Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Are we making progress?

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There’s always that moment when you’re looking seriously at human matters when you have to consider whether what you’re saying is simply your own stuttered opinion or a genuine observation. Indeed what is the difference between an observation and an opinion? I’ll get back to you on that one!

I have become very aware that many of us think we are actually much further advanced than we really are. There is a clear distinction between advancement in terms of technological breakthroughs and actual change, I really hate to be the purveyor of bad news but the reality is very stark, Humans have not changed very much in the last 70-100 thousand years. Our instincts and emotions are much the same as they have always been. No one likes it when I say this and part of the reason for that is because we like to think we have changed, it’s like holding out for hope but there is also a very stark difference between what is and what people say there is.

Lets look at War for example. War is a very misunderstood aspect of humanity, I say misunderstood because War can look very, very different depending upon how you look at it. The fact of the matter when you boil everything down to the lowest common denominators though is that War is a very simple interaction between two or more groups of people.

War requires there to be at least two sides who take opposing opinions on a particular subject. You can not however understand War once you have taken a side because you will not see the technicalities anymore, all you will be able to see is one sides viewpoint but this is not War entire, each viewpoint is but an aspect of the whole. I have become very aware of people in our society who do not consider themselves to be warlike but who inadvertently support war, ie… Tax payers or charity fundraisers. Indeed I have meet Christians who support War, well they support the troops who go to War in a charitable sense, you may see that as a technicality but again I will keep coming back to the actualities of things and support is support in all its guises. If the Government to whom you pay tax has sent it’s troops to War then you’re at War I am afraid. Unemployed people can get out of this by saying that they don’t pay tax because they do pay tax, if you spend money then you pay tax. People don’t like it when I tell them this, probably because they feel a bit guilty about the truth.

So War… What is it? It is two or more groups who reach an impasse and resort to using violent means to solve said impasse. When you go back into the very beginnings of human history you’ll find War. Small bands or tribes of humans began fighting with one another for resources. Nowadays what is War? The basic premise is the same, fighting for resources. Land is a resource, oil is a resource, even people could be considered resources, nothing has changed it is just carried out now on a much bigger scale than before. So in terms of this example, there has not been any development at all, NONE!

Because we are affluent and we have better medicine and ways of life people consider that to be change but it isn’t like this everywhere, in fact for most of the world poverty and a lack of basic necessities are the reality. What can I do? Is the usual response to my facing these facts so abruptly but I am not in the business of telling people what to do all I can do is highlight the reality and hope that some people see how my permutations work.

I hope you can see from the example I have given how something can be seen so differently depending on how you look at it. Similarly advancements in human History are often made to appear more important than they actually are because people want to believe they are doing so well that they ‘pretend’ things are better than they are.

I have included a list of human advancements, a top ten, and it is very surprising how little advancement has been made in the last 1000 years. I am not going to talk directly about said list I would urge anyone interested to visit the link and judge for themselves. We are not making very much progress, I know why this is, do you?


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