Thursday, 26 September 2013

Asteroids and History and no food for the starving

Why are we so intent upon putting little overworked minds on matters which really don’t concern us?  Our curiosity is what got us this far along our current line of development but I fear it may be the very thing which also destroys us, via apathy?

I love History, always have, but it seems that we’re completely obsessed with it.  I love reading about new discoveries like the moai on Easter Island and archaeological digs here, there and everywhere but recently I have been thinking about things differently.

I read an article today about an Asteroid which will be passing close by us in 2018 and they’re going to put a craft on it, the craft will then return to Earth 5 years later and we will collect “…rock samples that could tell us exactly how planets are formed.” Fascinating stuff, how Planets are formed!  Don’t we already know how Planets are formed?  Oh I am sorry, we want to ‘exactly’ how they’re formed!

Now I am well aware the those with power are not willing to relinquish it and they will not feed the third world because that would then make the third world an economic threat to the West so I am not asking anyone to do the decent thing and divert some of the money from these ‘worthy’ Scientific and Historical projects all I am doing is highlighting the disproportionate nature of this Species.

And never mind the third world what about right here at home.  Education and Healthcare are not up to the righteous standards that people would have you believe and we could really be doing with more funds in those areas.  I am aware that the venture to land a craft on the Asteroid is more than likely an American venture but the points  I am making here are not based solely upon one country, when I say ’we’ in cases such as this I am usually talking about all of us who make up the so called civilised ’West’.

People talk about conspiracy theories but I believe the real conspiracy is much more subtle than many may realise.  I believe the Government are engaged in a wholesale hijacking of the intelligence of our Species and they have been for quite some time.  When great dictators took over in the past one of the first things they did was round up all the clever fuckers and shoot them, that would take some doing nowadays so they seem to be going for a more subtle approach.  What they’re doing is allowing all the Scientists and their like minded cousins in various fields to carry out their work via funding and ultimately who reaps the rewards?  They’re just keeping them busy so they don’t get too upset and stopping those fantastic minds from being swayed by thoughts of maybe helping causes of a more Humanitarian nature.

Now even if my grand conspiracy theory is rubbish lets look very seriously at a very important point in all of this.  We’re failing in grand style here.  We’re having an awful lot of difficulty looking after everyone and we’re losing people because they don’t have the resources to live productive lives even though the resources are there and we certainly have the capability to distribute them.  This is very, very disproportionate. 

Why are we so intent upon the past and matters in space?  Why can we not start focusing our efforts on the present and the Human beings who need help?  I wrote before about something interesting.  Human Beings began making maps of the sky before they started mapping the Earth, fucking Space Cadets the lot of us.  We’re trying to do things that we can’t do just for the sake of doing them instead of doing the things that NEED to be done.

Knowing exactly how Planets are formed is not going to do us any good.  Knowing that the Moai have actually got bodies doesn’t really do much good either does it?  I am mean it’s fascinating but I really think we need to focus on the present a bit more here before it’s too late.

Look after yourselves and each other.

Peace and love.

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