Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leave Joey Barton alone.

It really doesn’t surprise me that Joey Barton is so fucking angry a lot of the time.  Not only is he generations deep in pure working classiness, I mean that’s not an excuse for angry behaviour, it’s just the way it is for so many people and no matter how whoever chooses to mock them always remember that those doing the mocking are often just trying to make themselves look better. FACT.

Something which is also very important is the fact that he is a FOOTBALLER.  Football is a very divisive game.  It is a game around which millions of people, many of whom know FUCK ALL about the people or the game itself, vent their meaningless opinions because they really have nothing else to say.  Pubs are full of these people up and down the countries who don’t have much going on in their lives and so they become armchair experts on something which they have latched onto and which many pertain to live for. Pertain to.

This is a really good example of our modern day witch hunts, conducted via social media just because so, so many people are desperately unhappy and unfulfilled.  They don’t know this of course, as far as their concerned they know exactly what they’re talking about and they take it for granted that they’re 100% in the right.

Joey Barton is now playing in France.  For those who know about his Football career you’ll know it has been tumultuous to say the least.  SO he does a press conference and puts on a French accent.  Everyone immediately begins calling him a prick!  Why?  The guy is just trying to get his point across in the best way possible.  His Scouse accent is really thick and it would be difficult for the more linguistically refined French to understand him if he used it so he has adapted it.  Have you ever heard the saying “When in Rome?”  Well “When in Marseille Joey?”


Leave the guy the fuck alone.  If a person is constantly picked on and harassed (even if you think they deserve it) don’t go being surprised that they’re angry and at odds with the world al the time.  How would you feel if you millions of people thought you were a cunt?  It would make you slightly self-conscious would it not?

He’s just trying to fit in.  Leave him the fuck alone.   

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fear of Death...

It’ll harden him/It’ll harden her!

For years I have been saying this.  When someone says, so and so has died, I say It’ll harden him or it’ll harden her and then I say Rigor mortis.  When I say it I always mean that it will harden the person because of Rigor Mortis but everyone thinks I am trying to make fun of dead people, I am not, I am just explaining that Rigor Mortis is what happens next!  I have said this on fuck knows how many occasions and the reactions are always ones of disgust.  I have been waiting years for someone to laugh hysterically as I did when I first said this to myself back in my late teens although it could have been the Cannabis and Special Brew on that occasion!

Death is a strange one and we don’t deal with it very well.  Say I found out the name of a person who died in like Ballynahinch and I made jokes on Facebook about them dying.  If someone who knew them found out there would be serious consequences I think so why is it ok to mock dead celebrities?  I mean are they not human?  Do their families not have feelings?

What is it about dying celebrities that makes people want to mock them?  I think it may be fear.  Most of us are afraid of death so that could it explain it.  It’s kind of like a very childish “na na na na na I am alive and you’re not!”

Our reaction to death is fascinating and the myriad of ways that people cope and sometimes don’t cope with it are equally so.

It’s not hat big of a deal really because it’ll harden us all in the end anyway.


Thursday, 15 November 2012

A more detailed look at intolerance

I used to hate Racism.  I don’t anymore because I understand it now.  I can see clearly that the conditions for Racism to flourish are very prevalent in our world and due to this I can no longer be so irrational about it.  Put simply it would not make any sense for me to go hating people who are actually victims of the world they live in. 

I know exactly how that sounds, it’s like I am excusing them isn’t it?  I am not excusing anything and to be honest if I witnessed Racism I would crack, I have before.  So what exactly am I saying here? I mean it all comes down to either or doesn’t it?  No it doesn’t, nothing is black and white, excuse the pun given the subject matter and context!  Think about how we view the world. When we look at any particular subject there is an automatic tendency to either support or oppose it, this principle is almost universal.  People are very quick to support or oppose things, too quick, often when sides are being taken there has not been a lot of thought about the matters at hand and they also often take sides without knowing a lot about the subjects being discussed. 

