Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leave Joey Barton alone.

It really doesn’t surprise me that Joey Barton is so fucking angry a lot of the time.  Not only is he generations deep in pure working classiness, I mean that’s not an excuse for angry behaviour, it’s just the way it is for so many people and no matter how whoever chooses to mock them always remember that those doing the mocking are often just trying to make themselves look better. FACT.

Something which is also very important is the fact that he is a FOOTBALLER.  Football is a very divisive game.  It is a game around which millions of people, many of whom know FUCK ALL about the people or the game itself, vent their meaningless opinions because they really have nothing else to say.  Pubs are full of these people up and down the countries who don’t have much going on in their lives and so they become armchair experts on something which they have latched onto and which many pertain to live for. Pertain to.

This is a really good example of our modern day witch hunts, conducted via social media just because so, so many people are desperately unhappy and unfulfilled.  They don’t know this of course, as far as their concerned they know exactly what they’re talking about and they take it for granted that they’re 100% in the right.

Joey Barton is now playing in France.  For those who know about his Football career you’ll know it has been tumultuous to say the least.  SO he does a press conference and puts on a French accent.  Everyone immediately begins calling him a prick!  Why?  The guy is just trying to get his point across in the best way possible.  His Scouse accent is really thick and it would be difficult for the more linguistically refined French to understand him if he used it so he has adapted it.  Have you ever heard the saying “When in Rome?”  Well “When in Marseille Joey?”


Leave the guy the fuck alone.  If a person is constantly picked on and harassed (even if you think they deserve it) don’t go being surprised that they’re angry and at odds with the world al the time.  How would you feel if you millions of people thought you were a cunt?  It would make you slightly self-conscious would it not?

He’s just trying to fit in.  Leave him the fuck alone.   

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