Sunday, 5 August 2012

Missing Girl VersusThe Olympics.

A young girl of 12 years is missing in Croyden, England having not come home from a visit to her Grandmothers and then shops on Friday afternoon. She has never gone missing like this before so because it is completely out of character her family are very understandably worried about her, and to be honest I am a little bit worried about her as well. :(

I first seen this as an article on MSN which I clicked and read. A few hours later I was on the BBC News website and I went looking to see if there had been any developments and I couldn’t find the story about Tia. I am well aware that I could easily have typed in her name and got the story but I had figured I would find it among the headlines but it wasn’t there.

By this time it was getting into Sunday evening and I kept looking. I clicked on the ‘England’ section of the news and still couldn’t find it. I went and googled it and found out she was still missing but I was slowly becoming more and more incensed with the BBC website for this severe lack of compassion.

Later, about 15 minutes ago, just before I started writing this I eventually found the BBC’s version of the story about Tia it was the 23rd clickable item on the BBC page which as you can imagine was focused very heavily on people who can run fast and hit balls and cycle and all sorts of what I will call (without any fear of being anything other than truthful) ‘Nonsense’.

If you check in the next few hours you may see the page just as I found it.

I think it is disgusting that a child is missing, who knows what has happened to her and the world is merrily dancing because people are committing extremely superficial acts in the name of patriotism.

Whole counties should be coming to a complete stand still to search for Tia but she’s obviously not as important as The Olympics now is she?

Very sad world we live in.

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