Racism is in its essence very negative and when you begin to look at and understand the principles surrounding negativity you will start seeing that when people act negatively towards a negative force all they are doing is perpetrating it.  No matter how much they justify it and no matter how well they mean, attacking something negative is nothing more than a reflection of it and therefore no good whatsoever can come from this counter action for it will only serve to eventually create more negativity.  When I began seeing these principles in action I started noticing them everywhere in our world and when I got speaking to people involved and also reviewed my own negative past it became obvious that people become so lost and embroiled in the acts themselves that being positive could not work in many cases, it is almost like putting two opposing magnets together, they repel one another.  People in a negative state of mind cannot see things any other way, unless they take steps to address the issues at hand and that process can take years.    

I see things very, very differently recently.  For the last three years, especially, I have been studying intensely and nothing will ever look the same again.  The main difference in my thinking has been the ability to take matters down to their lowest common denominators and see them from the point of view of the principles involved to do this a firm grasp of subjectivity and less reliance on emotion is essential.  When looking at matters such as Racism or any intolerance people use their emotions which only serves to distort the subject.  A heavy reliance on emotion often makes people completely overlook important issues surrounding context and can cause them to see things singularly.

For an example of this lets say that a person loses a close family member during the troubles in Northern Ireland.  Obviously they’re going to feel terrible so they begin harbouring hatred for the Terrorist organisation that carried out the murder.  Over time they begin to believe the community that the terrorists come from are sympathising with the terrorists so they now have anger towards a whole group of people, most of whom are innocent.  The circles they are mixing in have many people with similar views and they themselves end up becoming part of a terrorist organisation and carrying out acts of the same nature as that which happened to them.  The do not believe they are at fault because they have simply followed a natural succession of paths and conclusions.  The reason why people end up taking routes such as this is because of two things:

1.  They have no concept of how their own instincts are controlling them.

2.  They have a lack of empathy to be able to see that other people feel the same way they do and so will behave in a similar way given a similar set of circumstances.  

Note the very natural tendency toward negativity in the example, this is how it works in the real world.  If a person is wronged and they begin to feel like they are being victimised or treated unfairly all the subsequent paths they take will be of a negative nature and unless they take steps to address their anger and other emotional issues, they will simply become that which they despise.  Negativity begets negativity, so it is very clear that people involved in such scenarios who do not have a good knowledge of themselves or of the emotional principles guiding humanity will simply end up following equally negative mindsets as those which have started the chain of events which occurred.

If you study History you will see this happening over and over again, everywhere in the world with all types of people in spite of race, creed, politics etc These principles are Universal and none of us can escape that, it is FACT.

Racism and Sectarianism are virtually indistinguishable the difference obviously being that one is on race terms and the other on religious grounds.  The reason why I can see things how I do is because I have looked very closely at how and why people end up behaving in a certain way and I believe this is absolutely essential if we are to understand how these people come to have such extreme views.  It is fine to say that certain behaviours are wrong but simply doing so does not address the fact that human beings keep ending up with extreme views, we really need to start looking at how this is happening rather than trying to find ways to punish people for what they have done wrong there needs to be some open mindedness as to how it is occurring, generation after generation.

Rather than just categorising people the basics of psychology need to be taken into consideration to widen and better understand the principles and reasons for exactly how this keeps happening.  The reason why we keep making the same mistakes is because we’re constantly allowing our base instincts and emotions to lead our thinking instead of relying on rational and the basics of psychology to better understand one another.

Believing that the world is made up of good people and bad people is a completely outdated mode of thought which is doing nothing except keeping the world just as it is. Circumstance makes people what they are so if the conditions for EVERYONE were better people simply would not be so prone to follow such negative views.

Of course this is just my opinion isn’t it? Actually it is less about this being my opinion and more just about it being common sense.  There is this constant thing that people do which makes serious issues get over looked and that is the blatant overemphasis on WHO is making the statements rather than the truthful and methodical reliance on what is being said.  Peoples views are frequently ignored because of the personality of the individual and the very suspicious nature of how we look at one another in the modern age.

This is not about me, it’s about humanity.  I know many people think that the only way to defeat Racism is to oppose it but as I have outlined earlier all that is doing is feeding it, once you give credence to something like intolerance you are recognising it and that makes it relevant and it gives strength to those who support it.  The stronger your opposition the more energy you are giving to it and more importantly the more negative you will eventually become.  Doing the wrong thing for the right reasons is still, ultimately, doing the wrong thing.

