Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fear of Death...

It’ll harden him/It’ll harden her!

For years I have been saying this.  When someone says, so and so has died, I say It’ll harden him or it’ll harden her and then I say Rigor mortis.  When I say it I always mean that it will harden the person because of Rigor Mortis but everyone thinks I am trying to make fun of dead people, I am not, I am just explaining that Rigor Mortis is what happens next!  I have said this on fuck knows how many occasions and the reactions are always ones of disgust.  I have been waiting years for someone to laugh hysterically as I did when I first said this to myself back in my late teens although it could have been the Cannabis and Special Brew on that occasion!

Death is a strange one and we don’t deal with it very well.  Say I found out the name of a person who died in like Ballynahinch and I made jokes on Facebook about them dying.  If someone who knew them found out there would be serious consequences I think so why is it ok to mock dead celebrities?  I mean are they not human?  Do their families not have feelings?

What is it about dying celebrities that makes people want to mock them?  I think it may be fear.  Most of us are afraid of death so that could it explain it.  It’s kind of like a very childish “na na na na na I am alive and you’re not!”

Our reaction to death is fascinating and the myriad of ways that people cope and sometimes don’t cope with it are equally so.

It’s not hat big of a deal really because it’ll harden us all in the end anyway.


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