Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Second Term.

I remember Barack Obama being voted in first time around.  The Irish News ran a cartoon style picture of him standing on the plinth of The Statue Of Liberty holding her torch aloft.  What did the world expect back then?  Of course they wanted change, we all want change but if the need for change requires complete delusion, then I am afraid I would rather appear to be a pessimist, APPEAR to be…

People don’t change and yet they want change.  The ideas surrounding change are paradoxical at best.  Instinctively we are afraid of change that is why we always expect other people to either change or to make the changes for us.  We know that our current system is unworkable but we keep supporting it because it is too much to ask us to forego our comforts.  What we really want is our proverbial cake but it is obvious that we’re not going to get that so the only thing we actually ever change is the way we SEE things.

Having someone who looks the part is as good as it gets.  Most people have not looked at the nature of our system in enough detail to realise it cannot and will not EVER help us achieve balance.  What they tend to do is the old singular thinking trick, they look at parts of it and concentrate all their energy there without taking it all in context.  What happens is that we can make things look good enough for long enough to cause there to be a misplaced belief that we’re actually getting somewhere but we keep ending up back at the beginning when it all falls apart.

If you study the political and sociological History of The Western World you will see clear patterns that show what I am saying to be true.  People think belief is enough, it isn’t, not on such a grand scale as this. 

Barack Obama is not going to change the world.  The only way the world will change is if enough of us realise we are deluded and then do something about it.  With so many of us taking no notice whatsoever of History or the lessons that the previous generations have not learned from I cannot see there be any change soon.  As always with humankind there will have to be a major cataclysm before we wake up.

It is a real shame because we are going to keep on using the very humanity which could save us to continue to push ourselves further towards extinction and if you think that is deluded I am afraid you’re under the very spell I have outlined.

It is not the worldly difficulties that must be overcome, it is the very nature of the human condition.  If you believe that one man can achieve this you are not only deluded, you are obviously so far enthralled by the very condition I speak of that you cannot and will not ever know that I am talking about you, that I am talking about us all.

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