Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Slane Girl, Freedom, Gender and what the FUCK is wrong with our Species?

Slane Girl!  What have people done?  How can this be considered funny? 
On Saturday I had a Gig in Bangor and I travelled up there with Micky Bartlett.  Some of you may know Micky, he’s a comedian and in my opinion he is one of the most genuinely funny people I have ever met.  We were talking on the way up about how people who are not comedians see humour and indeed how they see what comedians write and do.  He was telling me about a time when he was presenting his work to the BBC and the producers and people he was speaking to where telling him that he couldn’t say certain things due to ‘taste’.  Micky told me that he ended up saying to them that he knew what funny was and he was better placed than they were to do whatever he thought was funny.  I agreed with him because I am a firm believer in not censoring but then this thing with Slane Girl happened and I have been thinking about it differently.  My attitude has slowly been changing anyway due to so much of what happens online and how people end up being abused so bad that they sometimes kill themselves.

Here’s the thing about humour, What is funny?  It depends who you speak to right?  I have written some very nasty pieces in my time which were directed at particular individuals and others which were more general and aimed at groups so what’s the difference here?  Well I know what I did and I have come to terms with it.  I no longer perform the pieces in question and I am very aware that when I wrote and performed them I was pretty fucked up, so does that make it right?  Of course not but I can’t change the past all I can do is learn from it and I am trying to do that, daily.  If your laughter is going to effect another persons happiness to the point of depression and maybe worse then I am Sorry but that cannot be considered funny.  I know about subjectivity and all that but surely we need to draw a fucking line at some point people.  Being funny generally and mocking our society is one thing but this is now a witch hunt and one single Human being is getting Trolled for the sake of Humour here.

The week before last we had the news that a young girl had hanged herself due to trolls and now this Slane Girl thing happens. 

So the question is where exactly do the problems lie here? And moreover what EXACTLY is the problem.  The problem is PEOPLE, they’re brutal.  Most of us have never really grown up and we use the misfortune of others as entertainment.  It’s one thing to say something is funny and to laugh at it but it is another thing entirely to shame a young woman by allowing pictures of her giving oral sex to different men to be plastered all over the internet and then to be shared and counter shared by thousands of people who think it’s funny, it isn’t funny.  We are talking about a human being here, a person, she has feelings and surely none of us would like this to be done to us so how can anyone condone that?

We change when the group dynamic kicks in and do the most terrible things to one another.  Online people give abuse like it doesn’t mean anything but it does mean something.  We have this ‘Catch yourself on’ attitude to everything.  Individuals who don’t take offence at anything look at other people who do take offence as being some kind of freaks and they act like it is the persons fault that they’re sensitive.  Here’s the deal… People don’t choose what affects them, how they have been brought up and sometimes traumatic events in their past can be responsible for how sensitive they are but IT ISN’T THEIR FAULT and THEY HAVEN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG.  All of us really need to stop this deluded sense of belief that because WE as individuals can handle this, that or the other thing then everyone else can handle it as well.  We all need to be more mindful of one another.

But here’s something I have learned, people who do wrong often have no idea that what they’re doing is wrong.  Take Racists for example, they actually believe that their guff is true and I have come to realise that that is not actually peoples fault, it’s bad teaching and our species has been getting bad teaching for arguably hundreds of generations and it just seems to be getting worse.   Of course me saying that leaves it pretty open ended doesn’t it?  I mean if I am not blaming anyone what am I even talking about?  I am getting less and less liberal the more I look at our world and I am beginning to think that people are not responsible enough to control or enjoy the freedom that we all take for granted.  Surely if what we call freedom allows people to post and repost this photo which they know is going to mortify and probably seriously disturb this young girl in the name of a bit of craic then there is something seriously fucked up in this world of ours.  If a human being kills themselves because of this type thing is that alright?  I am not sure we deserve all this freedom to be honest because it is leading to one tragedy after another and it seems to be like no one ever considers that the issue here could be the fact that online controls are non existent.  As soon as you say that “Nazi!” but in all honesty what other options are there?

One other thing that needs to be said in regard of this is the about the issue of sex.  When something happens Human beings often start aligning themselves in terms what sex the person who’s being victimised is.  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER.  The battle of the sexes is just one more way and probably the ULTIMATE way that people discriminate.  Everyone sets themselves up to defend or attack others depending on how they see the gender War but it is not an issue here and is not an issue anywhere else either.  This is about a HUMAN BEING who is being treated like she was less than such.  This is not about the men in photos either it is about the people who have taken the photos and subsequently shard them to the world and about the thousands of people who now think it is alright to have a laugh and in aeffect destroy another Human beings happiness by doing so.

When someone does something wrong so many people automatically start the ‘stupid’ tirade like that makes it acceptable to deride a person because apparently they’re ‘stupid’.  What exactly is a ‘stupid’ person? And is it their fault that they’re ‘stupid’?  It is almost as if ‘stupid’ people are a subspecies, less than human and they deserve all they get.  If you look deeper and have a bit more understanding you will be able to replace the word ‘stupid’ with other words like Irresponsible, Drunk, Young, Disturbed and any other number of words that you can think of. If you want to go to the extreme end of the spectrum what about people who have mental and emotional disorders?  Are they ‘Stupid’? People make mistakes, we all do but we wouldn’t want our loved ones crucified for their mistakes would we?  So why is it alright to rip apart a Human being online like it doesn’t mean anything when it clearly does mean something?

I am beginning to change my perspective toward what is permissible online.  Now I am beyond liberal!  I watch Pornography and listen to Gangsta Rap, I don’t have a problem with it but recently I am staring to think differently.  I am very comfortable with my sexuality and I have always been of the opinion that we should not make sex a shameful act because it isn’t shameful but where is the line now? 

I mean if we just allow people to post anything they want online what are we condoning?  Why can beheadings and Child pornography keep getting online and why is the Government not going out of their way to stop that sort of thing from being posted?  How do we decide what can and what cannot be put on the internet?

Our species is completely out of control and we really don’t know which end is up anymore.  If you say something needs to be controlled you’re called a Nazi yet if we allow this to just go on like it is currently people are topping themselves over Trolling and abuse online.  What has happened to Humanity?  I think it’s obvious, we’re drowning in our own success and that’s a fact.
As with all up’s there comes a time when perspective must be reached and when that will happen I have no idea but I do know that this species are probably fucked beyond all comprehension.  We would need something of a fucking biblical scale flood to sort this shit out and that kind of makes every ancient prophet 100% right in their assessments of our species.

We’re all very vengeful collectively aren’t we?  There is this overriding feeling in our society that people who do wrong deserve all they get and so many people go out of their way to ‘deliver’ revenge to whoever they think deserves it but we often don’t think about the other person we just assume that we’re right all the time, when sometimes we’re obviously not.  This continuing vengeance we use is everywhere and even supposedly good honest people use it often anonymously to pick holes in our social order.  This is critical and it is not OK to get revenge even if it feels good and may be righteous it doesn’t mean it’s right.

We can’t go on like this, we are killing each other with our apathy.  When people can go online and Troll a child to death like happened the other week when exactly do we start doing something about it?  I am beginning to think we need to have some sort of controls here, it has gotten beyond our control.

Take Care of yourselves and one another

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