Friday, 6 July 2012

Asamoah Gyan money grabber?

You walk into work on a wet English Monday morning and your boss says she needs to speak to you urgently. When you get to the office she says that you are needed to work in a subsidiary company on the other side of the world, in very hot and well to do country.

She says you will be given a place to live and all arrangements for you and your family will be made for a smooth transitional move. Your wages will triple and she needs you to make a decision in the next 24 hours to seal the move.

Are you going to say no? Seriously? Wake up you idiots. Asamoah Gyan had been offered a deal which he cannot refuse. Would you rather live in a hot middle eastern country or the North East of England?

Football is about money. Everything in our society is about money. Would you take more money to go and work for another company if it were offered to you. I think that in 99% of cases the answer would be YES.

Nuff said.

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