Thursday, 16 August 2012

Slam Preparations?

I am having a very strange recurring dream which is having real world connotations and connections. I have had this dream nearly exactly the same on at least two occasions and I have vague feeling it has happened another couple of times as well.It seems I am away somewhere in the dream, a trip or holiday of sorts, although the place and the people I am with are not defined.

This guy keeps turning up while I am just sitting around and he keeps telling me about a Slam which is going to be taking place and I spend the rest of my time, in the dream, preparing poems for this slam.I have these pieces of paper which have been ripped out of the back page of some vague publication, a magazine of sorts and on them are the poems I am then revising for the Slam. The strange thing is that the man who seems to be the Slam organiser is telling me where the Slam is and that it has a two minute limit, I have only ever worked to three minute limits previously in real world Slams.

Here’s the freaky part. The poems I am revising are real poems. They are ’Smell yer Ma’ and ’You can’t fucking kill me’. For those in the know ’Smell yer Ma’ has been one I have struggled with, it lost me a place in the 2010 All Ireland Final because I was unable to get it in time, I went just over the three minute mark and Colin Hassard won to represent Belfast in the Final in Dublin that year. This piece could not be taken down to two minutes, indeed I still have difficulty making it in three.The other poem ‘You can’t fucking kill me’ was initially made a bit longer and was coming in at about 2 minutes 10 seconds. In the dream I was taking it down and was getting it to come in at about one minute 57 seconds.

The really fucked up thing is that I have actually amended this poem in my dream, for real. I have looked at it and made the amendments that I had made in the dream and they work, it’s coming in at exactly one minute 57 seconds.

What does it mean? I have no idea but I do know that I am revising poems in my sleep and I am pretty happy with that to be honest! :

)All I need now is for someone to point me in the direction of a Slam with a two minute limit!

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