia because we like things a certain way and don’t want the others (who ever they are) to take it away from us.

Get over it people, Ukrainians included. We’re all human and we should all grow up because this current level of Childishness is making life difficult for everyone to the point that it’s killing people. Nothing remains, the Universe has rules and though we believe ourselves to be divine and completely in control, we’re not. The Universe still has us firmly under its principles.

SO if someone comes along using a language which you cannot understand try to understand and hopefully they’ll also try, emotions are Universal, use hand signals, just don’t go using fisted hand signals like them crazy Ukrainians! Alrighty! :)

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