Saturday, 9 June 2012

Big Arses

Big Bottoms are back!

Oh they’re back all right, right at the back. Are these people serious? Big hoops are now a fashion accessory. So if it wasn’t written into your genetic code to have a shapely posterior here’s how to get one!

What is wrong with these people? Are women actually going to follow this nonsense? I hope not.

Notice in the URL that this guff is passed off as Health. How big your arse is depends on many factors, mostly hereditary, you're not going to grow a new arse by squatting about in front of a mirror like an idiot and all that exercise is not going to render you the new Jennifer Lopez.

I remember being laughed at many years ago when I was saying that all this image consciousness could cause suicides. I was off course jumping right to the extreme but there is truth in it. This idolising of human beings which is taking place in celebrity culture is bad for peoples self-esteem. It is difficult enough for young women trying to balance careers, having children and putting up with us arseholes without having this nonsense being passed off as health. This shit makes people feel they are not good enough and I don't doubt there will be Zumba styled classes for 'personal trainer' types to make a few quid doing classes where a rounded backside is the end result. This is all for MONEY. Creams that make you age slower and make up that makes you beautiful DOESN'T WORK. THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST OUT TO EXPLOIT YOUR NAIVE NATURE TO MAKE MONEY. MONEY!

If you don’t have a big arse it doesn’t mean anything. Just because massive derrieres are back in fashion it doesn’t mean that all men (or certain persuasions of women!) are instantly attracted to them. It would probably do you more good to work on your interpersonal skills and maybe be nicer to people than to be wishing you looked like yer woman Kardashian, sure what sort of a role model is she anyway, granted she’s a fine looking woman but she’s not to good when it comes to longevity is she now?

I would like to see a line up of ‘mug shots’ of the arses of the ones who are writing this tripe, holes on them like cabbages I’ll bet

Ladies this shit is bad for you, don’t buy into it, you’re all beautiful in your own way, be yourself you’ll be loved and appreciated for that above all else. :)

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