The anti capitalist protests for instance.  The whole thing begins as a march about injustice and ends up in a riot.  Many of those rioting are of the opinion that they are doing something worthwhile as they smash up buses which are then obviously taken out of service.  So a group of people try to do something for the good of the community and they end up taking key services away from that community.  Does this make any sense?  Why does this happen?  It happens because the people go out being angry at something and so they allow their emotions to get out of control and end destroying the hopes of the very people they are supposed to be defending.

Although the views of two groups who oppose each other may be very different the manner in which they act can often be very similar because the psychological patterns required to be part of a group are universal.  You will often hear intolerant people who are defending their groups actions speaking as though they are themselves victims, indeed they may feel hard done by but a lot of this is just their perception.  People who feel like victims can often be very paranoid and so they will see injustice where none exists so the more you try to present them with positive alternatives the more suspicious they become.

The situation in Northern Ireland at present appears to be pretty good in terms of Sectarianism but the conditions for widespread intolerance still exist among the young folk here.  Just last week while I was on SOS duty a group of young catholic girls whose friend was very drunk couldn’t get a taxi home.  Now the reason why is because in Belfast city centre from about 1:30 am until about 3 am it is virtually impossible to get a taxi because absolutely everyone is phoning taxis and they’re flat out busy.  They told me that taxi drivers wouldn’t take them because they were Catholics.  We got them sorted eventually but an interesting thing happened about twenty minutes later the team leader came to me and said “Remember them young girls who couldn’t get a taxi because they were Catholics?” and I was like “Yeah!” he said “I just spoke to three young ones who couldn’t get a taxi because they were Protestants!”  So even almost a generation into supposed peace the young people are still growing up with this perception of sides, a perception that they are being singled out and treated unfairly because of where they come from and what they are.    

The reason why that the facts surrounding intolerance and therefore the reasons for it are overlooked is because those who are opposing it look at it in such a point blank way, ie it’s wrong and that’s that.  Opposing something so powerful and prevalent like this means that we never get to look at the ins and outs of it or to take into consideration why perfectly agreeable people can so readily begin to support such extremes.  Knowing how people work psychologically is also very important.  When a person takes a particular point of view they often consider it to be a stand of sorts and since people are very stubborn they can often defend even the most absurd theories just because.  Since very few people actually study the subjects they discuss in detail what you often hear from them are bullet points which are simply regurgitated sentences which they have heard elsewhere.

So I hear people ask do we just allow those who are being intolerant to do so?  To be honest I cannot see that opposing it will do any good.  Like so much else in this harsh world, shit happens and it’s not up to us to change the world, we couldn’t even if we wanted to.  So what then do we do?  Well I believe you have to let go of matters which you cannot control.  If Racist or Sectarian individuals carry out acts of that nature they will have to deal with the consequences but as I have outlined opposing it will only serve to cause the whole thing to get even more out of control and will indeed draw positive right thinking people to end up simply mirroring the actions of those they are supposed to be against.

I believe the only way to do things is to look elsewhere for a place that you do something for the greater good. Ultimately I also believe that reflection is essential and that only by looking at ourselves and overcoming our own emotional difficulties can we hope to spread the idea that anger and aggression only serve to create more anger and aggression.  This world is not going to change quickly, that hope is unrealistic, all we can do is begin with ourselves and allow things to develop from there.    

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Second Term.

I remember Barack Obama being voted in first time around.  The Irish News ran a cartoon style picture of him standing on the plinth of The Statue Of Liberty holding her torch aloft.  What did the world expect back then?  Of course they wanted change, we all want change but if the need for change requires complete delusion, then I am afraid I would rather appear to be a pessimist, APPEAR to be…

People don’t change and yet they want change.  The ideas surrounding change are paradoxical at best.  Instinctively we are afraid of change that is why we always expect other people to either change or to make the changes for us.  We know that our current system is unworkable but we keep supporting it because it is too much to ask us to forego our comforts.  What we really want is our proverbial cake but it is obvious that we’re not going to get that so the only thing we actually ever change is the way we SEE things.

