Wednesday, 19 June 2013

War and other disguises…

There are an awful lot of people who are very aware about the state of our world.  They come from many different backgrounds and their numbers are growing all the time because something important has happened in recent History which didn’t figure before.  Knowledge is much more accessible than it once
was and a lot more people want that knowledge.  Knowledge alone though is not enough many people have knowledge but they also have anger and frustration and anger makes knowledge useless.

Back in 2008 I wrote a poem called ‘Colonial Ceremony’ at the time I was drinking daily and doing class A and B drugs two or three days a week as well, I was not in a good place.  The poem was a culmination of having taken in a lot of knowledge about the world around me for many, many years and coupled with my anger and frustration created a piece full of twisted truth and a lot of venom mostly directed at the establishment.  People loved it and many people still do.  I still love it and I would still spit it out occasionally but I have learned much since then and that poem no longer feels like it once did. I think most of the reason why I like that piece so much is because it really was a milestone in my writing rather than anything about its subject matter.

Have you heard about the revolution?  So many people are talking about it but it hasn’t happened and I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.  I fear that before this revolution ever occurs there will instead be an unprecedented War which will be a continuation of previous Wars between Christians and Muslims.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that recent Wars have been somehow different, all Wars that have happened in the Middle East since after WW II have been a continuation of The Crusades.  The conflict between these two great Religions has merely moved with the times and indeed people of another faith have entered the conflict as an extension of Christianity but the lowest common denominators remain just as they were, resources, that’s what all War is about.

The establishment is not going to change and you are merely deluding yourself to think that anything short of full scale armed insurrection is going to make any difference, I don’t condone violence I am merely stating facts.  Standing out in the cold with banners and dreaming up ever more creative ways to get your point across will not change the how the current establishment operates.  I don’t even blame the politicians anymore either, they are just as clueless as the rest of us.  People who do not understand how human beings are driven by their own nature are compelled to continually repeat the mistakes of the past and if you look at the constant shift between current affairs becoming History you will see this very, very clearly.

War is not a big deal nowadays.  We have just had two pretty major Wars going on for a decade and life goes on.  Most people really only complain about things if their way of life is under threat so if they can still work, pay the mortgage and have quiet evenings indoors with their families they’re not going to be too concerned about what’s happened in their name a few thousand miles away.  Due to video games and movies as well the young people are growing up desensitised to War and violence in general is really not much of a surprise is it?  People get beaten up every weekend when they go out for a night on the town and it’s just one of those things isn’t it?  This desensitising of violence is actually very dangerous collectively but who thinks about things on that level?  I have tried many times to explain myself to supposed ‘normal’ people only to be labelled dangerous and I have even been called ‘political’ even though I align myself with no political grouping whatsoever.

This is not just about War though it is about what happens to a population in countries who are waging War.  In Northern Ireland I witness some Christians who support ‘Help For Heroes’.  I am not against Help For Heroes, I am not against anything, I am merely observing what’s happening and stating it.  I think War is wrong but I am not anti-war because I can see from having looked closely at History that when humans behave the way we have been behaving War is inevitable.  I won’t take sides because doing so will only make me part of the very thing which I don’t agree with.  When Christians support Troops they are actually supporting War, of course they will tell you otherwise but the facts speak for themselves.  I am not against Christians either by the way all I am doing is looking at this subjectively.  The main issue here is what the world does to people.  Events lead people to either support or not support things which can sometimes directly contravene their core sensibilities but because this is done by degrees they can explain it all away and ultimately life goes on doesn’t it?     

I was watching what was happening at the G8 summit with some enthusiasm.  Peaceful protests. What good do peaceful protests do?  They do about as much good as I was doing standing up in front of people angrily voicing my opinion but ultimately… nothing happened.  I am not an advocate of violence but if you look at History the only time there has ever been wholesale change is when their has been violence.  France in the 1700’s and Ireland in the early 20th century are good examples of this.

People often consider me to be very contradictory in terms of what I am saying and I can completely understand how and why they think this.  I mean I say I am not anti-war but in the same sentence mention that War is wrong, how can this be?  Well I think War is wrong because people are dying but on the other hand I understand that human beings are instinctively tribal so it really isn’t that much of a surprise to me.  I understand how people work therefore I try not to allow myself to be sucked into the process.  If you become overly angry about something there is a danger you can get lead into it and even though you started of with the very best of intentions if you become someone who is anti-war then you are opposing something and once you take up a position of opposition you are then in the process and where you go from there will be dependent upon how that process plays out.

Sometimes we can be vocal about certain wrong doings while completely ignoring others.  The good people of Belfast showed this during last years Flag protests.  Everyone was out protesting because of violence being inflicted upon their city which is understandable but you go and ask the residents of Kandahar and Mosul what they think of the people of Belfast and I am afraid we are in fact part of a War machine which has caused the wholesale destruction of their peoples and cities.  Can you see how this differing by degrees works?  Remember I am merely looking at this deeply and subjectively I am not stating an opinion I am just studying the facts and setting them out to show how human kind is destroying itself.

So I suppose after it all the question remains, what is the answer?  Well there isn’t one, not one which is easily discerned anyway.  Humans are seemingly complicated, I say seemingly because we’re really not as complicated as we believe.  Emotions and emotional responses are pretty basic and if you know the rules being able to understand how a person works is not as difficult as it seems.  When we get to collective behaviour things get a little more complicated but when you look at History and current affairs you can begin to see clear parallels in behaviour and being honest it all just keeps repeating itself anyway so there are no big surprises anymore.  It is important not to just accept the first eventuality that comes along, study and learn.  If people are being aggressive or nasty towards others their view is flawed whether you like it or not.  Being angry may feel good but that doesn’t make it right.

War is caused by tribalism so if we look at how that works then we’ll understand it more. I seen something recently which was kind of strange.  There is a group which has been set up called ‘Anti tribalism movement’ from what I can remember from having looked at it a few weeks back they were born out of the conflict in Sudan and they invited David Cameron along to one of their events!  Now a group called the Anti tribalism movement is quite a contradiction in terms is it not?  But I am sure if you spoke to them they could explain themselves but this is just a another example of how human kind works.

We need to start looking at understanding how people end up the way they do and that really requires us to be more compassionate towards people, ALL PEOPLE.  Once you take a side you are part of the problem, even if you only lend monetary or moral support you are still part of the machine and it is the machine which is destroying human kind.

Look after yourselves and each other.

Peace and Love.

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