Saturday, 11 August 2012

Intolerant people are uneducated.

The thing that gets me most about intolerant people is the completely misplaced sense of the world they need to have to ‘understand’ in order to view things the way they do. It is not only the misconceptions they are so readily conceiving which makes their arguments so null and void, even worse than that is the very basic common sense they have to completely overlook to arrive at their archaic points of view.

A debate with an intolerant person normally ends with them getting angry or the really clever ones just repeat the same point over and over again. In many cases their theories have not been thought out they have no doubt been spat out through a hundred or so sets of bitter teeth before they arrive in the mouth of the latest doctor of hatred who you happen to be speaking with.

They know nothing about psychology or sociology and these two subjects need to be studied and understood very well before you will be able to discuss any matters involving the interaction of large groups of people. History is another one. Intolerant indiviuals do not study History because a brief look therein would show them clearly that it was just as wrong in the past as it is today. They quote History but they don’t study it, they quote only the vitriol that they believe holds up their draconian arguments.

Westerners who talk about Non-Western foreigners in a derogatory way are forgetting two key things.

1. The Western way of life is a completely bastardised version of living which is not even close to perfect.

2. It is impossible to accurately judge groups of people numbering in the hundreds of thousands or millions (or even billions) on stories about or the actions of a handful (or hundreds) of individuals.

The overriding feeling I get from intolerant people is not that they actually have any real hate in them it is more that they are very insecure about their own identities and the myths they are spewing are a way for them to attempt to feel better about themselves. If you know about how people work you will recognise these traits, it is overcompensating with no foundation in a the real world or real versions of events. The first thing a person must do to look down on others is to consider themselves to be pretty much perfect. One major problem with the modern age is the fact that just about everyone you speak to thinks they’re right in just about everything they talk about. Of course it makes perfect sense that everyone cannot be right, especially in this capitalist free-for-all, moreover people would rather pretend that they are right than actually address many of the social issues which arise around hatred and intolerance because admitting you are wrong is failure isn't it? Think of how being affluent actually makes people think, it is, in effect like having a society of children who just want their own way all the time. Affluence is basically being spoilt, collectively.

Growing up in Northern Ireland you witness this kind of thing both communities believe the other community is more bitter than they are and to reinforce this I have so often heard someone say that they had a ‘friend’ from the other community who agreed with them. Think about that! They have a friend who is part of the community that they are saying is bitter, does that make any sense?

I could write a book about intolerance, in fact I think I may already have started such is the volume of thinking and structuring on issues such as this.

If you are intolerant consider this. Do you think people choose the skin they are born into or the groups they are born into? Cultures, Religions and Nation states are very old and in some cases ancient and since change is slow you cannot override generations because ‘YOU’ don’t agree with something or other. If you want to help your own tribe get off your arse and go out and volunteer to do some work with old people from your community or some other needy group who have the same genetic code as yourself instead of sitting around talking about shit that you don’t know anything about.

Always remember this “If we had found a right way we would not be dealing with a world that is so confused as this, so fused to the unenthused, abused truths.”

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