Having someone who looks the part is as good as it gets.  Most people have not looked at the nature of our system in enough detail to realise it cannot and will not EVER help us achieve balance.  What they tend to do is the old singular thinking trick, they look at parts of it and concentrate all their energy there without taking it all in context.  What happens is that we can make things look good enough for long enough to cause there to be a misplaced belief that we’re actually getting somewhere but we keep ending up back at the beginning when it all falls apart.

If you study the political and sociological History of The Western World you will see clear patterns that show what I am saying to be true.  People think belief is enough, it isn’t, not on such a grand scale as this. 

Barack Obama is not going to change the world.  The only way the world will change is if enough of us realise we are deluded and then do something about it.  With so many of us taking no notice whatsoever of History or the lessons that the previous generations have not learned from I cannot see there be any change soon.  As always with humankind there will have to be a major cataclysm before we wake up.

It is a real shame because we are going to keep on using the very humanity which could save us to continue to push ourselves further towards extinction and if you think that is deluded I am afraid you’re under the very spell I have outlined.

It is not the worldly difficulties that must be overcome, it is the very nature of the human condition.  If you believe that one man can achieve this you are not only deluded, you are obviously so far enthralled by the very condition I speak of that you cannot and will not ever know that I am talking about you, that I am talking about us all.

Sunday, 4 November 2012


It has became glaringly obvious to me recently that very, very few people REALLY understand “Tribalism” .

According to Dictionary.com Tribalism means:

1. the customs and beliefs of tribal life and society.

2. strong loyalty to one's own tribe, party, or group.

Tribalism is a base level term which takes more or less everything other ism into consideration but I think the reason why we don’t use that term very much is because of the deliberate singular thinking which we are engaged in. Look at the second part of the meaning especially and ask yourself how many other words that this is also the exact meaning for. Sectarianism and Racism are two very obvious ones. Can you see what I mean? Can you see how the term “Tribalism” is actually just an umbrella for so many other isms?

Even though most people abhor Racism and Sectarianism it must always be remembered that from the point of view of those who are engaged in such thinking they actually believe themselves to be justified in their opinions. So this makes these dangerous patterns of thought nothing more than an opinion doesn’t it? I have been looking at opinions in some detail recently and I have come to the conclusion that some peoples thinking has been twisted so badly by the modern age that they can justify this type of thing. More importantly it seems that having an opinion of any type or “belonging” to a grouping is now transcending the actual opinion or grouping itself, the reasons for it I mean. I have met quite a few people who claim to have BNP sympathies but upon speaking to them at length it became apparent that they were very confused and quite negative and this tends to be why, I believe, they harbour such extreme views. Negativity causes people to take extreme views because the views are often a direct reflection of how they feel.

Sexism though I believe is maybe not as explicitly in the same category because it is not quite as easy to say men are a tribe and women are another tribe but in terms of differentiating between “Types” of people sex is certainly probably a much more socially acceptable division to make. We all make distinctions of a sexual nature, jokingly of course, but many of the difficulties between men and women have come directly from the very ability to make such distinctions. Similarly people who have same sex relationships could not categorically be called a “Tribe” but groups of people in all their guises certainly behave and congregate just as tribes would.

For the last three years I have been looking very closely at the differences and similarities between people, all people, in spite of anything other than the fact that they are human for that is the thing that ties us all together. Sounds very obvious doesn’t it? Well it is surprising how easily that fact is forgotten and how easily we demonise one another for just about every difference we can find. We all do this without realising it about all types of people for all sorts of perceived differences. PERCEIVED differences. Remember that any distinction between people is nothing but a perception and it is often not the actual differences that have the clout, so often the fact that people are in a tight knit little tribe is the reason for their seeing so much in the way of difference and indeed why they foster it. Remember also that most people are followers, they do not have any ideas or theories of their own rather they “align” themselves with the ideas of others and with so much confusion in the modern age the chances that people will end up thinking along the same lines of some crazy grouping or other are much, much higher.

