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Cannabis makes you paranoid! So watch your back!

When you speak to stoners they are always very quick to come up with a plethora of excuses about how much harm Cannabis does or doesn‘t do.  One major conclusion they draw is that alcohol is much more harmful, this is statistically true but that doesn’t make smoking weed regularly alright.  There is a song by The Streets, ‘The Irony of it all’, it’s called, about a kind of heated debate between a stoner and a heavy drinker which is very funny but in the real world denial is not a funny thing, it keeps people so enthralled with their drug of choice that it increases their chances of throwing their whole lives away or at least wasting years doing absolutely nothing with themselves.  I think it is a shame especially when young people start using Cannabis and you can see them becoming so withdrawn from the world.  Stoners often use the old excuse that “Weed is a natural substance” and that may well be but how it makes people behave is not natural and that’s a fact.

I started using drugs and alcohol very early and I continued for most of my life and to be blunt my lifestyle nearly killed me and that’s not an exaggeration. From I was 17 up until my mid twenties I used Cannabis daily.  For a lot of that time I used it with alcohol and with other drugs and despite all my past protestations it is not a good drug.  At some point when I was around 24 or 25 I started to notice that my favourite drug was not making me feel like it used to, I would get paranoid and very anxious when I smoked so for that reason I stopped using it, I kept drinking and taking other shit though!  It may not be addictive as such, in the same way that alcohol or Heroin are, but it does tend to be used very habitually.  Cannabis will put your life on hold if you use it regularly and it will cause you many social ills such as wanting to be alone or with very select company.  It will distort your concept of time and make you nonchalant about the important things in life such as relationships and how you treat your loved ones.

Weed is seen as causing people to be chilled but the stoners won’t tell you about their mood swings, occasional anger or social exclusion.  People who have a problem with using any substance will only ever tell you about the good it does and unfortunately most the good is usually perceived and driven by point blank denial.  If you know someone who uses drugs and you speak to them about it won’t take long before they start telling you about how good it is and they will pull out a string of clichés and myths to stop themselves from saying anything bad about their drug.  Occasionally you may get someone who does say about how harmful it is but they will let you know that they don’t care, this is advanced denial, where the truth is no longer able to be hidden but the “I don’t give a fuck” attitude remains!  Another thing people tend to do when they are faced with someone telling them the truth is to focus back onto that person and come up with past indiscretions and cries of “who do you think you are?!”  People who do this are clearly displaying an inability to look at themselves so they will always focus on others when they feel threatened in some way.

In the worst cases Cannabis can cause Psychosis.  You should goggle Cannabis Psychosis and read what it says.  I am not a very good person to argue with about this type of thing because I know about it first hand and while many people will say that it effects everyone differently there are many generalisations which can be made and conclusions which can be drawn about how harmful Cannabis is, it is very harmful.  It may not kill people directly but it does kill people indirectly.  Prolonged use causes depression which can lead to suicidal behaviour and even suicide attempts.  When you’re smoking you feel good but it isn’t real, it is a synthetic form of enjoyment and as with any forced sense of enjoyment after it has worn off you will feel the come down which is your body and minds way of telling you that is being imbalanced by what you are doing to it.

There is a terrible sense of foreboding when it comes facing reality, people don’t seem to like experiencing life naturally.  This has a lot to do with the way we have been taught how to deal with our emotions, we haven’t!  Life is amazing when it is experienced sober and hit free.  All that happens is that you will have a period of adjustment but it isn’t as bad as people think it is, there is nothing to be afraid of, life is good.  Life is what you make it so if you worry about it and think it is going to be terrible it will be terrible because you are constructing your own reality through your mind via your lifestyle.

When you feel good about yourself you become outgoing and social does Cannabis make you feel outgoing and social?  If you are using any substance 3 or 4 times every week you have a problem with it, it’s called dependency and you can give whatever facts or nonsense you like but dependency is dangerous because it will always get progressively worse.

I can categorically state that I know of three cases in particular where Cannabis has contributed to the deaths of young vibrant men who I knew personally and who I was friends with.  Each of these three particular cases involved suicide.  Cannabis was instrumental in their deaths because it became part of a whole lifestyle which ultimately caused a downward spiral of use and counter use and in the end the cycle of despair and depression killed them.  Of course Cannabis cannot be directly attributed to these or any other deaths but trust me it is and was a contributing factor.

There is something which is often mentioned about Cannabis, that is that it can lead to people taking other drugs.  This is often misunderstood.  Weed does not create urges to take other drugs rather it is guilty by association.  When a person becomes a drug user they begin associating in circles where other drugs are being used and thus their chances of exposure are increased. Another myth about drugs which needs to be understood and dispelled is that people who use drugs are somehow ‘bad’ people and that drugs are inherently evil and cause violence and anger, drugs can cause these unfavourable side effects but so does alcohol and so does not understanding your emotions.  Drugs are not ‘bad’ but they are dangerous and prolonged dependant use will cause many of the difficulties I have outlined here in these passages. 

Good and evil are constructs of the human mind and creating a set of circumstances whereby we label people as ‘bad’ due to drug use is unhelpful because we are merely helping to push them further into that world.  People who become regular users of any substance, alcohol included, are lacking something or other, they have difficulty facing reality and are probably shy and unable to express themselves naturally.  If we were all more accepting of one another and accepting of our own emotions the circumstantial conditions for widespread alcohol and drug abuse would not be as prevalent as they are.  When people do things that we consider to be ‘bad’ it’s like we put them on a metaphorical naughty step.  We treat each other a lot like we treat children and I suppose the fact that people in addictive cycles behave like children to some extent could be at least partially responsible for this but doing things this way does not help the people who have become habitual users to look at themselves or the processes by which they continue using their substances, making people feel worthless and ashamed of themselves will only further enhance their need to smoke because the people who are nagging them and the attitudes from society in general really just become more things that they need to hide from.  Regular users of any drug are doing just that, hiding, they don’t want to face the world probably because they have not yet developed the emotional strength to live up to the worlds expectations.  It is difficult being a modern human and we only make things tougher for ourselves and each other because of our inability to understand and accept our shared traits and modes of emotion.  

When a person is using substances regularly their sense of reality becomes warped and if you try to speak to them about it you are likely to lose your temper, this is not helpful.  While you may have the ability to look at what they are doing very rationally and concisely you must remember that they have lost this luxury not only because of the harmful side effects of the drug but also because of the cycle of denial.  Addiction is a process and what occurs is that the dependent person knows that it is going to be difficult to stop that and the euphoric feeling they get from it cause them to look for excuses.  Excuses are part of the condition always remember this, the addicted mind creates a series dead ends to stop itself from having to face the addiction.  You will get people who make a joke of it or get angry as they try to explain how much good Cannabis does even to the point of telling you that hemp is a natural substance used for making clothes and rope!  All of these side tracks are constructs of the addiction process and if you are dealing with a loved one who is a heavy user you should remain calm or you will be in danger of further damaging the relationship, remember it isn’t their fault that they cannot see sense it is the process of denial which causes this.   

Why am I doing this?  I have lost people and I personally lost my tiny mind!  I can see things now and I write these reams in the hope that every now and then one or two people will be able to use them to help themselves to a better more productive life.  I am not a complete person, I am flawed, I am not some beacon or role model, I am just someone who went all the way to the edge and for some reason came back.  This is why I came back, I have information about how human beings work which needs to be passed on and here I am passing it on!

Be good to yourselves and each other!

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