Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher and Sociology

In a society which relies upon individualism particular people are singled out for various reasons and used as heroes or scapegoats accordingly.  The assumption with this is a very simple one, Individuals are wholly responsible for their EVERY action and therefore it is the individual who is taken to task when things go wrong and it is usually when things go wrong that really needs to be focused on because that is when you will find peoples behaviour to be at its most enlightening in terms of how a supposedly individualistically driven society operates.  Being successful is great but people seem to love failure.  In the modern age most of us are more or less completely powerless to actually do anything about how the world is, Politicians included, so we get frustrated and rather than getting up and going a way to positively change things we get angry and then look for a subject who we can vent our anger at, this is widespread, everyone does it and it has got to the point where it is actually considered normal and acceptable.

When people are famous for being Politicians or indeed celebrities of any kind the rules regarding how they can be treated change somewhat and it becomes acceptable to joke and jibe about them especially when they die.  This kind of thing is widespread and the people engaged in this behaviour justify themselves by saying “I am only having a laugh!” or "They deserve it!"

I am afraid it is a common misconception among most of us that individuals are completely responsible for their actions.  The idea that individuals are autonomous is an outdated and dangerous concept which is actually doing a terrible amount of damage.  Often when I speak about this type of thing people automatically think I am making imaginary excuses or that I am trying to allow people to have justice that they don’t deserve but in reality all I am doing is looking at things from a slightly different perspective.  Blame is everywhere and it is accepted as being deserved depending upon the person being blamed and how grand their failure was.  Always remember the good and evil conundrum, this is how we make sense of the world and it is given to us in early childhood.  Some people are good and other people are bad, that’s what we learn and we then carry that very childish view of the world with us in adulthood.  Opinions are used arbitrarily and often without a lot of knowledge to single out and ‘punish’ people who are considered to be bad.

I am reading Sociology at the moment as a means of having the academic basis for what I have already learned in years of observation and experience in place, I am not studying it in the conventional sense because I have vowed to die without ever completing a University degree and I am doing this out of principle but I am studying it none the less.  People don’t study.  The world is as it is because people use hearsay and opinion to express a form of ‘truth’ which is anything but truth.

People do not understand the Political system and I will tell you something interesting, the Politicians don’t understand the Political system either because it is simply psychologically impossible for a human being to fathom matters equating to the movement of such vast numbers of individuals.  The offside rule springs to mind here.  I heard a doctor once speaking about the offside rule and it turns out it’s impossible to call.   Dr Raoul Oudejans done research into the rule and he found categorically that it is both physically and mentally impossible for a human being to see both the ball being played and the position of the players at that very moment, no wonder there are mistakes, it would be a guessing game in many cases.  It is very easy to sit and watch it on Television and see it happening but a whole other matter when you're a linesman on that pitch.  So it is true of the Political system, it is very easy to pick out what is wrong with the decisions being made but of course it's personal isn't it?  People usually take exception to Political decisions only if they're being personally inconvenienced by said decisions, you don't hear Republicans or Loyalists complaining when something happens to the other side do you?

The Political system is a minefield and the main thrust of why it is impossible to govern so many people lies in the very basic fact that you cannot keep everyone happy, simple.  The prime minister or president is the one who obviously embodies and stands to account for all that happens under their rule but if you think they are making their own decisions then you’re crazy.  When people look at political decisions they don’t take anything else into account except what the individual has decided.  They don’t look at the wider picture, they just need a person to vent their anger at and they do that without a whole lot of encouragement.

Margaret Thatcher was this and that and the other thing.  Maybe she was, I don’t know really, I don’t have an overriding opinion on Margaret Thatcher to be honest.  Have you studied History?  Are you aware of how the world was when Margaret Thatcher was in power?  Do people realise that that particular period of Irish History was the most Brutal it ever was?  Is it taken into account that trying to control a country which is at Sectarian war with itself is going to be difficult?  She was also blamed for the problems with the miners in England, is it taken into consideration that we were already moving away from mining and that it was only going to be a matter of time before it was downgraded?  Britain was in the middle of a massive social shift at that time, the miners felt that they were having their livelihoods taken away from them and that’s true but Margaret Thatcher didn’t make those decisions on her own.  Have you studied modern History?  Do you know how the world has changed since then?  Do you really think that one individual is wholly responsible for their actions in a system where they are ruling tens of millions of people?  Get real people.

I think there’s another thing here as well which is not being considered, sexism.  Female leaders are few and far between and it seems that in a mans world the real venom is saved for women.  Tony Blair ‘started’ an illegal war in Iraq and he ended up writing a book about it.  The War in Iraq is ongoing and it has turned out to be worse than it ever was.  I have seen countless documentaries about Iraq and Iraqi people nearly always say the same thing, surprisingly, “it was better when Saddam was in power!”  Why is Tony Blair not getting half the flack that an old woman in her eighties is getting?  Men seem to be at their most vocal when they can use words like ‘Cunt’ to describe women, I know this because I have been there, when someone breaks your heart there is no better tonic than an elongated sentence with three or four cunts in it.  Female politicians always get it rougher and it is sexism I have no doubt.  Many Prime Minsters have done a worse or equally bad job as Margaret Thatcher did but not got nearly the same amount of flack.

Like I said I have no overriding opinion on Margaret Thatcher, she’s a patsy, an easy target, someone to blame for a terrible time that has long since passed.  What use is there in celebrating the death of someone this way anyway?  Because it feels good?  Because it’s funny?  If you believe that mocking dead people is going to solve anything you’re mistaken this type of behaviour is doing a lot of damage that you probably don’t know about because even though you think it’s great craic what you are in fact doing is turning yourself into exactly the type of person that you THINK you’re talking about.  If you feel that individuals are wholly responsible for their actions have you thought about YOUR own actions and words and how behaving as you are is making you look?

Most of us have no idea how the world or the political and social systems under which we reside work.  People just want to spill of their venom because they have anger inside them that they can neither comprehend or express so they look for soft targets and metaphorically disembowel themselves just to get a little bit of respite.

If you think that the individual in charge of this or any other country is sitting around deciding things in the same manner that you decide what Football match you’ll watch at the weekend you’re not only naïve, you’re fucking mental.

There is a lot wrong with this world, who’s to blame for it all?  You’re to blame, dumbass, go and fucking do something worthwhile instead of spending all your time mocking the dead!  

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