These perceptions that I speak of are actually the main problem we have, that all of humanity has, because we think in a very absolute way and yet there is nothing absolute about the world that we live in. People and moreover groups of people are not either good or bad and yet that is how we see the world. People are dependant upon circumstances. I am not going to delve too deeply into that just now because the various types of circumstances that aeffect peoples behaviour are much, much too complex to discuss. I will say this though, if you are of the mindset that some people are bad and others good you are fostering a very outdated mode of thought which is responsible for just about every ill in the modern age that I can think of. Peoples behaviour is aeffected by circumstances. Even the very worst description of human kind have been twisted that way due to experience and other factors such as genetics, emotions, chemicals, mental disorders etc etc add infinitum! Absolute thinkers would say that even by my acknowledging such a list of circumstances it is a cop out and this very mode of thinking is what stops the truth from being realised because no one wants to support a bad person by excusing their behaviour do they?!

War is also Tribalism, again sounds obvious doesn’t it? Talk to the sides any War scenario though and you’ll find seemingly good explanations as to why they are at War each side will always have their reasons but it is usually the other sides fault. In something so intense and important as War both sides will vie to make observers believe that their cause is the worthy one but behind all the excuses and disguises War is tribalism. The modern age is very confused time and tribalism has become so complicated that you’ll find people undertaking roles in many, many tribes. Think of any grouping as a tribe including innocuous groupings such as Football teams supporters and Churches. Think about how people can be under many different tribes simultaneously. For instance you have those who are religious but they are also patriotic to their Nation so they practice their faith while working and paying tax to support their country. So what happens if their Nation is at War? It says in the bible thou shalt not kill. How do they deal with that? Well since it isn’t them doing the killing they’re ok aren’t they? Well they’re still technically supporting a system which is engaged in killing and this is a prime example of how bad deeds can continue because the people involved are able to pass the buck and often even excuse wholesale murder. It’s all about degrees, if something is far enough away it has nothing to do with them even though their money is paying for the weapons that do the murdering. Many people don’t like me saying this and that is simply because they must actually know about it deep down inside themselves.

Football is intensely tribal. Sport boils the blood and causes testosterone fervour but on a longer term sports supporters end up being psychologically exactly the same as War supporters. They will be hypocritical toward the views of their own “Tribe” and can excuse anger and sometimes even violence for the sake of it. The reason why I began writing this essay was due to sport. I came home Saturday night/Sunday Morning a week ago and read an article on Msn about the Anton Ferdinand saga. For those who don’t know Anton was the Footballer who accused John Terry of racial abuse on the field. Terry was subsequently found not guilty. Personally I don’t have a view on this at all, or rather I wouldn’t be taking sides. I used to despise Racists but having studied the social fabric very deeply I can see how people end up that way, indeed much of the beginning of this essay is an explanation of it. I do not condone Racism but I understand it, I understand how people can end up like it I mean. Weak willed, uneducated individuals end up supporting extremes because they are insecure in their own identity, so much so that the only way they can express it is by hating others.

In terms of Tribalism once you take up an opposing position to any grouping for any reason you are in aeffect creating the very conditions that need to be there for the trouble and difficulty to begin taking place. So in aeffect you have become the very thing that you despise. No matter how much information or proof you can give to show that you are justified makes no difference you are still allowing your emotions to go to the very same place which the group you are opposing are at.

 In the article on Msn I looked down through the comments and found this interesting point of view:
"racism still exists in football because it still exists in society, the same way sectarianism exists in n ireland football (all those ulster flags, no wonder james mcclean wanted to play for rep ireland, prods still haven't figured this out!)

because it still exists in society! Black people of england, continue to expose racism wherever you find it, because I can expose sectarianism in n ireland anytime I want, its dead easy, ask the * "sons of KAI" (Kill All Irish) marching band, see, that easy!"

In general terms I have already spoken about what this individual is saying throughout this article. He is taking about prejudice but he is clearly very prejudiced himself.

People do this all the time and they excuse it with self-righteousness, if the group they are talking about are intolerant then they believe it is alright to be intolerant about said group.

Prejudice is not excusable because no matter how right they are or think they are all they are doing is creating the conditions for tribalism to thrive. When this happens people begin mistreating one another in a social sense and if it gets out of control as it already has on this Island people end up killing each other. Think about this. There is no excuse for it. We’ve been here for 70 000 years for fucks sake, it’s time we started acting our age!