Thursday, 16 August 2012


I will never forget watching the FA cup final back in ‘99, in The Goodyear sports and social club. At least I think it was ‘99, I could check but I’ll leave my intuition alone on this. Yes The Goodyear sports and Social club. The Goodyear factory may have long since left the Craigavon area but it still has a sports and social club there. If you’re a proper Craigavonite you will have been there many times for all types of functions.

Arsenal were 1 nil up but Liverpool ended up scoring two, I am sure Owen got both of them and Liverpool won it 2-1. I was dancing on the tables partly due to the Guinness but also due to my Anti-Arsenal fetish, I had on my Spurs shirt.

The whole RVP transfer saga had me thinking about this. I am not a Utd fan but I love Utd, always have. While Tottenham were involved in relegation dog fights the one glimmer of hope we had was that Utd would, in most cases, win the title and stop it going up the wrong end of North London. This is a clear indicator of the power of tribalism, the team that beats my enemy is always seen a positive light. If ever Tottenham fans would lambaste Utd, for any reason, I would tell them to wise up.

I was in the bogs that day and Liverpool fan started slobbering at me about why I was so happy. I didn’t understand this, it was obvious why I was so happy was it not?! He didn’t get it, and was at pains to point out that I had on a Tottenham shirt which I thought pretty clearly explained the whole situation! So for whatever reason maybe with Football as with so much else, I am a bit of an extreme fucker who always gives that bit extra, be it good, bad or indifferent I tend to go the whole hog.

So Van Persie signs for Utd eh? It’s going to be an interesting season! :)

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